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My Little Pony Crystal Castle ! Toys and Dolls Fun for Kids Pretend Play with MLP | SWTAD

November 4, 2019

Flurry Heart: *crying* (wa-wa-wa!!) Cadence: Oh no! What’s wrong with Flurry Heart? She won’t stop crying, I don’t know
what else to do. Flurry Heart: (crying) Rainbow Dash: Tra-la-la-la-la. I’ll go see how Flurry Heart and Cadence
are doing. Flurry Heart: (crying throughout) Rainbow Dash: Oh no! What’s wrong with Flurry Heart? Cadence: I don’t know, she hasn’t stopped
crying! I’ve tried everything! She’s not sick, she’s not hungry, I changed
her diaper, I don’t know what it could be!! Rainbow Dash: Hmmm I think she’s bored! And I have an idea. Cadence: What are you thinking Rainbow Dash? Rainbow Dash: Well, the best remedy for boredom is colors! And since I’m the rainbow pony I don’t
have any problem filling up this room with as many colors as I can! I’ll be back! Cadence: Don’t take too long Rainbow Dash, her crying worries me. Rainbow Dash: Don’t worry Cadence! I’ll be back. Storieswithdolls: Soon Rainbow Dash with the help of the other ponies in Ponyville went to get the rainbow Littlest Pet Shop to help them
entertain Flurry Heart. Rainbow Dash: Cadence! Bring Flurry Heart downstairs. We have a surprise. Cadence: Okay, I’ll be there! Come with mommy little one. Flurry Heart: *crying* *laughing* (hehehe!!) Cadence: You were right Rainbow Dash!! Flurry Heart is happy seeing all these animals
of different colors!! Storieswithdolls: Hi my wonderful friends! Today we were playing with this My Little
Pony Crystal Empire Castle, and with the rainbow Littlest Pet Shop toys. We were also playing with the ponies that
come in these baggies, that we’re going to open one by one. But first, let’s open the Crystal Palace. And the first thing that came out was Princess Cadence with her baby. Ooh I love Cadence’s colors. And she comes with a ring, and she also has a tiara. And here we have Cadence and Shining Armor’s baby! And she’s super super cute! She’s completely transparent, look at what
an adorable baby!! And she looks like her mom because she has wings and a horn, they’re alicorns. (music) And the playset comes with Flurry Heart’s
crib. And here’s the crystal palace all built. It comes with some stickers that we’re going to put on. It comes with this picture of Shining Armor
and Cadence that goes here in this picture frame. The castle also comes with this throne, this
mirror, we’re going to put the photo here for now. Ooh it comes with a brush so we can brush Cadence, and it also comes with this dress that’s shaped like armor for Cadence. And in addition to this tiara, it also comes
with this other one that’s a bit bigger. And it comes with these decorations that we can add to Cadence’s dress. Wow! Super elegant! And it comes with a small crown that I think is for Flurry Heart, let’s see if it fits her. Hahahaha, ehhh I’m not too sure this is
for Flurry Heart. Friends, in the comments you can let me know who this tiara is for. It comes with this chair for Flurry Heart,
which is actually a swing! Here we can sit Flurry Heart, and we’ll
put the chair up here, and after, we connect it up here to this other part. And it’s a swing for the baby! And it also comes with a little bottle. Let’s see if you can see it better here. It comes with the bottle that we can give
to the baby. And it also comes with these two accessories, that, I don’t know if they’re earrings… Let’s see. They could be like earrings for Cadence, or
maybe decoration for her wings. Friends, in the comments tell me what you
think those accessories are for! And it comes with these two closets with shelves that you can turn, and there we can put all the accessories it came with. On this side, I’m going to put the baby’s
accessories, and on this side I’m going to put Cadence’s accessories. And here we can put the picture too. Here on the bottom floor where there’s more room we’re going to put the throne, the mirror. Here on the second floor we’re going to
put Flurry Heart’s crib. And this is how the My Little Pony Crystal
Palace turned out. And now, let’s move on to the ponies. Let’s start with Rainbow Dash. Here she has her cutie mark. Something that I don’t really like is that
she only comes with three colors, and Rainbow Dash has more colors in her mane. Apple Jack does look like what she’s supposed to, because she has her yellow hair, and she’s orange. Next one please! This is Fluttershy! And she has her yellow butterflies. I love Fluttershy’s color combination! I love how the pink looks with the yellow. Next pony, please! Pinky Pie! Here we can see Pinky Pie’s balloons. Pinky Pie’s hair is a bit more curly and there’s a lot of it. Yay! My favorite one is next! It’s Rarity! And there we can see Rarity’s diamonds. Friends, for these three that are left, you’re
going to have to help me because I don’t know what they’re called. But if you look at the Cutie Mark, I’m sure
you guys will know, so this pink one comes with some flowers, and her mane is a combination of light pink and hot pink. I also don’t know what this one is called,
here’s her Cutie Mark, and her mane is white with aqua. And finally, we have this one whose name I
also don’t know. But well, here we can see that her mane is
completely yellow, the pony is purple, and she has three flowers for her Cutie Mark. So here we have the three who I don’t know
what they’re called, and here we have the ones that I do know. And now we’re going to open these adorable Littlest Pet Shop toys, which I love! Because I love the colors of the rainbow! And look boys and girls!! These Littlest Pet Shop toys come in all the
colors of the rainbow!! It’s so pretty!! And here on the box it says that it comes
with a surprise pet! And we don’t know what pet it is or even
what color it’s going to be. Starting in order, we’re going to start
with the red one. It’s a bird! This one is a doggy, orange! A Kitty, yellow! And this green one, what could it be? It’s like a caterpillar maybe? It looks like a caterpillar. Caterpillar, green! The blue one is a fish, the purple one is
a bunny. And the surprise animal is like a panda, and
it comes in all the colors of the rainbow! It’s so colorful!! Yay!! Friends, don’t think I forgot that all these
animals come with something I love! I’m sure many of you have already figured
out what it is. And those who guessed glitter got it!! And now let’s open this other packet and
let’s see what it says on the back. Ohhh I guess these are sets, and this set
here is the one that we just opened. These are a bit different because these are
smaller than the other ones, and they come here with these extra accessories that we’re going to take a better look at now that we’re opening it. And it also comes with a surprise! Okay, well, let’s open them. Ooh the surprise fell out! These are like bases. And here we have these animals that are super small! I’m going to compare them to the ones I
already opened so you guys can see that they’re super, super tiny. And here on top, it comes with the covers. And now that all of them are out of the box,
let’s see if we can put them where they belong. Only one of them fits on the base, so we’re
going to have to put one of them at a time. This birdie is very similar to this one that
we got last time. Yellow. The orange one was hiding from me. Orange. Green. And this one is a caterpillar. And for the blue we have a little bird. And this one, what could it be? It’s like a deer, I think? Or a bunny? Maybe it’s a bunny. And after, we can put the top on. Oh, is this a cage? OH!! They’re like their houses! Since this one is a bird, then the top is
a cage. For this one, since it’s a cat, then it’s
a ball of yarn. And this one is a dog, and since dogs love
to pee on fire hydrants, then this one is a fire hydrant. Oh! No! This one is a little fish. So this one wasn’t a bird, it was a fish. And he lives under a shell. And since this one was a caterpillar, he lives under a cactus. And this one, I think is a chipmunk because
her house is this acorn. And it also comes with this ring. So we can use it as a house, but we can actually use this ring with any of the houses. So if we like the color red better, then we
ca use it with the red house. Hahaha. And since it’s for kids, it doesn’t fit
me. Friends, this ring comes with a little stick,
but I’m trying to stick the animals on and none of them fit, so I don’t know what that
stick could be for. This animal that was inside the cage doesn’t fit either. For now, let’s leave it in like this, with
the house and the animal inside. Ohhh we’re missing the surprise! Maybe this has something to do with that mysterious ring! Let’s see. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. Hahaha, it comes with another ring, and this one is all the colors of the rainbow. With a base, and a house. Awww, with the multicolored teddy bear! Haha, let’s put it here, and add the top. Ooh it comes shaped like a present! And I’m going to put the extra animals here. We can switch them out with all of these other animals. They’re so small that it’s hard to grab
them. Friends, if you haven’t subscribed
to my channel, you should so that every time I upload a new video, you can get a notification, and you can get here early to watch it!

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  1. Sunflower is the Pegasus Cheerilee is the earth pony and Melody strings the Unicorn this is names and I love you love you love you love you you're the best best YouTuber ever I love your Channel peace out

  2. Sorry I made a mistake and I axedently pressed the wrong button I was trying to say I only know 2 names from the 3 ponys you don't know the name of the green one Is lyra and the red one is cherrylee

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