Mountain Bike Vs Cyclocross Bike – What’s Really The Difference?!
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Mountain Bike Vs Cyclocross Bike – What’s Really The Difference?!

October 24, 2019

– [Scott] Winter can be a great
opportunity to put down your normal mountain bike and try
something a little different. – [Neil] And cyclo-crosses are getting
more and more popular in recent years. – So this is cross-country… – Versus cyclo-cross. ♪ [music] ♪ – So this is my Canyon Exceed. It’s a
full-carbon frame. The bike weighs in at nine kilograms. I’ve got 100 millimeters
of suspension up front, 29-inch wheels, knobbly tires, a 2-by
drivetrain giving me 22 gears, and let’s see how that
compares to the cross bike. – So this is a Scott Addict CX.
It weighs in at 7.7 kilograms, super lightweight. It’s got the dropped
handlebars. What does it share with a mountain bike? Well, it’s carbon fiber.
It’s got bolt-through axles, disc brakes, 1×11, and it’s got
knobby tires, sort of. – So this is the start of our course.
Going down this gravel section, we’ll get into the woods. It’s
undulating, quite flat. The ground is really rocky. Then it starts to climb out
of the forest, there’s a short downhill section after that before coming back up
here, on through the grass and there’s a sprint finish. Neil, how are you
feeling in that Lycra? – Well, I thought if I’m going to look
stupid, I might as well go the whole hog, and I borrowed the kit off Tom Last,
[inaudible 00:01:23]. On your marks, two, go. ♪ [music] ♪ Ready, Neil? Yes. Go! ♪ [music] ♪ – So it’s definitely on the climbs
where the cross bike is really fast. It’s so light. The tires are so thin. It
rolls really fast. You start to be a little bit careful, it’s actually quite
rocky up here so you have to be careful of the tires, not to puncture. On the grass,
it’s brilliant. Even on this short climb, the cross bike’s
made a few seconds. ♪ [music] ♪ – It was this section right here, these
rocks leading to the berms at the bottom there that the cross bike
really started to suffer. Those small, thin tires,
lack of suspension, you just couldn’t really be
aggressive with the bike, pushing it down the hill towards the
berms, and Neil is on the brakes a lot. I was just able to let the bike flow, keep
the momentum going and I came into this section with so much speed and ultimately
faster on the cross-country bike. ♪ [music] ♪ After the cross-country bike really
dominating in the descent, I’ve come into this grassy open meadow,
and this is really where the big tires start to get draggy. – Yeah, this is the home of the cross bike
and it just feels pretty fast along here, so let’s try and prove that
with a drag race, Scott. – Yeah, okay. When I say go, after
three, two, one, that is the mark. Three, two, one, go! ♪ [music] ♪ – You’re struggling, mate. Well, mate, good race. – Yeah. Cheers. – That was a lot of fun,
good little course. – So hit me with the times, then. – Well, unfortunately, it’s not good news
for you. You lost [inaudible 00:04:54] – Yeah. – Not by much, 15 seconds. – Well, that’s not too bad. – How do you feel? – It felt really slow on descent. You’ve
just got to be so careful with the tires and obviously sketchy just
riding downhill on it. And even on the flat, I’m just
trying to be a bit careful. – But come on, on that grassy section,
even when we had that drag race, just how much fast is that cross bike? It
literally just accelerated away from me. – It is rapid. I’ve actually raced cross
for a few weeks now. I’ve never ridden one before that. And in the right
situation, they’re an absolute weapon, but I definitely don’t think it’s going to
replace a cross-country mountain bike. – Here’s a question for you, though. Could you take this cross-country
bike to the cross course? – Well, I have seen people riding them.
Yes, they’re fine but they’re definitely not as fast. And to be honest,
although cross is totally different, I think I might do it every winter
just for a bit of variety. – Very nice. I’m going to stick to my
cross-country bike, love riding this thing in winter, little bit of hardtail work
keeps the skill work up nice and high. – Click over here to subscribe
to GMBN. It’s totally free. – And if you want to watch hardtail versus
full-suspension cross-country bikes, click right here. – Click down here for what is harder,
road or mountain bike. – And if you like mountain bikes,
give a thumb-up like. You could have gone
“If you like cyclo-cross.” – Yeah, give us a thumb-down like.

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  1. Coming from enduro/motocross world…watching kiddies on bicycles arguing who is faster=hilarious.

    …well back to watching Dakar..bye

  2. Hi there!
    One detail: In these X vs Y tests, you should swap riders between bikes to make a real compraison of the same rider using two different bikes.
    If you compare two different riders you just don't know which part of the result comes from the rider and wich part from the bike…

  3. I think the mountain bike definitely has its purpose and shines in technical terrain. But for the average Joe who just noodles around on smooth gravel roads, a mountain bike is a waste. My neighbor commutes a considerable distance on pavement using a cheapo Walmart mountain bike. I told him about road bikes and he just looked at me funny, like he didnt even know they existed! He assumed road bikes and mountain bikes were basically the same thing. I just think mountain bikes re a little over rated. The only thing they are good at is the rough stuff. They suck at everything else.

  4. I own both types. A giant trance 29er and a giant revolt gravel bike. Both are great but it really comes down to WHERE you want to ride. If its mostly trails go mountain bike, if mostly road but some trails go gravel. Nice video!

  5. I have a boardman cx frame, could I put telescopic forks on the front and use it for MTB? I would just run everything mtb but wasn't too sure if the frame would be up to it. It's XCG AI T6HT 2XB, I only do light riding in the woods, no big jumps or anything.

  6. is it fair to put an experienced MTB rider up against a guy with one season on cross and call that a fair assessment?

  7. so basically the cx bike is slower only on that short dh part and it comes 15 secs behind? in this case it's the rider 🙂

  8. Strange vs. You can also compare it with a rond bike this way. Each bike is meant for a different terrain

  9. поставьте эксперимент, колёса на 26 против колёс на 29

  10. I used to have a road bike with disc brakes I threw some knobby tires on it and put a mountain bike crankset on it. I then proceeded to nearly lose my life while taking it on a downhill / mountain bike trail. Best day of my life bahahaha

  11. I wonder what could happen if a pro CX rider (a real one, no offenses) vs a pro XC rider did the same course, do you?

  12. Great content. But the music is so much louder than the speech, i almost lost my hearing when it started.

  13. maybe change the cyclers because is need it discarcard the error human (the cyclist is better than other)

  14. can we just stfu about how shit cyclocross is. it's my fav sport, and btw, Shurter, Absalon…. they all do some cyclocross??? and how about van der Poel? and for the people that don't chat shit and have actually tryed it, it's harder then mtb. cornering, rough descends, like you need to work way more on a cyclocross bike then an mtb. not saying mtb is bad though, because I also do than and love how free you are in the woods and how smooth it is. do what you want woth this. just saying.

  15. I been thinking about a flat bar on a road bike for more handling is that a bad Idea? I seen cyclocross bikes with flat bars for that reason, what would be some of the tradeoffs?

  16. The background music caught me on this one. Great, whoever plays! Have to go back and listen to the videos I already watched.

  17. Can't wait to ditch my cheap hybrid that weighs more than the entire multiverse.

    I wish I'd invested in a better bike for my first bike when I still had the money.

  18. If I go offroad with a cx, some idiots in my neighbourhood will complain me about 'damaging my roadbike wheels'.

  19. I actually really love cyclocross bikes for urban riding, since they are a little more forgiving on the rough streets and alleyways

  20. The main difference is that CX is a racing discipline and attracts all round strong fit riders. On the other hand many mountain bikers are leisure cyclists who only ride mountain bikes (slowly). XC riders are similar to CX riders and most XC riders (racers) dabble in road XC and CX. Your typical baggy MTBer is (in comparison) a weak novice cyclist.

  21. I own a Scott CX & it kicks azz! Said bye, bye to Cannondale once I rode a Scott. Great on "mild" mountain bike trails, but not rocky trails because it has no shock absorbers and kills your backside. Also, riding a Cyclocross on mountain bike trails I have found to be at times dangerous for the mountain bike riders, as you basically are running down MTB riders, so alot of yielding to them. As far as a MTB, no doubt they are more robust. I bet in the flat the MTB in this video feels better because of the better traction.

  22. i was the first guy to win a cyclo cross race on a MTB, it was 27 years ago and caused quite a stir in cycling weekly, god i feel old now

  23. So what if you take the hard tail and put some cyclocross wheels on it (still tubeless) and swap the flat bar for some drop handlebars? Ultimate cx bike?

  24. im not sure how the crosscountry bike managed to win by 15 seconds. Was that just because of the downhill sections? In all the other terrains they tried the cyclocross bike should have completely dominated. I can certainly speak from experience here because 10 years ago I was riding my CX bike with XC cyclists and apart from the downhill sections they suffer massively.

  25. I wonder if they will use this loop again with Emma’s CX training? There are jumps on that first bit of trail now though 😄

  26. hybrid, cyclocross, and now gravel bikes…'s getting like trying to decide if a band is hardcore, metal, or any number of the newer designations

  27. saying a cx bike is more useful than a mtn bike makes zero sense. when you ride road the point is to get stronger, faster, fitter. you can do that with a mtn bike; the results will transfer once you get on a race bike. but mtn bikes are for having fun off road. good luck trying to ride a cx bike on anything other than the tamest of trails, it'll quickly stop being fun being out there.

  28. Would be interesting to see XC bike VS Gravel bike. Because I can fit 29×1,75" tires in my Gravel. So, disadvantage of vulnerable tires would go.

  29. mtb is more.confortable then the hunchback position of cycloss so consider that if u are over weight or doing all day ride or just starting…etc.. comfort is more important than.speed…
    is like drinking a Porsche or a race car for whole day… the Porsche u whole day, the race car u be tired in.1 hour..but goes fast

  30. What are the fastest on road …. Becuase in my country there are road structure that isnt finish … What i need road bike or a cyclo cross and whos fast on both bikes?

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