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MSU Baby Horse

September 2, 2019

We were donated lady, I think it’s been about five years ago We used her in the program and then the equine committee got together and Decided that we wanted to try and start breeding a warm blood or two every year since we’ve had Been fortunate to have two Colts and one filly The students are very involved we monitor on a camera that we got installed in the student barn So that way when we aren’t here we can see if she’s going into labor, and if she is then we all come out This year the baby was actually born on spring break. So there’s only like two or three workers here They actually got to see him when he was first born With the babies we like to pet them touch them Make sure that they know that we are not gonna hurt them we touch their ears their faces We halter break them, so we put a halter on them and let them know that Like this is part of their lives We took suggestions off of our Murray State equine Center Facebook page And we are going to submit the register name of a royal ladies man MSU So we’re gonna submit that name and hope that the Association grants us and that’s what we want to name them

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