My Little Pony Toys MLP Storytime Rarity’s Royal Birthday Surprise Kinder Playtime
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My Little Pony Toys MLP Storytime Rarity’s Royal Birthday Surprise Kinder Playtime

November 17, 2019

Hey Twilight! Hey Spike! Are you ready for today? It’s gonna be a busy one. Absolutely! I will help you pull off everything you need to to get Rarity’s party just right! Okay, well I’m off to see Mrs. Dazzle Cakes for the cake and all the cookies and muffins and cupcakes and things. I need you to go borrow Princess Celstia’s carriage. You think you can handle that? Yeah, I can do that. Absolutely! Alright, I’ll see you back her later! Bye Twilight! Okay, woo. Here we go. (singing) (ding dong) Celstia?! Spike! What a pleasant surprise! Surprise? Yeah, I wasn’t expecting you today. Princess Celestia! Twilight Sparkle and I need your carriage today for Rarity’s birthday party, remember? (gasp) I completely forgot! It’s covered head to toe in mud! I’m so sorry! Mud!? Oh no, what are we going to do?! I really need that carriage for Rarity’s birthday party! Don’t worry Spike. I’ll have it pulled around and we’ll get it cleaned off in a jiffy. Thanks Princess Celestia! Well, here it is! Jeeze, you weren’t kidding princess. What did you do, go off roading in this thing? I’m sorry Spike. I just haven’t gotten around to having it cleaned. Oh man, this will take a long time. Not if I help. Don’t worry about it. Hah! All clean! Wow! Spike! It’s so clean! Yeah, I’d do just about anything to make Rarity happy. Well, let me spruse it up just a little bit. I’ll add a few charms. Wow! It looks great! Rarity is gonna flip when she sees this! Well it was my pleasure. Please enjoy your day and I hope Rarity has such a happy birthday. Well I better get going, bye! Bye! Oh boy, I sure hope the cake is done. Hey Mrs. Daz Cake. Hey Twirly Treats. Oh hello Twilight, what brings you in today? What do you mean what brings me in today? I’m here to pick up Rarity’s birthday cake. (gasp) We forgot to make Rarity’s birthday cake! Oh no, what are we going to do? I already have cookies in the oven! We’re just going to have to whip one up really fast. Oh my goodness. I don’t know how we’ll get it done. Oh boy, I knew today wouldn’t go off without a hitch. But, maybe I could help? That would be really great Twilight. Are you sure you can help though? I don’t want to put you out. Oh no, that’s fine. Anything to make Rarity’s birthday spectacular. And on time. Great, well then let’s get to work! Oh good, the cookies are done. Okay, just tell me what I need to do Mrs. Dazzle Cake. Alright, I’ll do the sugar, you do the flour. Three cups of flour. One, two, three. And four cups of sugar. One, two, three, four. Doesn’t this need chocolate? Oh yes! Throw the chocolate chips in. And we also need some baking powder. Alright, now we just mix it up. Yeah, that sounds good. Here’s the eggs. And the milk. Alright, we need to pour it into a pan now. Let’s get the oven ready. Oven is ready! Oh, I don’t know if there’s time to wait for a whole cake to bake. Isn’t there a faster way? Well, we can do cupcakes. Cupcakes! Sounds great! Let’s do that! Cupakes in! Thank you Twirly Treats. Good hustle everyone! Now what? Now, we wait. You can’t rush magnificence. They’re done! Hurry! Let’s get them out and on their way to Rarity’s party. Just in time, too! I see Spike coming with the carriage. Alright, you ready to go Twilight? Ready! Let’s go Spike, hurry! Bye! Have a fun party! Tell Rarity happy birthday! Well, what’s all this fuss about? What is going on? Surprise! Happy birthday Rarity! Oh, I didn’t even suspect! Wow! Chocolate Lavendar cupcakes! My favorite! Of course it’s your favorite. It’s your birthday! And today, we’re treating you like royalty. Wow! I don’t know what to say guys! Awe, Rarity! You don’t have to say anything. Just have a happy birthday! This is the best birthday ever! Wait until you see the carriage! Wow! It’s magnificent! Spike picked it up just for you! Thank you Spike! That was so gentlemanly. Of course! Anything for my Rarity. Wow, I feel just like a princess. You should. It’s your birthday. Go for a ride! Thanks everyone! This birthday is wonderful! Yay!

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