NEW Custom And Modified Racing Tech At The Abu Dhabi Tour 2018
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NEW Custom And Modified Racing Tech At The Abu Dhabi Tour 2018

October 28, 2019

– Hot on the heels of Jon’s
report from the Dubai Tour, I’m going to do exactly the
same thing here in Abu Dhabi. New custom and slightly modified tech. The biggest news by a long
way is that Cannondale have got a brand new bike here. It’s an aero model with disc
brakes but that’s about as much detail as we’ve got so far. We in fact haven’t been
allowed to video or take photos of it. Nevertheless, Dan McLay is
racing it live on television so we’ve got a few secret
shots as he was going up to the podium earlier today. Now as pointed out to me by
Magnus Ankerstjerne on Twitter, Cannondale last year got
approved by the UCI a new bike with a SystemSix so that
could well be the model name. Hopefully though we will get
more details very shortly. Also in this race is the
world time trial champion Tom Dumoulin just behind me there. And as there’s a time trial
here he has brought his new custom bike with the rainbow colours, which looks very nice indeed. Stay tuned for a full video
on that bike coming very soon to GCN Tech. How cool does this thing look? This is the custom Scott
Foil of Luka Mezgec and they’ve given him this
very special custom paint job because he holds the
Triple Crown in Slovenia. So he as you can see here
is the Road Champion, the Mountain Bike Champion and
the Cyclo-Cross National Champion all held at the same time. And I particularly like actually
these Syncros handlebars here at the front with his name on them. Speaking of which, it’s
not just Luka who has the customization from that regard. Over here we’ve got the same
Aero bars that Caleb Ewan again looking very sleek in
that luminous yellow design. Interesting though, they didn’t
decide to put any kind of spongy soft material at the
front for him to rest his chin on. Now I know that Jon’s
already shown you Alexander Kristoff’s custom European
Champions Colnago Concept aero bike, but this is the
first time we’ve got up close and personal with
the brand new Colnago C64. This, the number one on it
as winner last year is Rui Costa’s bike and there’s been
a few updates from the C60 which is its predecessor. Still has all the familiar
lugs but as you can see just here, the lugs on
the seat kind of cluster, are all integrated into this
one seat tube which makes it look quite neat. And I know there are a lot of
fans of Colnago’s and Italian brands out there so you’re
probably going to love this, because it’s also got a
full Campagnolo Super Record EPS Groupset on it and
the Campagnolo wheels. Team Dimension Data’s head
mechanic Kenny has given us a sneak peak at a new custom
saddle for Mark Cavendish. They’ve changed saddles this
year to the Astute brand which is a new Italian brand of saddles. Cav is using the Skylight SR model but underneath here since
he is a brand ambassador over here at the Abu Dhabi
Tour, he’s got a special custom made one and they’re
busy fitting it to his bike right now. (guitar strums) Factor have updated their
aero road bike which is called the ONE and a lot of the
technology from their slick time trial bike has trickled down to this. It’s now got that twin vein
downtube, which improves aerodynamics and also
apparently stiffness. It’s got a unique design
here at the front in kind of an unhinged steer tube
and their own proprietary aero bars and stem as well. It’s designed only to be used
with electronic groupsets interestingly. This is the rim brake model
but there is also a disc brake model out there as well. And to my mind it actually
resembles quite closely the Factor Vis Vires, however
you pronounce that, which is a bike I used on GCN about five years ago. Nothing particularly custom
or modified about the climbing shifters here on
Simon Yates’ Scott here, Michelton-Scott, apart from
the fact that it is facing forwards rather than backwards. Nothing wrong with that I
guess, he prefers to change on the climbing shifters
with his fingers rather than his thumbs. He’s also got these satellite
shifters down here as well so he’s obviously a
man who likes to be able to change gear in every position. Brand new never seen before
at the Abu Dhabi Tour are these cameras from Velon. Now we have seen on board
and live cameras before from them but this is the first
time they’ve ever used a 360 degree camera. A couple of you asked
underneath our Powermeters video how Marcel Kittel got his
Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt onto his Aeroad mount and the answer
are these blue shims here, which you can see on all
of the Katusha bikes. Now you just slot one of
those in instead of the Garmin one and away you go with your Wahoo Bolt. Nothing too custom on these
time trial bikes here at Katusha, the Canyon Speed Max CF SLXs, but it does seem that
Ilnur Zakarin likes his own chainrings. Most of them are standard
tram whereas this is an unmarked 56-tooth chainring. It can be quite hard
sometimes to find a nice neat solution for a head unit
mount on aerodynamic bars, but I do particularly
like these ones on Bahrain Merida’s aerobikes. This is Matej Mohorič’s
bike just next to me here, and as you can see a very
neat metal solution, which bolts on underneath the bars there. Interestingly, on the top
of the bars there, he’s also got some of that
skateboard-style grip tape. Now we often see that on
time trial bikes but it’s the first time I’ve ever
seen it on a road bike. So I’m gonna find out from
him what that’s about. – [Matej] When you hold
the handlebars like on your TT bike, in case you hit a
bump or something, it helps your hands not to slip off the handlebars. – [Daniel] And are you a rider
that ever puts the elbows down on the bars on a road bike or not? – [Matej] Yeah I do it occasionally. Usually when I am on my own,
especially in the training, but sometimes also in the
races, but never in the middle of the bunch because I think
that’s quite dangerous. (club music) – [Daniel] Here’s a really
cool piece of custom tech for you, something that
could very well feature in Hack/bodge on the GCN show. Many of you at home will know
that it’s quite hard often to get a head unit mount
onto aerobars like these from specialised so the mechanics
here for the new Wahoo ELEMNT Bolts there is a
function in this year have engineered, sorry hacked, a K-Edge mount. And I think they have done
a rather neat job with that. And for me, it’s things like
this that make pro bikes really special indeed. Pioneer who supply the power
metres and head units to LottoNL-Jumbo have designed
their own solution for their head units on those same
Vision Metron bars which you can see here. You can’t buy these in the
shops, they’re custom made for the team. This is something that I
personally haven’t seen before, I’m sure there’ll be loads
of comments saying I’m really behind the times, but it
is a junction box mount, which is a headset spacer as well. It’s from Fouriers. So that you don’t need to
have those rubber bands that go all the way around the stem. And it’s kind of a solution
really here for Team Sunweb because they have those
Sigma head units, which are also mounted onto the stem. There is the old star solution
which is just wrapping it over the middle of the stem, but there are quite a few
different pieces about it for the junction boxes. So for example here, Quick-Step
on the specialised venges. They’re using specialised
own mounts for the Garmin at the front, which has
the junction box situated just underneath. Other bikes have the junction
box completely hidden away, like this one from BMC. It’s at the top of the downtube here. Then you’ve got things like
the Canyon Aeroad where the junction box is located
inside the Aeroad bars. And as Jon pointed out at
the Dubai Tour, one of the new neat solutions is to
have it as a bar-end plug. One thing I have noticed
over the last few years, is that we are seeing fewer
and fewer riders using non- sponsored parts that are
taped over to cover it. And I think there’s two reasons for that. It is partly of course sponsor pressure. They don’t really like it. But I think it’s mainly the
fact that the equipment that the rides have given these
days is generally really top-notch and they’ve got
absolutely no need to change it. Really interesting though
too that new Cannondale on display here, we’ll hopefully
get details on that to you very soon. Now if you’ve enjoyed this
video you can give us a thumbs up just down below. If you’d like to see Jon
Canning’s tech roundup from the Dubai Tour, you can find
that in the corner here. And don’t forget to subscribe
to GCN Tech if you really like your cycling tech.

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  1. Aero + Wahoo mounts: yesterday I came across a mount for my Canyon Aeroad H11 bars & Elemnt Bolt from RaceWare. A bit spendy to get it to the US, but the best looking mount I’ve seen for this combo so I placed my order.

  2. Brand new, never seen before at the Abu Dhabi Tour ….. An amazing sentence, Was that on purpose or was that impromptu? made me chuckle lol

  3. 6:50 you guys saw a spacer mount when reviewing a bike like a couple years ago. I think it was a factor O2.

    oh, here it is 😀

  4. Ayyy Fouriers making in the big leagues, good to world tour teams be a little sensible and go with the Chinese manufacturing.

  5. I've been saying this for about a year but I'm glad it finally came true. Damon Rinard at Cannondale finally produces an aero road bike. Next up: an even faster Slice, Kona 2019 maybe?

  6. 00:40 Now a member of a not very select group of people who's name has been mispronounced by Dan Lloyd. Querer es poder, right Dan? #lifegoals

  7. imo, shoes and saddles should be always riders choice and not driven by sponsors. For instance same like with the shoes of footballers…

  8. Really like that Cannondale Aeroad. Currently deciding between getting a Cannondale CAAD 12 Ultegra or a Trek Emonda SL 6 Ultegra for my new everyday/everywhere bike.

  9. Those bikes are almost too gorgeous, wow. Thanks, Dan, for the tour. And I think another reason for no more tape over non-sponsored components would be riders or teams not wanting a call-out over it. It is a pretty good advertisement when a presenter identifies a product with a piece of tape over its logo.

  10. Excellent insight to pro bike tech, thanks.  I have the 5mm spacer for the Di2 box on both of my bikes, so much neater!

  11. Having to choose between aero handlebars and a bike computer mount is silly. As far as pro getting custom mounts, there's always the possibility of 3D printing your mount 😉

  12. Is it just me, or are all the aero road bikes pretty much the same? Kinda boring. I am not sure why anyone should be excited about C'dale's new bike, but to each their own.

  13. I don’t know what Colnago think they’re playing at but they need to fix that sh1t, I know they’ve been in the game for a while but they just look like a pile of sh1t now

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