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October 24, 2019

– Welcome to this week’s race show, where we’re gonna be talking
about Red Bull Hardline, the Swiss Epic, and the
XCM World Championships. We have not a moment to waste. (electronic noise) – Red Bull Hardline is like an epic end of season race downhill. It’s an invite only,
some of the world’s best and most daring racers
head to North Wales, where they face one of the
most difficult downhill courses on the planet. I guess that’s why we call it Hardline. Simple, really. From the original 29 rider start list, only 10 riders made it to the final. Epic crashes from the
likes of Reece Wilson in his practice run looks like he won’t be riding for a while, but at least it’s the end of the season. As track conditions worsened
over the course of practice, some riders like Josh Bryceland pulled out to avoid potential injury,
it was that difficult. On race day though, Greg Minnaar
was in the commentary box, with Rob Warner, of course, creating a nice mix between
entertaining nonsense from Warner of course, and technical track insight from Minnaar. Finals were loose and pretty
sketchy in some areas, especially on those slick rocks, but it was Gee Atherton
who finally took the win. I mean, it only took four years to win on his own brother’s track. Given his performance at
La Bresse and now Hardline, could Gee Atherton be
an underdog for 2019? And I never thought I’d say Gee Atherton would be an underdog. Anton Cooper took the win at
the Three Nations Cup Final, held at Watersley Park,
Sittard-Geleen in the Netherlands. The dry and dusty track was
primed for some good racing, and proved that the
Netherlands are well equipped to offer some challenging XC riding. Anything but flat at this race. From the outset Trick
Factory Racing’s Anton Cooper was forcing the issue, and that pressure meant
he was able to control the situation from the front
all the way to the flag, for a well deserved Cat 1 Race win. A great team result followed
in the second and third, with the duo of Milan
Vader and Kevin Panhuyzen both riding for the
Habitat Mountain Bike Team, taking the remainder of the podium places. In the women’s race, it was
a really strong ride for 22 year old Sophie Von Berswordt, who managed to generate
a commanding winning margin by the finish, over a minute ahead of Fabienne Schaus, and nearly three minutes
ahead of UK’s Isla Short, who incidentally was grabbing
another podium position for Team Habitat. Sophie took this win on
home soil off the back of a promising sixth place at
World Champs in Lenzerheide last week. Definitely a rider to
watch in the 2019 season. Now, to the Perskindol Swiss Epic, I’m gonna give you some stats first. It’s two man or woman teams, five stages, 331 kilometers of racing and
12,500 meters of climbing. The beautiful scenery of the Swiss Epic is a perfect setting for
such an extraordinary event, Like the Cape Epic at
the start of the season, this stage race takes some
serious commitment to finish, and any team that did can
be well proud of themselves. To contend for the win takes
a level of fitness and tactics that are uncommon to most of us, but that cannot be said
for Matthias Stirnemann and Andri Frischknecht of Scott-Sram. In 2017 Stirnemann was
part of the winning duo at the Cape Epic, alongside
world champ Nino Schurter. Frischknecht was also a double
stage winner at that event. However, winning this
event would be significant for Stirnemann in more than normal ways. The 2018 Cape Epic was the
start of a fight back to fitness for him, his body completely
failing him in the race and resulting in retirement for
him and his teammate, Schurter. The duo of Frischknecht and
Stirnemann battled through this epic with superiority, and on the final stage
could watch Team USA Red take the win on stage,
but know that in doing so, Christopher Blevins and Keegan
Swanson were only fighting for second, because the
Scott boys were controlling the lead they’d built up. They rolled in at the finish
in second place on the day, and first overall. Team USA Red may have pushed
hard on the last stage, but they were unable to
overhaul BiXS pro team of Hans Stauffer and Konny Looser, who held on to a well deserved
second position overall. Supreme effort racing
from these three teams Haley Smith and Catharine
Pendrel of Team Canada were in utter control of the women’s field throughout this event, winning three of the five stages, including the final stage of the race. They built a combined lead of
nearly 40 minutes by the end, and took the title in style. The battle for second
was a much closer affair, Thömus / RN racing duo
of Kathrin Stirnemann and Alessandra Keller went
into the final stage in second, but were to be overhauled
by Ghost Factory Racing Team of Barbara Benko and Anne Terpstra, who capitalized on Thömus
struggling in the latter stages of the day. Overall, another great epic, and huge congratulations to
the winners, and in fact, to any teams that took it on. An amazing effort. To the incredible Italian Dolomites, where the UCI Mountain Bike
World Champs Cross Country Marathon got underway. There were familiar faces
from the cross country Olympic world champs, including
the World Champ herself, Kate Courtney, newly crowned. The women’s race consisted of
around 1500 meters of climbing over a 97 kilometer distance, with a mix of challenging
and demanding terrains. This weekend’s win went to Annika Langvad, who no doubt was seeking
the gold medal after a disappointing second place
in the World Champs in Lenzerheide. Langvad put in a strong performance, and won five minutes ahead
of silver medal winner Christina Kollmann-Forstner. Third place went to Maja Włoszczowska, while the XCO World Champ Kate Courtney finished in 9th place. In the men’s race category it
was an incredibly close race, ending in a sprint finish between Brazil’s Henrique Avancini and Daniel Geismayr. After an epic 110 kilometer race, the head to head battling
saw Avancini relentlessly trying to shake Geismayr off his tail. Like Langvad, he too was
trying to redeem himself after a fourth place at World Champs in Lenzerheide last week. His efforts certainly paid off, as Avancini crossed the
line just two seconds ahead of Geismayr, taking the
World Championship win. Héctor Leonardo Páez León
sailed over the line in third place, just seven seconds
after the new world champion Avancini. Can you imagine, a two second
gap after all that racing? Incredible. It was the penultimate
round of the MTB League Cross Country Series at the weekend. The race course was five
kilometers in length, with 175 meters of climbing, and hundreds of riders took
to the hills of Alberg. In the elite women’s
field, Caroline Bowe won, with a time of one hour 27 minutes, followed by Anne Dorth Lisbid,
3.5 minutes behind her. Over to the men’s field, and
an outstanding performance from Jonas Limberg, who
took the win just 5 seconds ahead of Simon Andreassen
in a blinding sprint finish. Thanks for watching the
race show this week, remember stay with us this week, we’ve got the Dirt Shed Show on Friday, we’ve got some great stuff
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