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August 24, 2019

A special thanks to: JRS sport Tinley academy Kentucky Riding for Africa Bye bye Guus! See you next week Shortly I will fly to Bari, Italy To see Murgese horses Today I fly to the place to be to find the best Murgese horses Like many Southern Italians; also my own Napolitan family moved up to the Nord and emigrated The south was poor, but it has a very rich history, a world famous kitchen and not to forget… The Murgese horse on the road.. It is very early we are now in the car on our way to Noci (Puglia) and there we will have our breakfast..we did not have yet.. I am here on a Murgese horse This is a blue roan colored Murgese horse the murgese horse breed has 2 color variations: Black and Blue roan and this one is a blue one they also call this color “testa di moro” it’s a stallion.. a very easy going stallion a “trullo” is a typical building of the southern Italian region Puglia many Murgese horse have a trullo as a stable and this is the one! “Carletto” the Murgese horse I choose to take with me Italian academy of Riding art “Il Moro di Puglia” Murgese breeding and training center “Il Sant’ Angelo di Piccoli” Equestrian center “Monaci”

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  1. BELLISSIMA la Puglia !!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for showing this video… and for taking home and loving a Murgese… one of the most beautiful breeds left in the world <3

  2. Looks like Carlitto came out of the Garden of Eden. And, I loved seeing those two beautiful Anatolian Shepherds. Anatolians are like St. Francis for animals.

  3. Are you crazy ? Anatolians are not a selected breed those are Maremmani- Abruzzesi an 2000 years old italian breed,much more trustworthy

  4. I will look up Maremmani-Abruzzesi, I see it is related to Akbash Dog of Turkey. In America we call Anatolian Sheppherd and are bred for Livestock protectors. Keep wolves away. I read they have a common ancestor and are bred for same qualities.But, now I know of Italian selected breed.

  5. ik kwam dit filmpje vandaag toevallig tegen. Erg leuk om te zien. Had wel in een aantal paardenbladen wat over je zoektocht gelezen en heb je knappert op paarden van de zon van een afstandje bewonderd. Leuk om er dan nog een filmpje van te zien

  6. This video is amazing! I've been involved in horses and dogs for 30 years and have never heard of these breeds, which is extremely sad. The barns are beautiful. I can't imagine how old they are. Even the cattle were beautiful. What breed of cattle are they. The body size and horns are amazing on the mothers. I'd love to see a bull in that breed. All were gorgeous animals. Italian heritage breeds?

  7. wauw ik vind deze paarden zo mooi en ik vind het krachtig hoe jij zou naar italie bent geweest ik vind het een mooi verhaal

  8. Ik wil graag een murgese van parcopiano hun spreken engels en verkopen murgese paard. Maar ken die je die fokkerij en zijn hun betrouwbaar?

  9. waarom ga je een soort van wereld reis maken? voor paarden kijken of ging je ook hem meteen mee nemen naar huis?
    xxx saar stable

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