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Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated Series | Rocky ka Ghar | Wow Kidz

August 18, 2019

Look at that puppy, it is crying so loudly. He looks unwell too, he seems to be a stray with no one to look after him. Let’s take him to Doctor Jhatka and get him cured. Hello puppy, come, we will take you to the Doctor Jhatka. Don’t be scared little one, we will take you to the doctor. The name is Chingam and it’s impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Stop! Puppy! Stop! Puppy! Look how those two humans are harassing that little puppy! Let’s teach them a lesson. Hey, he looks puppy’s father! What do you want now? We were trying to help you. We wanted to get you treated for your illness and you got us all bitten! Sorry uncle. Oh, so now you are sorry. But how I understood his language? Yes, I too thought he was saying sorry. You can understand my language and speak it too. I am sorry I got scared and ran from you. Either you cry or you sneeze, don’t do both together! Why are you crying? My name is Rocky, my master, the skinny wrestler has thrown me out of his house . Because I’m always sick. He says my two brothers, Tommy and Moti, may catch infection from me. That is very wrong, my name is Motu and this is my friend Patlu. Come with us, first we will go to Doctor Jhatka and get you cured. Then we will go to your master, ok! Look! They have caught the little puppy! I will not let them get away with this! Why are you after us? Doctor Jhatka, why are you running like this? What happened? GhasItaram, there were some chemical jars inside which fell down, they can blast at any time. Run, far away!! Run! Motu, Patlu, you both go inside, I will stop them. Oh thank you! Stop them any how and let us know when they go away so we can come out. Oh my! Look! Motu and Patlu have gone inside the lab! Motu! Come out! Patlu!! Come out!! Stop! Motu and Patlu are my friends, don’t you dare bite them! Oh sorry Kung Fu master! Don’t get so angry, we are proud of you. A dog should be exactly like you, protecting his master and friends, now please let us go. Ok, then you can both go now. Motu! Patlu!! Are you alright? Who is there? Who has done this to Motu and Patlu? Motu! Patlu! My friends, are you allright? Oh my lord! They are both in bad shape! These two have done this to my Motu and Patlu! I will not let them get away with it. Motu! Patlu! Help!! This dog is very dangerous!! Rocky! Leave them alone, they are our friends. Oh, sorry, I thought they were our enemies. Big brother, this puppy is Rocky, he is very sick, we had come here to get a cure for him. And we got injured instead! What a sweet doggy! Come on, I will give a cure for all of you, you will all get well very soon. There it is! My house! Oh Rocky, where did you go? We missed you so much. There was not a moment that we felt good without you. I am back because of these two, this is. Motu, Patlu, my friends. These are my brothers Tommy and Moti. Hi friends. Where is your master, the skinny wrestler? I will just go and cure him too! Look! There he is the skinny wrestler! Oh just you wait, I will teach him a lesson he will never forget! You! You are back again? Go from here or the skinny wrestler will send you to your maker. He cannot do that, now Rocky is not alone, we are there with him. He should not to show his strength against this little puppy. If he wants to show off his strength then tell him to wrestle me. If I win then he has to keep Rocky with him and if I lose then Rocky will stay with me not him! Agreed! The skinny wrestler has always accepted all challenges. The fight will be at 9 tomorrow morning. Motu, I think you should forget about this wrestling match, my master is a very dangerous man. I am even more dangerous! You don’t worry. Ok, both the wrestlers listen carefully. Nobody will do any sort of cheating. Wait a moment sir, let the skinny wrestler come here first. What?? You are not the skinny wrestler? Then who is the skinny wrestler? I am the skinny wrestler! Motu, let’s run back home, we’ll keep Rocky with us. No! Patlu today is the fight of right versus wrong, I will not run. I will make sure Rocky gets what is rights. So, you are the one who has challenged me, let’s fight! Look, brother skinny, the thing is that you are fooling people by calling yourself ‘skinny’. And challenge you to a fight. And the other thing is that you are separating Rocky from his brothers. Only because he is not keeping well! Stop talking and start fighting! Ok fight! No one will come between Motu and me today! Oh my god!! The fight is with Motu not me. Today I will send you up forever! Motu! Take these samosa, eat and start! No, Patlu, I will not eat samosa today, It is a fight against wrong and I will fight it in the right way! Swing me, faster!! If you are really so strong then swing me around faster!! Yeah! My Motu won! Yeah!! Motu is the winner! Motu, you are a very brave man. You were right, this was the fight of right against wrong. And the winner is always right. I will never again separate Rocky from his brothers. Thank you Skinny Wrestler. Thank you, Motu and Patlu, everyone should find a friend like you.

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