Nevada Week S1 Ep145 Web Extra 2 | Wild Horse and Burro Educational Component
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Nevada Week S1 Ep145 Web Extra 2 | Wild Horse and Burro Educational Component

November 22, 2019

♪♪♪ (Kipp Ortenburger)
We’re continuing
our discussion on Nevada Week Extra. Something we touched
upon just a little bit, but we want to talk
about in more detail, is education around
something like this, starting all the way
at kindergarten through 12th grade,
let’s say, and then
adult education. How can education
really impact this, do you think, as
a potential solution? (Celeste Carlisle)
Well, I think the BLM
is in a sort of uncomfortable
situation of being an agency tasked
with doing something that is incredibly public
but they don’t have an educational mandate
within the BLM as an organization,
so I think a lot of their response to things
just becomes reactionary. There’s not a lot
of front-end education about the wild horse
and burrow program in general, about
how our public lands are managed, even
about what AML is and how it’s determined
on an HMA by HMA basis. People don’t know that,
and then they’re asking the BLM for
that information and receiving
the information back, and I think people
are feeling distrustful of that information. Think of the national
park system and the educational
opportunities they do on their parks
and all the materials that are provided
for people and the
interpretive walks and campfire-type
situations. The BLM has
none of that. I mean, it’s never been
asked to have any of that but I think it has been
to their downfall in terms of something that is
so contentious and big as wild horses and
burros on public lands. -Gus, let’s talk about
the educational component. How big of a budget
does the BLM have for something like this,
first of all. (V. Gus Warr)
I don’t know if
there is a budget for education,
honestly. It’s not that it
doesn’t occur though, because I’ve been
out on the ground with high school groups,
with college classes, with organizations. I’ve explained
the program to them. But it’s really small. It doesn’t reach
the general public. We put a lot
of resources into our websites
and information and trying to
explain things, but unfortunately
it’s just put out there. It’s like go
to our website, and if you have people
that do not trust the government or
don’t trust an agency to begin with, that’s not
going to go anywhere. So it is definitely
a challenge that we have
as an agency, that we don’t have
a mandate for it. -Well, I think
it’s not just BLM, it’s Department of
Wildlife too as well. I mean, we never did
a good enough job, I thought, at
educating the public on the issues at hand
so when things rose up, the public
was behind you and they would help
in that manner. But I think government
overall doesn’t do a very good job
of educating.

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