New Berserk Series | Netflix Gives More Clues | Dark Horse Comics Partnership?!
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New Berserk Series | Netflix Gives More Clues | Dark Horse Comics Partnership?!

August 16, 2019

What’s going on guys? My name is RBG and if you’re familiar with some of the content I produce, you know I’m a huge Berserk fan. For the past few months we’ve been reporting on rumors swirling around the internet that Netflix might be coming out with a new Berserk anime. From some of the interviews Adi Shankar gave to companies like Forbes. To twitter polls that seemed to be alluding that Netflix was very interested in adapting a new Berserk series in the near future. This buzz really got the community talking. It really has a lot of fans invested especially considering the fact that same producer behind the Castlevania series is adamant about bringing Berserk back to a more classical style in animation. Like I don’t know why the anime gods have shunned this series so many times. It’s bad enough we have to worry about when the manga will go on hiatus. But it’s even worse when we can barely even make it past the Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc without getting piss poor animation. So while there was talk of the Netflix Berserk anime being an actual thing. The future still looked dire because we know that the anime industry can be very tricky when it comes to adaptations. But it looks like there is more information that indicates that we’ll be getting a new Berserk series from Netflix sooner than we think. Before we talk about that I wanna remind the viewers that this video is sponsored by Beautiful Halo. If you’re a man or woman of culture who loves anime, games, and dank memes then I highly recommend checking out their merch. They have a wide variety stylish hoodies and other cool apparel that’ll have your friends mad jealous. By using this promotional link you get 5% off any $49 purchase or higher. So slide on over to, the link will be in the description. So as I mentioned earlier we had gotten word that this new Berserk series could possibly be in the works through some negotiations. Last November Castlevania Producer Adi Shankar briefly mentioned his interest in properly adapted Berserk with 2D animation if someone would get him the rights. And Netflix held a poll on their twitter asking fans which Guts they preferred out Berserk and Kill la Kill. Now although little poll seemed like nothing more than a post to get some silly engagement. It managed to perpetuate more speculations on if Netflix was down to do a Berserk anime. This idea was further cemented when Adi Shankar, 1 of Netflix’s very own, got in on the conversation saying and I quote “I think we already know my answer to this. #notanothergoldenagearc.” So as you can see, this tweet only added more fuel to the fire of hype. Adi Shankar seems like a man who’s in tune with the anime genre, pretty much stating what we all think. That we shouldn’t have to tread backwards with Berserk in regards to it’s arcs, particularly the Golden Age Arc. A chapter in Berserk that’s been adapted twice in a series and movie format. I know fans are just ready to see something different. And if a studio is to go backwards then it’s only right that they do it with the 1st story in the Berserk canon, the Black Swordsman Arc. That’s been a chapter that for whatever reason seems to get shafted out since it thrusts the viewer into fray of chaos with little to no explanations given. In my opinion, kicking things off with the Black Swordsmen arc would really work. Introducing newcomers to the world of Berserk with the cursed enigma that is Guts would only motivate them to look into the lore more. Currently Netflix has the streaming rights to the Golden Age films so it would be nothing for them to recommend it as a guide for people who want to fill in the gaps. But anyways we didn’t hear anymore ramblings regarding this adaptation for a few months. That’s until Netflix took to twitter to announce that they made a deal with a certain comic book company to adapt their works into films and tv series. The tweet starts off as throwback referencing all the projects they’ve worked on previously with Dark Horse Comics. Shows like the Umbrella Academy live adaptation and the comic iteration of Stranger Things were mentioned. References that all segued into this… “Very happy to announce that Netflix has closed an overall deal with Dark Horse Comics!” “That means Netflix will have the first look at all Dark Horse titles for both film and TV projects and I’m really trying to keep my cool about it but YES YES YES.” This was some great news because Dark Horse Comics has some awesome material to work with. And Netflix has been pretty consistent with representing their adaptations from a story and productions standpoint. If there’s 1 think you can count on them to do, it’s put a pretty hefty budget up to make sure that everything looks great in their shows & films. They basically give you that cinematic experience without having to leave your home. Anyways after we got that news, a certain demographic of fans immediately started retweeting this post. And that was the Berserk community because if you didn’t know, Dark Horse has been 1 of the co-publishers of the Berserk manga since 2003. And they just started releasing these super duper deluxe versions of the manga in larger prints a few months ago. So similar to the last time Netflix made a tweet remotely even associating to Berserk, fans started speculating that they’re alluding to this new series actually happening. There were noticeably a lot of Hellboy related responses in the twitter thread but the Berserk fandom outnumbered them in droves. Now while there was a lot optimistic feedback about Berserk potentially being adapted by the same people behind Castlevania’s anime. There were just as many livid fans who didn’t want to see this happen. Some stated that they didn’t necessarily like the Castlevania series because the story was somewhat lackluster and the animation while good, was pretty inconsistent. And I can kinda agree with some of the sentiments, Castlevania isn’t necessarily the perfect adaptation that follows the source material beat by beat. As someone who’s familiar with Castlevania’s writer, Warren Ellis I instantly noticed that he was doing things that he’s constantly done with his other works. Like turning Trevor Belmont into the typical misanthrope. And making Sypha this feisty woman who doesn’t take shit from anyone. Those are tropes that Warren Ellis loves injecting into his main protagonists. And the animation, while top notch I will say it was a little clunky at times. With choppy frames but I think that was largely due to the studio Powerhouse Animation not being too good at that anime style. And I think they had to use the Japanese key animators sparingly. But other than that I think Netflix and the producers did a pretty decent job with what they had to work with. The series looks like it has no signs of slowing down since they’re gonna be doing more seasons. And Adi Shankar is gonna be following suit with his Netflix Devil May Cry anime adaptation he announced last year. I think it’s safe to assume that’s why we didn’t see him reply to the tweet regarding the because announcement with Netflix and Dark Horse comics. Because he’s too busy working on the new season of Castlevania and the new DMC anime. Another reason why some of the fans weren’t too keen on Netflix aqcuiring the rights Berserk is because Netflix has been producing a lot of animes that are CG animated. You have the Ultraman series that’s probably 1 of the few CG anime that’s received a warm reception. Typically because Ultraman is a live action series anyways. We have the Ajin: Demi Human films that were some of the first CG animated anime produced for Netflix. And you have the controversial Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac CG anime which has gotten a lot of backlash since this style of animation has become a little over saturated on the platform. That’s essentially what has a lot of fans worried, not to mention that not all of Netflix’s adaptations come out good, let alone decent. Rightfully so fans are still outraged at how bad the Death Note live action adaptation turned out. And admittedly I am not looking forward to their live action Cowboy Bebop movie. But I think it’s important to understand how Netflix works. Because a lot of people think that Netflix is fully involved with the way they produce their shows. And that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Netflix is essentially the big wig that foots the bill for the content being produced on their platform. They usually don’t make a lot of creative decisions when it comes to their shows since that would be too time consuming for them. So they form a partnership and distribution agreement with companies. The companies come up with the way in which they go about producing and director said shows and they styles in which they want the shows to be. This is essentially why Netflix can choose to severe relationships with companies like Marvel. Because even though Marvel may have directed and filmed the shows, Netflix still paid for the production costs. Same can be said for the anime they acquire that are considered Netflix originals. They hire Japanese anime productions to work on new series for them. And sometimes these series may have already been in the works and distributed through another company. So the styles in animation usually depend on the animation studios. Not Netlfix. Now granted even though Netflix isn’t largely at fault for how much CG anime gets produced on their service. I think they tend to enable the studios to get away with this method. Because they’re willing to shell out a ton of money. Usually when an anime is produced, that studio works in tandem with other companies for distribution rights and funding. This is 1 of the reasons why animation teams don’t make a lot of money in their field of work. But Netflix seems to be more than generous when paying anime studios and they choose to take on all of the funding. So considering the fact that CG animation is less costly as well as less time consuming, the studios may choose to produce they’re anime that way so they can make back twice as much money as they put into the project. I’m not saying that’s the case but it really seems like that’s what a lot of Japanese animation studios are doing when it comes to working with Netflix. Because they know Netflix will pay them a load of money for something that’s half ass. Thankfully there are still studios who are passionate about putting their all into anime projects. Companies like TMS with Baki, Science Saru with Devilman Crybaby are living proof that 2D animation is here to stay. And I think that if Adi Shankar is still on board with producing a Berserk anime, he’ll get a Japanese studio to animate it how he and the fans wanted. Currently Netflix has 5 anime production houses who are contractually obligated to produce shows that are exclusive to the streaming services. And 2 of the most noteworthy 1’s include Bones and David Production. If Adi Shankar didn’t roll with Powerhouse Animation like he did with Castlevania then Bones or David Productions would be some awesome picks. Studio Bones has animated awesome anime like Space Dandy and Eureka 7. And David Production has been killing it with their Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure anime. Like their Jojo series is probably the best anime adaptation I’ve seen in recent years and the animation quality continues to improve with every arc they do. So David Production would be 1 of the candidates I would choose. Especially considering that they’re pretty much done with their latest season of Jojo. If there’s 1 thing fans really want done right it’s the language option. Like I know a lot of Japanese sub purest were talking trash about Netflix because Castlevania was only in English and it doesn’t have a Japanese dub at least not in the West. So they’re assuming that this may be the case if Netflix produces Berserk. I’m more so concerned if we get the original English voice actors from 90’s series and Golden Age movies back. Because we didn’t reprise their roles in the 2016 series. I think it had something to do with Crunchyroll not hiring the voice director from the old series to come back. So the old voice cast declined to return. Hopefully Netflix and Adi Shankar could work something out and bring those voice actors back. I will be completely satisfied if they make that happen. But with that I’d like to end the video. What are your thoughts on this new partnership with Netflix & Dark Horse Comics. Do you think the relationship will extend further and we could possibly get a new Berserk anime? Or do you think it isn’t gonna happen and that Netflix would need to work out a deal with Berserk’s other publisher, Hakusensha? Lemme know in the comments below. As always I ask that you like or dislike the video. It doesn’t have to be a thumbs up. It can be a thumbs down. Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve my channel. But if you really enjoyed the video it would help me out tremendously if you shared it on social media outlets with all your friends and followers. Sharing really makes a difference. But this was your boy RBG signing out on another video. I’ll catch you guys later. Peace out.

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  1. After a few months of speculating it looks like Netflix is slowly but surely revealing that they have something in store for the Berserk fandom. Lemme know what you think about this news. Do you think this partnership with Dark Horse Comics confirms a new Berserk anime in the near future?

  2. the only thing i want in the berserk anime is for the music to remain the same no matter the love/hate relationshiop

  3. If they went all the way through and kept relatively true to the source material, I would be fine with a Golden Age arc (again). It was amazing after all. But yeah, I would love to see it starting from the beginning in the Black Swordsman arc and go all the way to the end…with a better animation aesthetic that we can all love in its own right, without having to lean solely on Berserk's story to carry the entire project.

  4. I would personally like for Netflix to contact the crew that worked on the 1997 Berserk series.

  5. The quality and voice sounds like a baritone anime YouTuber that uses sage of six paths nature as his profile pic I wonder if they’re the same 🤔

  6. We really need a new translation of the Manga more than a new anime. I started reading it and the translation gets a bit painful in places. Stuff like'In this world some people born are like keys that move the world and exist having no connection to the social hierarchy established by man
    ' really needs a new translation.

  7. just take 1997 animation style, start with with golden age and then go through every thing. stay faithful to the manga and nothin will be wong

  8. If the Castlevania team made berserk I would be concerned about animation quality. I don't understand why people praise so much that series.

  9. Honestly I think Netflix, if they do make a Berserk anime, will know better to make another shitty adaptation of Berserk. Especially if Adi Shankar is on the team.

  10. All i want is a precise berserk adaptation with, true to manga, all the gore and stuggles with great animation ! Am i asking too much ?

  11. Its always bad because they don’t keep it 100% true to the Manga. If they just fully followed the source material it would blow up in popularity.

  12. We can only hope the original cast comes back, and I would love to see an ending that everyone will enjoy, revenge on the hawk! Nice video

  13. As long as we get Marc Diraison, it's drawn instead of CGI, and it's not a gutted version of the story with half of the plotlines missing, it'll be Gucci. I won't mind another golden age arc done right xD

  14. anyone knows the anime in 07:25 ? Looks so much like Baki, but I never seen that footage before, and I think Ive seen all the stuff that came out from it

  15. Netflix picked up the Saint Seiya adaptation like a year later it was already out. It wasn't their own, but they did re-brand it as if it was.

  16. Some of those hoodies looked cool so I go and Google Beautiful Halo , review 0.6/10 from over 500 reviews. Wow you really associate yourself with that?

  17. What of Netflix made it a live adaptation? Just think about it for a second. If they are able to pull The Witcher, it could happen.

  18. Miura will die before Berserk will be finished. Heck the world might end before that happens. And whatever is left will be discovered by aliens who will finally make the adaptation that this manga deserves (well at least up to Griffith's resurrection, since it goes downhill after that point).

  19. The anime community a bunch of dweebs that hate on everything. Berserk 2016 wasn't bad at all I actually enjoyed it. I've read the manga and watched the anime and they weren't bad at all. I actually enjoyed berserk 2016 than the golden age. These commentary channels always bash on 2016 berserk cause of the "CG" even though it wasn't even bad. The anime community a bunch of bang-wagons that listen to their favorite commentator and agree with him cause they value his opinion more LMAOO.

  20. Awesome video as always man! I noticed you mentioned a Cowboy Bebop live-action film Netflix is doing. I was under the impression and remember reading it was going to be a series? I’d be more hopeful for it as a series than a film. I’m interested if you find whether or not it’s a series.

  21. The main problem with Berserk beyond the Golden Age Arc has always been the extreme violence of the Black swordsman arc and literally every arc until the party steps onto the boat. The violence is literally to a pornographic level, the stuff of nightmares, and that probably has made most studios shun Berserk. I mean, animating Berserk is not just about animating a brutal medieval anime. It goes beyond stuff like Castlevania and others. Its stuff like seeing children get cut in half, or tortured, or put on spikes by horrible monsters. Horrible monsters that routinely want to rape and kill women too. The degradation seen in Berserk, the violence, is probably on the worst level than anything else Ive seen in my life except the worst snuff films. Its always been like this: The Golden Age Arc is perfect to animate and a relatively tame medieval story. Then with the eclipse and black swordsman arc, it goes into X rated territory, which doesnt sell and also isnt appealing to major studios/companies like Netflix.

  22. We need to see more of Zodd and demon griffith. Even more black knight guts. Like what has happened ever since griffith sacrifices the hawks and what the world has become.

  23. the 2016 series is not too bad, of course I rather 2D animation but the story arc after golden age is great!

  24. Guts needs to die in the end because hes been through alot of bad animtaion and needs to rest

  25. Goddamn I love this series, it's like a kick in the genitals to use cgi in an anime to someone who actually likes anime for anime that's the reason we watch it

  26. Hoping they don't go the way of one punch… Awesome 1st season, with 2nd season leaving much to be desired

  27. I'm actually down for another golden age arc, if animated properly. But yes yes yes! Please do the berserk series justice, please!

  28. If Adi Shankar would take it in his hands Berserk would definitely be in good hands!
    Berserk in the style of the Castlevania Series? Count me in!
    At least this would finally be a worthy adaptation for Berserk.

  29. I hope this is true i love berserk and liked the original anime they should have kept it going the way it was

  30. Some of the cg is awful, I love baki and other anime that had some cg but it looks fucking shit. Bersekrs one made me so sad lol.

  31. Berserk was shunned down by the anime gods because of bribes from the god hand, thats my theory at least.
    By the way david productions are working at the moment on vinland saga, they will probably stop at SPOILERS somewhere mid manga conclusion because the second arc is still on going without a conclusion to our main cast,maybe berserk will be next after they are done with it unless studio bones decides to take a nab at adapting berserk but I will say that their style of direction would not do them justice when trying to adapt berserk, it will only ruin their name.
    I am confident that if there is one studio that can animate berserk to its manga glory it would be david productions

  32. netflix should adapt Claymore and beserk ……. Claymore is easily the best option its finished…. can tell the story or deviate a little like the anime did which was fine…. beserk just needs the 90's look again…. and some decent continuation.

    Kemonozume just needs released in the US…… sad its never even got a overseas blue ray release…. still on dvd for 400$$ cause its out of print….. good luck finding a seller though…. its a prized anime…. Kemonozume really needs a western release on blueray netflix should just buy the rights to certain animes and re license their old material and sell it while adapting new material. Many animes could profit from this that never got a release in the west or never got a faithful adaptation. Or just cut short and never finished even though fans loved it….

    Claymore really needs more love…… its almost a sin not to adapt it further. Just like beserk is hot cakes… and would sell like hot cakes for a better adaptation and better art style more similar to its 90's look.

  33. The good news here is Guts was already a misanthrope, and Caska was already somebody who took no shit.

  34. No, please just let it alone. It has suffered enough, first with the 2016 and 2017 adaption and now with netflix? Isn't it enough or are you people too sadistic to continue the slow death of this. Just let Miura and his child alone.

  35. I think that the Golden Age Arc is the best way for the general populi to get into Berserk. It has romance, coming-of-age and plot twists.

  36. if they do it please get original japanese voice actors or atleast a japanese option, i really dont like watching english/dub animes xD

  37. A remake from the very beginning of the story in 2d would be the best thing they could do. There's that much material to work with and it's so fucking dark it would attract Game of Thrones fans. It would make a shit ton of money!

  38. I need al Berserk Movie in German Language. I will that they make more Movies in Future. The Style Story everything is Great at this Mangamovies. I´m a Fan from it .

  39. I swear to god if they manage to ruin BERSERK WITH SJW PROPAGANDA I WILL BURN NETFLIX DOWN

    Inb4 guts becomes black trans

  40. I’m all for a new adaptation but tbh I don’t see why everyone hates the current cgi it’s really not that bad !

  41. I think Netflix should do more live movies , I liked Bleach and even Death Note was not that bad, Full Metal was ok too, I mean they did pretty good for it being on tv and not in theaters , just saying . what gets me is Hollywood wants to make a lot of crap movies or remakes of stuff like the Lion King but not for Anime that could be really good , I would pay to go see Berserk in theaters do it up like lord of the rings and split it up.

  42. If Netflix can gain rights for the Black Swordsman Arc and the Lost Children Arc then nothin will be wong

  43. Darksouls opened my eyes to this series I've seen the 1997 anime should I watch the new animes or get the mangas and which ones?

  44. If netflix was to do a anime adaptation of berserk they honestly should start off from the black swordsman ark. And promote the movies to show the golden age to new comers. Its in their backlog so why not? And while the 2016 and 2017 adaption were bad, they should pull the good parts out of it. Like Susumu Hirasawa. His music went perfect with the theme of Berserk.

  45. Wow I am so excited

    Berserk 2017 had pretty bad animation but had the same storyline that the manga had. Consequently it’s better than most anime like Slice of Life, and better than anything Kyoto Animation made (Glad they burnt down)

    If we can get something with good story and high quality then yes omg yes

  46. Pls netflix lately I've been wondering why I'm still subscribed with the shit library that uve got, adding berserk to ur list would justify it.

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