My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Winter Wrap Up Part 1 – Orange Chicken
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My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Winter Wrap Up Part 1 – Orange Chicken

November 17, 2019

Thank You For Watching! Winter wrap-up You’re not mommy Spike. The first day of spring is tomorrow. So everypony in Ponyville needs to clean up winter now help me get ready Clean up winter who cleans up winter don’t they just use magic to change the seasons like we do in Canterlot? No spike Ponyville was started by earth ponies. So for hundreds of years, they’ve never used magic to clean up winter its traditional Huh? It’s ridiculous Okay, let’s see scarlet check signing a check oops check it’s not confusing to get up and going back to sleep check It’s a good thing. I’m so organized. I’m ready, right? Oh Maybe a little too early These do wonder what friendship could be Shared it’s magic with me big adventure A beautiful heart faithful and strong sharing kindness an easy feat and magic makes it My Those must be the team vests rowdy designs blue for the weather team green for the plant team and tan for the animal team I wonder which team best I’ll be wearing The same color is my blanky what you think you’re calling my name spikes Thank you at the pony for being here bright and early we need every single pony’s help to wrap up winter and bring in spring Now all of you have your vests and have been assigned to your teams So let’s do even better than last year and have the quickest winter wrap-up ever All right everypony finds your team leader Oh gosh, where should I go? I’m not sure where I’d fit in But exactly does everypony do Three months of winter coolness and awesome holidays, we’ve kept our Humvees warm at home time off from work to play but the food we’ve stored is Running out and we can’t grow in this and even though I love my boots this fashion’s getting old The time has come to welcome spring and all things warm and green, but it’s also time to say goodbye It’s winter we must hold. How can I help but new you see what does everypony do? Do I Tomorrow spring is here

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  1. My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Winter Wrap Up Part 1 – Orange Chicken
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