NERF Trick Shot HORSE BATTLE *Wheel Decides Your Blasters!*
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NERF Trick Shot HORSE BATTLE *Wheel Decides Your Blasters!*

September 5, 2019

what is up everybody and welcome to another episode of world record Wednesdays where we break or set a world record every single Wednesday we’re gonna save the world record for the end of this video because we are going to start today with a nerf trick shot horse battle the loser today has to put their face in a little bit of danger when it comes to our world record let’s get started so like many of our trickshot battles are going to spin the wheel to see which item you’ll be using which blaster you’ll be choosing and then the dice will determine how far away I’ve got the dart zone Quadro blast and I’ll be shooting from line number two okay Quadra blast is right here let’s do it I’m at line number two for every round we get three attempts if you don’t hit that Cup and knock it off the pedestal in three attempts you get a letter first one to spell it horse loses item number one Oh I get an H just started out pretty weak so I’m about to replace wood you got what I was saying was from so’s the blast if she has to use from space number five good luck well Cass how you feeling about this not good but I won’t pay if I do hit this Cup you better give this video a like so give this video a like alright you get three attempts lady final attempt breath way too high valiant effort H state well that does that I’m gonna do that six oh my gosh and the command fire that’s the the autumn one of the automatic ones I think that’s good news look at this oh yeah so I haven’t used this one yet but allegedly you just like just kind of throw the darts all in there and then they handle themselves I don’t know I’ll load it up see if I mean it’s pretty far twice and you still didn’t get it hey Joe your turn zing bow interesting alright three attempts from how far the first line is so close I don’t get this oh my gosh if you yeah but this can’t be like our bowling video or we don’t hit any pins down congratulations no letter for you I’m losing I’m also hungry but thanks dealer’s choice took me a second to give this choice that’s good from how far three okay dealer’s choice so I’m going to take I could go with the big guy but I actually have not shot that yet so I’m gonna go with the little reliable the velocity I’m so losing though huh H over 2 H what are you gonna get the rival people love the rifle trusty that is pretty far oh my gosh – last attempt Oh close 8o h o ty game starts on Magnum and space number two break a nail but it was that is that guy from how far five I think it’s huge it’s no joke and it took six big old batteries so with it powerful shoot the window open oh my gosh no way that thing is big and accurate well done all right you use avoid another letter here we go perfect the Exxon that’s exactly what I needed from five you reminds me and ronzi of the noisy cricket in men in black you know it’s just it’s small but super powerful hey okay no no come on man I’m so confident you’re not gonna hit this I’m literally standing right behind the target so that was really close actually no one’s landed on the the toilet-paper gun yet now once you get that thing that was not that accurate do you guys remember that video getting one ticket once you get what’d you get what’d you get what’d you who the nerf strong-arm okay is that is that this one yep from how far oh it was almost a 1 but you got three which you may be able to do I don’t know how accurate this thing is all right you’ve got what is it the strong arm ready to go let’s see what you got Oh hit the pole not a bad first shot what are you saying so high-pitched how are you beating me at this so badly not looking good for team jobs I’m not gonna lie a little nervous up against the wall has been a good shot we like got a real shooting ranges before and she’s pretty good dealer’s choice that’s looking good for me at number four all right what do I want what do I want from four I’m actually really good with this thing bow I’m going to the Zingo heated competition literally the heat is 105 degrees in here holy cow what I did to that thing yeah we’ll get a new cup oh no little baby boo boos how far oh there’s a chance all right with the little guy oh little high no pressure I could be making a comeback right now cast oh hey still not a good place if I miss this shot I lose I really wanted to do this world record because it turns on Powerball from 5 I was really close world record time alright so it is time for our world record and I get to complete the world record today because Josh is the loser Hey so here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna set the record for the most cups shot off your head with a blaster in 30 seconds but as always safety first I know we said that Josh’s face would be in danger but here you go babe Thanks yeah that was terrifying hold on come just do one of these you need that you need to do just with you know what I just went through scary right that is today’s video everyone I hope you guys enjoyed it was a lot of fun this video was not sponsored by any of those toy blaster companies but we put some links in description if you want to check them out we’ve got videos every Monday of Wednesday every Saturday Cassie’s got a video on her channel and Saturdays as well even though we missed last Saturday sorry was the first time we were traveling it was crazy we do Instagram shoutouts every single video Cassie you hold them up follow Cassie on Instagram for your chance to win an inch Graham shoutout that’s all for now let’s go it comes all by itself it’s writing so long get it cuz it’s just a low-cut

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