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my horse and i morning routine! | horses | jordi equestrian

September 2, 2019

hey guys today i’m going to see my horse inndie just doing a morning routine It’s nearly twelve o’clock but it’s abit late today but oh well dunno if i’m going to ride her later or not because it depends if it’s gonna rain or not Okay, so now I’m going to get some more shavings now i’m going to do her water, she doesn’t really like dirty water i’m gonna put that in the bucket (wheelbarrow*)
she really likes garlic in her pony nuts and then we have some biotin she has biotin because she has hooves problems, i’ll explain that in another video now i’m going to see inndie, got some carrots and her halter well actually it’s not my halter cause my friend told me to borrow hers cause i want to buy a halter with a soft nose bit that’s my normal- that’s my halter so we have inndie here, we are gonna take everything off, groom her then put her back in the stable her hay is sorted, everything is sorted and it’s time to go bye inndie thank you so much for watching this video i’ll be playing more videos soon and
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