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NEW BREED! 😍❤️ | Star Stable News

October 26, 2019

Hello StarFam! And welcome! To Star Stable News! This week we finally get to meet a new breed
on Jorvik! YES! Finally! Introducing to you: The Pintabian! These new buddies come in three beautiful
pinto variations. To get yourself one of these horses you must’ve
reached level eleven. We thought that this week would be the perfect
week to tweak the animations for all the arabian horses! What do you think? Tell us in the comments! I hope you haven’t missed that you will now
gain more reputation points from finishing the quests with Spirit! Which will make it easier for you to give
him the tasty Miradero apple faster than before! So what are you waiting for? go make yourself a wild friend! Lifetimer announcement! There is a new item waiting for all lifetimers
in the lifetime shop in Moorland, so don’t forget to go by and check it out! Eddie and Ferdinand’s horse market is up and
running by the Jorvik stables! Don’t forget to check out their choice of
breeds for this week! That was all for today you guys! thank you
so much for watching! Don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe
and visit all of our social media channels! the links are in the description! Check back with us next week for the latest
Game News! Byeee! *making faces* GM Ylva: … week
we finally getto meet a new breed here on Jorvik and…it is…a horse. Matilda: But doggo! GM Ylva: No! Let go! He stole it! GM Ylva: … only thought it *fails to speak* Matilda: … missed that you will… *fails to speak* Matilda: *sneezes* I’m so sorry… Matilda: I’m sorry…! Matilda: *jibberish* Yes, exactly. Matilda: … will make it easier for you to…
*fails to speak* Matilda: … media challence… CHALLENCE, what is that? GM Ylva: Challence! Matilda: … links is to the description! Matilda: … social media challenge.. GM Ylva: Thankyeah….Bye! Matilda: Bye!

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  1. Nest horse breed cant that be shetland or irsh cob or tkenhner or traver or sport pony that i Well most have Shetland This Shall dont see out som that pony This game have


  3. The way they move is soo much more fluidly. I'm really stunned by the way they look. Just blown away. The colors and patterns aren't like anything that star stables has released in the past so it's nice to see something kind of new for a change. I am going to get them all lol. Thank you so much for putting effort into these horses. <3

  4. I have an idea dressage moves like Fresians can bow or that other thing I forget but glad to know you got a new animator

  5. The next horse or horse-like, (ride-able) animal should be mule! I mean their cool animals! And for all those people out there who think its a terrible idea, chill, its only a suggestion.

  6. Omg sso are just money thirsty! They just want you to buy sc or sr! They are making horses more money and higher level so you have to buy sc and sr! Star stable ur community is now shitty! I loved the old sso where everybody was sweet! But now you just care about money and that's why people are quitting

  7. star stable PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add weather that feature would be SO AWSOME please add stuff like rain and storms and thunder and lightning and super sunny or cloudy days that would be so cool😊

  8. Dear StarStableTeam,
    It will be Fantastic when you add some new features in SSO. For example: The horses haven't got a Gender or the bathroom in your own Stable can't do anything. Look at the Video "20 StarStable Ideas" from Jenny whaletuin.
    Thanks for Reading this comment.
    I'm german, so i'm not very Good in english. I'm Sorry. I Hope, you understand me.

  9. Hallo liebes Star Stable Team könntet ihr mal ein Update machen wo es verschiedene Jahreszeiten und Wetter gibt Z.B. REGEN DONNER BLITZ HERBST FRÜHLING und so weiter?

  10. Love the animations but the hanoverian has alot of the same animations as the lippy and english thoroughbred but i like the new horse colours in the breeds 8/10 😀 still LOVE STAR STABLE THO! ❤💚💜💙💛

  11. Hello Star Stable! I hope you manage to stumble across my comment ❤️ I really love all the loading screen art for fall spring winter and summer and I had an update idea. Similarly to how you add the snow maybe you could make fall as well? The loading picture right now is so beautiful and gives me chills every time I log on. It’d be wonderful to be able to play with fall graphics as well ❤️

  12. Aww yeah! I'm very exited. I've been secretly wanting this since the new Arabians came out. Great job on the animations too!

  13. Star stable can you please make this update that when you log on for the first time here you will have every place unlocked so you dont have to unlock them. Well im saving up for an Icey but i havent unlocked epona yet so please this wednesday make this update that you dont have to buy any star rider. Thank you for listening.

  14. Hey Star Stable! Just wondering, will be receiving 600 Star Coins this year like past years? Fire Star had a little argument yesterday about it. Thanks!

  15. Jeg hater de nye kroppene til araberen likte bedre de gamle nå har de fått så tynt ansikt og ligner ikke inn det hele tatt på en ekte araber

  16. star stable can you make a free mustang for where all the mustangs all please me and my sister are getting bullyed for having a starter horse so plese make a free mustang for me and my sister

  17. hello star stable, I loved this update with the new Arabs who are simply amazing, and just as I loved this update it is only logical that I also loved all the others. Well, I've been thinking a lot about the suggestions you ask for us starfams. So why not take advantage of this moment, right?
    here are some of my suggestions:
    -winter covers for horse
    – Horse noise grazing when we put the horses in fields.
    – guides
    "Horse's choice to follow you when you're walking alone, but only if you let it."
    – option to call the horse when he is away.
    – option to hug, caress, play with horse.
    Thank you for your attention.

  18. Does anyone know when Spirit leaves? I already have him but I'm just wondering. I CANT WAIT TO SEE WHATS IN THE LIFETIME SHOP EEEEEK

  19. star stable im a member danielle winter rider but i bought star rider and it hasnt came back so im so dissapointed right now

  20. can u please put in new horses in star stable every single second week and also if u forget some horses that u cant think of ask me I have a horse book that tells u all horse breeds thank u btw for putting pinto Arabians star stable <3

  21. does anyone think that black hair would be a thing? Like puffs or cute afros or ponytails with long curly hair? idk, just an idea. It would be nice to get more variation in hair texture.

  22. hi star stable i have this question if you could do this i would be so happy. nearly everyone has the icelandic horse and i really want one so please put the icelandic horses on the 'horses' app so we can grow them and buy them without being level 16 for about 2 or 3 days so everyone can be happy only for 2 or 3 days….. 'like if you agree'

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