NEW BREED: Clydesdale! 😍🐴❤️️| Star Stable News
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NEW BREED: Clydesdale! 😍🐴❤️️| Star Stable News

October 26, 2019

Hello StarFam and welcome to this season’s
last episode of Star Stable News! If you’re already a subscriber, welcome back! And if you’re new here, welcome to the Star
Stable channel! Let’s jump right into what we like doing here
on Star Stable’s YouTube channel; We like to talk about the weekly news in the online
game Star Stable! Let’s go! What better way to end this news season than
with an extra horse-y update! first up, we’ve got a new breed in the game! This new Jorvegian inhabitant has been on
the top of many player’s wish list during this year, and now it’s finally here! Everyone, meet the Clydesdale! First variation of this beautiful draft horse
is a light bay sabino! This variation is available in Fort Pinta
and to get yourself one you must be level one, and you must’ve reached Fort Pinta! The second variation of today is a blue roan! This beauty can be yours when you’ve reached
level 12 and it can be found in Mistfall! Last but not least we have a stunning blue
black with socks! This variation just like its two friends,
is resistant to cold! You can find this variation for sale in Mistfall,
and it can be yours once you’ve reached level 12! On horse shows this breed is extra famous
for their mane and tail styles with ribbons tied into braids! These styles are of course available also
in Star Stable, and you can choose if you want to change the tail, the mane, or both! Not only does the Clydesdale rock the ribbon
braids, it can also wear the new braided mane style that was introduced with the starter
horse! On Jorvik the Clydesdales are bred with a
fluffy coat that will keep them performing on top, even in the Valley Of The Hidden Dinosaur! Our open invitation to the winter village
still stands until January 2nd so make sure that you go over there so you don’t miss all
of the jolly fun! If you love the Jorvik wilds and you’d like
to get one, remember there’s still an icy variation available in the winter village! It will disappear January 2nd, together with
the winter village, so make sure that you grab one and you don’t miss it! If you’ve been watching the news lately you
know that a lot has happened in our app Star Stable Horses, that is available in AppStore
and on Google Play! This week, we welcome a brand new lusitano
variation! If you raise this lusitano foal to a level
10 adult horse you can buy it and transfer it into Star Stable on your computer as a
level 10 horse! This week Eddie and Ferdinand are setting
up their horse market by the Jorvik Stables! That was all of the news that we had for you
guys this season! If you want to read more about this week’s
update, click the link in the upper right corner it will take you right to our website! Thank you SO MUCH for watching, we love you! Thank you! Of course it’s just the news show that is
taking a little bit of a holiday break! The updates in the game will still go on every
Wednesday as usual and if you want to read about them you’ll find all the info you need
to know in the news section on our website! If you want to start your adventure in Star
Stable today, click the link in the upper right corner! I’m going to stop talking now, because my
voice is disappearing! We’ll see you guys again in January and we
wish you guys a happy happy happy holiday! BYEEE!

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  1. star stable please make something where if somebody wants to buy a horse, but their not sure about the gaits, they can press a button, called "see gaits to test it

  2. Dear Ylva and Matilda❤
    Your Community is so thankful for your extrem beautiful updates.
    Here's an idea which most of sso players ( me too ) want to come to star stable…the idea is:
    Riding in the riders pesperktive.
    It's such a cool feeling to ride in the riders pesperktive😄😄😄👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖💖

  3. Hi Starstable! I love your videos and I love the horses you guys added! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ Maybe one update could be that G.E.D did something "Bad" and we could buy mouth mask, maybe? I would love to if you guys made the quest ^̮^ The mouth mask could be in different colours like: black, white, blue, pink, green and so on! Love you guys (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ~Bigleaf

  4. Hi, for over 3 years old been playing this game, But l do not have star rider because l do not have a card or l do not live in the same country so i'm not pleased to play this game because i'm late
    Otherwise the game IS very good

  5. Hi! I love Sso! Im an non star rider.. Thats okay! I really have an idea, since that many people wanted this, so I wanted to currently say, Could you make a free horses week?! I saw many people that wants that, and also it would be so amazing! I really want that alot so please could you add it for atleast a week, maybe a day?! Thank you!

    Edit: Also can you add snow in SSO?!

  6. Hi sso again! xD im trying for my comment to not sink, pelaseee can you do a free horse day? or week please! i beg!!

  7. Hello! I like SSO.. Im an non star rider, and I had another idea you guys could do! A free horse week?! Wow would be amazing..! Maybe atleast a day?! Thank you!

  8. Ugh, I don't like Clydesdales they don't suit the game and OMG, you are trying to make the game realistic… ITS NOT REALISTIC? WHAT ABOUT RUGS AND HALTERS AND CARTS! >:C. Anyone agree?

  9. Me too but i have a question about if ur gonna add more connemaras cause im in love with them and there is not that much like no black i dont think

  10. Star stable can we please have snow in winter time in jorvik please and thank you also one more thing can you make a language called African because I'm from South Africa and I'm really struggling to understand English and that would be a massive thing for me and maybe for others were from Africa to

  11. I had an idea that would make 2019 awesome, I know we can train goals in the app but what if we could buy a foal and train it in SSO. I just think it would be cool to own a foal and watch it grow up in the game

  12. Hey Star Stable! I have an Idea Video I found and I think you should use for 2019. – that’s the link for the video. I agree with most of the things in there which could make Star Stable even better for 2019.

    I hope it isn’t a problem at all! ❤️❤️

  13. You guys put a lot of hard work on this game and I love that but the Akahal Teke horse should really be updated. It's like the most ancient horse breed in the world, it should not be left out. By the way, bitless briddles should be on sale. <3

  14. I really want to be an update that will be NO MORE STAR RIDER everything will be free to explore no more block place and that everything will be FREE like horses,clothes,etc. Plsss i want this update,my parents don't want to spend money on games and i can't get ANY HORSES,the only horse i have its the starter horse and its sad…pls…make this update….Thank you for reading this comment❤ hope you understand…

    Love youuu❤😘

  15. Add……. ADD UNICORNS IM SORRY I JUST CANT! Maybe it can be a Jorvik wild? It could do a teleport things or it self? I mean it could teleport if it was added in the game 😮 That would be AMAZING

  16. Hey! My chat ban was supposed to be gone already and it hasn’t disappeared! How do i fix this! And the help service won’t work!!!

  17. Pleasse can be the next horse market in fort pinta? That would be fantastic!!! Thankss. And by the way, you're video's are soo great!! I love them soo mutch!!!!

  18. Hey star stable ! It would be nice that you invent a mule for fun with xD Afther the Zoney,that would be cool a Mulhorse xD (It's a name i ivented ) Thank you for answering me please

  19. Hello Starfarm!

    Már régi idők óta nagy kivánságom hogy az olcsóbbik egyszeri fizetésű ridereknek kéthetente nem járhatna legalább 50sc?

    Válaszotok előre is köszönöm!Áron

  20. Hi StarStable!, so i am a ex starrider and i have still some missions to complete form the starriders, but i have them still in my feed! how is that possible?

  21. Hello i Love this Game and would be glad if you get the number of star coins spent on the horse and back when you sell the horse ♡

  22. Can you uncensor the word Clydesdale in global chat in North America? We can’t say it or “breed” or even “Trakhener”… If you release a horse, uncensor the name of it please

  23. I wish SSO was for free, because my mum said that I can't have it because it's a bit expensive. But, I really love the look of this game.. 😢 ❤ 🐴

  24. Hi star stable any of you no the mustangs i want one but i cant get one maybe if you can make horses for free i will love it if you can and tho i have a lot of horses plz stil

  25. I think there is a bugg in the game cause I need to be lvl 12 to buy Clydesdale Light Bat sabino…Or Maybe it’s an update

  26. Hello star stable I'm kristenas mom and we bought her star rider and 1000 star coins and she didint get it so do you know what to do????

  27. I got one of these Beauties for Christmas in 2018

    I think this horse is sooo amazing but I do not ride him or her that often
    (Me when I can't figure out if its a boy or a girl)

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