Neil Races The Sea Otter E-Bike Mountain Bike Race
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Neil Races The Sea Otter E-Bike Mountain Bike Race

October 27, 2019

– Today is a very special day for me! I’ve been a Downhill Mountain
Bike racer, an Enduro racer. But today, I’m an E-Mountain Bike racer! For one day only, I’m a Factory
Giant E-Mountain Bike racer. (groovy electronic music) So, this is the bike I’ll be riding my first E-Mountain Bike race on. It’s the Giant Full-E+O SX. It’s a full-on trail bike. 140 mill travel on the rear. 160 up front. And I’ve got this Yamaha sync drive power. 250 watts. It’s gonna help me,
hopefully, win this race! Got different settings, you’ve
got Eco, you’ve got Normal, and you’ve got Power. That’s the setting I’ll be using. (energetic electronic music) So, there you go! Back from a bit of practise. My first real go on an E-Mountain Bike, and I absolutely loved it. It’s so much fun. Feels, to me, like, a little
bit, like downhill racin’. You get up to such
speeds, even on the flat, drifting around, wheeling
it, manualing it, trying to peddle everywhere, to get that battery working with me. I’m actually gettin’ a little
bit nervous now, for the race. Okay, so, just time to top
off on the energy levels, for the big race. Plug this in. And a bit of that. Plugged in. Let’s go! So, I’m gettin’ ready for
the start of the race. It’s four laps, it’s three miles, so, 12 miles in total. Can’t wait! (intense electronic music) Wow, such a fun race! Had a good battle this start! I got quite a good start,
actually, into the lead. And the guy, the guy won
it last year, actually. So, I over took him on the climb, and he hit one really
hard up that first climb, try and keep it on that 20
mile an hour limit is proper, maxin’ out my heart rate. And I’d really keep up with him, actually caught him up a little bit, and, unfortunately, he punctured. So, I overtook him, and then, it was sort of plain sailin’ after that. Just try and nail all corners, and get on the paddles,
as quick as I could. And then, tuck where I needed to! I think I won my category. So, that was 30-to-39 men. Absolutely loved it. Expecting more videos from GMBN. Click on the logo, to subscribe. Click up there for another E-Bike video, with Scotty and Brendan Fairclough, and down there, for the
latest Dirt Shed show. Give thumbs up, if you enjoy this video!

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  1. Really cool to see this kind of vid on GMBN. But you could show a bit more! Is doesn't need to be every second perfectly high polished video. Just show some more footage.

  2. They are trying to give us new and exciting content and I apretiate that just because you don't like e-bikes does not mean you can't enjoy the video that they have put work into

  3. I mean don't get me wrong, but I think Neil took this race way too seriously. There was a man in a chicken suit (2:45) ?!

  4. do these motors work as a "great equalizer" in the race, or the contrary, even amplify the differences in fitness?

  5. I like pitting in big miles, e-bikes really don't seem to offer that for me. Might eventually get one once they can go for 200+ kilometers without an empty battery. I once had no problems keeping up with an e-biker until his battery died. Then, up a 20% climb, I dropped with with ease because those bikes are heavy

  6. I love ebikes! Overtaking a roadie on a hill is so fun, you have way more energy for the downhills. They are heavy but they handle good, they also carry their speed well because of the weight. I wish there was better ebike specific brakes and tyres these would definitely improve the ride. Rode Bosch and Yamaha and personally I like the Bosch the best. They are pricey though, they need to bring this down as the ebike is such a game changer for commuting and also just simply having a blast!

  7. E-Bikes should be something for people with medical conditions that are unable to ride a regular bike. Cycling is a sport focusing on one's personal fitness and skill, which is thrown out the window when expensive motor bikes are added to the mix.

  8. i think riding an ebike is ok when You are too old for normal mountain Biking but i hate it to see People, who are just lazy or fat, riding an e-MTB and say they are Mountainbikers…

  9. Most annoying thing ever, [email protected] on ebikes setting strava segments. I still don't think there is any need for one if you're capable and fit enough to ride a normal MTB. The more you ride a normal MTB the fitter you'll get……..

  10. Why do ebike haters not simply walk or run instead of biking? Serious question.
    I mean… isn't a bike "cheating"?
    You go faster and further in the same time… and have more fun than walking.
    Guess what? It's the same with ebikes compared to normal bikes!

  11. A note to the editors, why would I want to watch slow motion race. A little overkill on the slow motion! all and all you guys cant really do anything wrong, I owe you guys for getting me into mtb anyway. GO GMBN!

  12. Great video Neil. I'd like to see more about e-bikes on GMBN. I do mountain biking vor more than 30 years now and. I remember the same unintelligent commands with the most progression steps, like the first suspension forks and later the first fully. I love my Haibike E-MTB these days because it's fast when I'm fast. For all the ignorants: you get nothing out of an e-bike if you don't work hard. I still sweat like hell, but I go much faster – and I love it!

  13. I'd love to just try one, I'd have no interest in getting one unless was unable to use a normal one because of health problems

  14. Please explain ebike racing? Because it seems that if all riders are competent, then the winner is just the bike with the biggest wattage motor, right? In contrast to downhill racing where it's skill as gravity is equal for all bikes, and XC it's all about athletic prowess.

  15. If they limit only battery capacity for XC marathon races we should expect great strategies from all racers.

  16. If I drop that kind of coin on a propelled bike it better say KTM on the side of it and have 100hp lol. If your gonna mountain bike, mountain bike!!!!!!

  17. I just don't understand people whining about e-bikes. Don't like them? Don't ride them. It is that easy!

  18. How come I always see Blake as a cameo in movies and never IN them? Think about it, he was in Road Bike Party 2, Sam Pilgrim's Enduro Loop, and in Back on Track. (I'm counting that as a cameo since he had less screen time than anyone else.)

  19. unfortunate.. all I need is a bike company that does not make an Ebike or a 29" downhill bike and I'm set.

  20. E bikes are going to ruin mountain biking. Because almost all mountains don't allow motorized vehicles, the will ban all bikes. In Massachusetts they are dying for reasons to strip us of personal freedoms, this is just another example. Just buy a god damn motocross bike for Christ sake and don't pollute the reason for mountain biking in the first place.

  21. Neil! You said that you'd cringe whenever you see riders going fast without knee pads. Damn, look at yourself! hahahaha

  22. Boo hoo! Ebikes are bad. Me no likey!

    Muah haha!!! We are coming for yer trails and we are coming for yer women! Well ok not yer women 😉 We'll overtake you on the climbs and make your strava stats and your fitness level irrelevant; and we'll have fun doing it. It wouldn't matter if Strava came out with separate e-bike stats because we would ride our ebikes and log them in Strava as regular bikes. Because we like to cheat. That is why we spent so much money on our ebikes; because we are all filthy rich and want nothing more to do with our money than to cheat you out of your Strava times. And we also like to cheat our bodies into thinking it is actually exercising, because that is what we do: Cheat, cheat, and cheat. Muah haha!!!

    Time to rethink your self-worth.

  23. "I think I won in my category"… I always say that too, just a category specially for me 😉

  24. Neil; how did you like the cadence of the motor and what motor is it, Giant kinda "rebranded" the Yamaha motor so which one is it? The PW-X? The older Yamaha motor kinda lost power after 80c, which is way to low for my liking, the new PW-X though seem to be able to give you power up to a cadence of 120.

  25. Would love one of these. To be able to get out on the trails and ride again! Waiting for bi-lateral knee replacement so it'll be couple of years before I'm me-powered again so an e-bike will be ideal

  26. It would actually be interesting to see these races if regulations were made to limit the capacity of the batteries to a certain kW-hr amount. Then, part of the race tactics would be to throttle your electric motor throughout the race to conserve battery power. It would be similar to the style of tactics used in formula E racing. I am really embracing this new era of electric bikes, and would like to see more e-bike racing in the future.

  27. I'm often pleasantly surprised at how tasteful the music is on some GMBN videos especially videos with Neil!

  28. #AskGMBN What format do you think E-bike races will have? Control battery? Will the race duration to set inside the capacity of the battery, or should it be set on the edge or beyond the battery capacity to see have racers will economise power assist?

    POC eyewear, dear oh dear.

  29. I only tried a normal ebike so far and it's so much fun to feel the power when starting to pedal. BUT: if I'd ever try that on a mountainbike I'd be a afraid to get hooked onto it pretty fast, because it just makes climbing so much easier. For me mountainbiking is about getting and staying physically fit so I have to avoid the ebike luxury as long as possible 🙂

  30. I rode across the finish with you haha (in the green jersey). It was awesome talking to you for a brief moment!!

  31. Looked like a fun day Neil. I just purchased a Trek Remedy 9 RSL. In five years I'll be looking at an e-bike and by then they should be really friggin' cool 🙂

  32. Tried Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Fattie on trails for couple of hours and did not like it. Being very capable rider, on technical sections this ebike was heavy and crap and honestly as long as I stay reasonably fit and healthy Ebikes are not allowed in to my garage. And looking forward for this ebike hype to ease off as I am getting sick of all this heavy marketing from manufaturers side to push this segment.

  33. I think an endurance event would be super interesting. Something long enough so you would have to pick times to conserve battery power or be stuck with an extra heavy bike at the end 🙂

  34. I think all the people that are bad mouthing ebikes are just fishing for a bite. I ride a normal MTB but if I ever develop some sort of physical or medical condition (Eg: knee pain/injury from another sport, exercise induced asthma) that is going to impede me from using it but an ebike will help, then I would have no hesitation in getting one. At the very least it would still keep your mind active, help keep fitness up, coordination & skills sharp and most of all outdoors enjoying the trails with your mates

  35. An E-Bike is the type of bike that I would ride once just to say I've ridden one but use a normal bike for every other time.

  36. I disagree with most folks. I think there is in fact a place for E-Bikes. Most people won't be riding them anyway, because clearly you all hate them. As a result, they will not be taking over the mtb world, because there is too many riders who want to stick to the manual bikes. They are great for people who aren't in the shape of Nino Schurter who still want to go fast on the trails. They're also a great way to have fun without killing yourself. I can't see them being raced though.

  37. If you ride up to ride down ( a lot ) and want to go in the heat of the day or go up to the top more than a few time its' the Ebike which makes it fun . Oval chainrings. carbon Frames, huge lower Gears ,Carbon wheels, New geometry and all the other improvements to help a Rider no one knocks that back ! Ebike are just another improvement on Mountain Bike fun. Ride one before you comment .

  38. Just reading some of the Haters comment . What they don't realize is that like people who hate cyclists (Motorists) and carry on about Licences and so forth, forgetting that most Cyclists have a car is that a lot of Ebike riders will be already mountain bikers and maybe like me if I can get the money for one, will have my 2018 Altitude C50 and a Ebike as well . I will go up first on my Altitude and do the tracks I normally do and then come back to pick up my Ebike and after a short break will go and do it all again more than a few times and have more fun riding .

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