MY HORSE PRINCE|Weirdest Japanese Games #2
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MY HORSE PRINCE|Weirdest Japanese Games #2

August 29, 2019

She is the Horse Prince Master hey hey hey We started something insane business now Let’s call the product, “Farm Water” featuring hot man horse Fever? Oh gross! Horse prince master!
– ewww The movement is incredibly…
– hunnh I kind of lost what the goal of this game is… Actually I don’t really understand it myself Treadmill Treadmill “I was not quite sure what had happened the previous day” The main thing remaining in my head was… “The head of that hot guy”
– Is that all you remember? The face only? It’s fine to only remember that part “Is it possible that I’m swooning for a horse?” DNA-wise he’s 32% horse, 64% human…no wait, 23% horse and 46% human and…no wait… She’s seriously doing her best to come to terms with it all “Becoming that horse’s patron is a the inconvenient reality of this situation” “And that there was nothing I could do about it” “Wait a sec, what the heck is a ‘horse patron’ anyway?!” Why should I have to pay money to suppose that weirdo horse anyway? I’d better hurry and undo this mess Oh, we meet again Today i’m here to talk about the horse (Ah, still looking hot) When I look in to his hot man eyes I can’t bring myself to refuse him I-I-I came here regarding work It’s uh, business. Yeah, business! Business? What kind of business? That’s well…er… I’d like to take the fresh air of this farm, break it down into a water, bottle it up and sell it! Some insane business just started To give it a name, how about ‘Water of the Farm featuring hot man horse’? We’ll sell it as a healthy product I kind of don’t know what the goal of this game is anymore Actually I don’t really understand it myself I don’t know much about business but well, do your best! Th-thanks. Wait a sec, why can’t I bring myself to tell him that I’m here to decline the offer of becoming patron?? Ah, old man That’s right, you oughta see him in training Does he do something for training? What are you saying? He’s gotta train in order to compete in races Oh, uh, yes you did mention something like that yesterday Well, just for today let’s act as the horse owner Maybe it’s been tutorial type stuff up til now If you feed him a golden carrot he’ll enter FEVER mode golden carrots? He eats those?
– doesn’t sound edible ok go! Fever!
– Fever? What’s that? touch it ah They’re al treadmills! Disgusting! Look how he throws his head back!
– I’m gonna be sick Did you see the head thing?
– Ew no Talk Are you a cat person or a dog person? This is definitely ‘Horse person’ right?
– for sure Are you not listening to me? It was wrong..
– ahh We got fooled! We were tricked by a horse Don’t worry. if you just watch a little video time will go back for you Rewinding time and undo our mistake
– i see Oooh nice voice These are all famous voice actors How nice I’d rather play this The CM was very effective Dog person? cat person? Well, we know it’s not ‘horse person’ maybe it’s dog… since it’s a horse I mean, don’t farms have horses usually? But Don’t they use horses to… To keep the farm organized… It’s cat then surely? “Meow Meow” Cats are cute aren’t they? EXCELLENT Ho ho!
– hey you’re a master of this You’re a Horse Prince Master
– What? I don’t wanna be a horse prince master Grossss Horse prince master The movement is so gross Where are you buying these? There’s a late night market doncha know? Wow, people buying those do exist ok What’s your favorite color of horse hair? Uh…
– Yuuta-kun is this one here right? C But he’s a prince so…we should say white? Let’s do A?
– well, he is a prince after all If that’s the case, I’ll become the white horse of a prince and come to pick you up MASTER! HORSE Prince Master! Misato is a Horse Prince Master Horse master Noo i don’t wanna be ok
– it’s here – Bring it on!
– Wanna train together? A: I wanna cheer you on
B: Well, maybe I’ll have a go C: Sorry… The reason it’s not C is… Well understood. If we say ‘I’l have a go’ then it’s possible that he might reply with ‘you couldn’t possible handle it’ If it’s up to me I’d choose A But, since he has the interest in doing something together…
Ok then maybe B? let’s choose B Ah sorry sorry we got BAD See?! You see?!
– Ehhh, why? It can’t possible be ‘C: sorry but no’ Oops, done it again Let’s turn back time Look, cos it’s a horse related game we got a horse riding advert Have you ridden before? no After playing this game do you wanna do it now? No All right, answer is probably ‘i wanna cheer you on’ Maybe it was just good? Excellent! Look we got it! Amazing amazin So, in order to see more of the story That’s why people play this?
-It must be right? If we keep playing will he maybe become a human prince? That kind of development? perhaps not I wonder if I have the mental ability to get that far in this game I might go crazy Oh, you can touch him We’re brushing! This horse’s hair… I wonder if he likes it Who shall I choose? Moreover check this out, you definitely receive an SSR rare card All right, final chat We’ll definitely win this time I’m much more relaxed knowing that I have a proper owner Choosing A: Thanks, is probably only ‘Good’ Stop lying about and get back to training! i feel like with this guy’s personality it’s that last option… “A” is probably just safe Must be C “You’re right, gotta stop lazing around and do my training” Ah, so maybe the right option was ‘I get that a lot’ What shall I do? I kinda want to see it through to see what happens I’ll train my mental ability If i just use my normal mental state my mind will go… BOOOM What happens I wonder… Yeah, what’ll happen at the end… There was an alpaca game before where you end up with heads… Head popping out here. Increasing number of legs That sounds like just a horror game But it was the game to play a while ago wasn’t it? Well then, if he becomes a human prince let us know Well, as long as my mental state can handle it I’ll keep going Well then
– Yes I’ve been NihongoGamer This is This is Horse Master Horse Prince Master hey hey hey Well, from today i’ll become a horse patron see you! Bye bye shiiine wwwwhat Ewwww nooooo What is that?! Thud thud thud the movement is… th-thud…hurry up and Make it end It’ll definitely be like, 3 heads appear…

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