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My Little Pony Impressions

August 13, 2019

– Hhhh, Lets get this over with. I’m Twilight Sparkle. Well, howdy do, Miss Twilight. And you’re in charge of the food? Would you care to sample some? Well, as long as it doesn’t take too long. Soup’s on, every pony. Wh, wh, soup’s on? Well, you’re a hoopin’ and a hopin’ and kickin’ and spittin’. Reminded me of when I
was a spry young philly. Nah, ah, charlie horse, charlie horse. Well, that was interesting, all right. Heh, heh, heh, ‘xcuse me? Let me help you. Opps, I guess I over did it. I’m gonna how ’em my stuff. The Wonderbolts? Hey, I could clear the
sky in ten seconds flat. Prove it. What’d I say, ten seconds flat. No, no, oh goodness no. I’m in the zone as it were. Oh, my stars, darling, whatever
happened you your coiffeur? Wasn’t she wonderful? What’s your name? I’m Fluttershy. I’m sorry, what was that? Ah, my name is Fluttershy. Didn’t quite catch that. Fluttershy. Ohhhh ‘kay. Oh, a baby dragon. He’s so cute. Well, well, well. Oh my, he talks. Wait, wait, what’s his name? I’m Spike. And what do dragons talk about? Well, whatdaya wanna know? Absolutely everything. Hi, I’m Pinkie Pie, and I
threw this party just for you. See, I saw you when you
first got here, remember? You were all hello, and I was all ah. You see I never saw you before, and if I never saw you
before that means you’re new. And if you’re new that meant
you hadn’t met anyone yet. And if you haven’t met anyone yet, it must mean you don’t have any friends. And if you don’t have any
friends you must be loney. And it made me so sad. And I had an idea,
which is why I went, Oh. I just thought it’d be so great to throw a super, super, spectacular, and invite everybody in Ponyville. See, now you have lots
and lots of friends. Friends? Mn, ha, ha, ha, why am I
not royal enough for you? Don’t you know who I am? Oh, oh, more guessing games. Umm, pokey-smokes? No, black snooty, black snooty. Does my crown no longer count
now that I’ve been imprisoned? Well, well, well. Somepony remembers me. Mah, ha, ha, ha. Remember this day, for it was your last. A thousand pardons your majesty. Oh, um, thank you. Thank you again. Gotchya. Today’s the day, cutie mark crusaders. I can just feel it. Woo-hoo. Woo, plah. I mean, yay. Hey, maybe I can get my
cutiemark in demolition. Come with me, I have just the trick, that will fix you up, quite quick. Ay-oh. Um, nope. I’m on it. Uh, uh, uh poundcake. No pounding things. Fun? What is this fun thou speakist of? Ha, ha, the fun has been doubled. I just don’t know what went wrong. My bad. Hey, YouTube, and probably Tumblr. If you’re into My Little Pony,
you’re probably into Tumblr. So hopefully that was enjoyable. Sorry I didn’t get to all of them, but I did what I could find without spending all day on this. Sorry. Click subscribe, make me smile. Click thumbs up, make me smile. Comment, make me smile. I like the smile. (trumpeting)

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  1. Great job!! I can do a few mlp impressions such as Applejack, f;uttershy, Pinkie pie, Applebloom, FlutterGUY, Big Mac, Twilight Sparkle (kinda) and that's pretty much it. Anywho, awesome job!!

  2. What in blooming apples. I seem to be very late to the party, AB get off the computer. Sorry about that. I also seem to be very late to the party too. I am a brony myself but did not find that out till The Crusaders of the Lost Mark. Anyways her Applebloom was really good and Applebloom is my favorite pony. 🙂

  3. First of all, love the 3DS. I have the same one.

    The crusaders, Nightmare Moon, and AJ are pretty spot on. Zecora, while not quite Brenda Critchlow, is still impressive. Twi, Rainbow, Celestia and Luna are all really good too; definitely passable impressions for fanimations or the like. And the rest were good efforts.

    It's always fun to see varied impressions like this! Thanks for the entertainment!

  4. I like the first part of the Sweetie Belle!But I didn't really like the pinkie pie and flutter shy…umm sorry

  5. Great job!! They weren't all entirely spot on but you tried and that's what counts!!
    A few tips for if you want to try again: try being softer with Fluttershy, put more bounce into Pinkie Pie and be a bit more boy like with Spike (if you can, it isn't easy.) You did well with the others so well done you!! 😃

  6. I am so glad you kept this video up, Brizzy. Back in 2013 I attempted to do voice acting as a pony OC and while the video I made never got uploaded, your voice impressions will always inspire me to give it my best <3


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