NEW Electric Scooter vs Extreme Long Range Challenge!
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NEW Electric Scooter vs Extreme Long Range Challenge!

September 1, 2019

– That looks nice, like right there. (upbeat music) It’s actually early in the morning, and we’re out on an awesome scooter ride. We rode around the park for a little bit. It was super fun. Jinger initiated, like,
an awesome scooter race, and she’s totally won. – [Jinger] Of course. – Oh no! (laughing) Ah, you’re winning! We’re actually gonna
ride on this epic journey through town and go all the way
along this huge nature trail on our awesome scooters. And we’re gonna try to go all
the way and get breakfast. (mumbling) I’m trying to
get this camera set up. Where do you want to go eat? – [Jinger] I’m always up for McDonald’s. – I’m gonna get like an Egg McMuffin. – [Jinger] Okay! And a giant Diet Coke. (upbeat music) – [Carl] Wow, there’s tons of birds, like thousands of birds
flying around up here. Look at that. It’s so fascinating, isn’t it. Are you taking pictures of me? – Yeah! – [Carl] Huh, for Instagram? – You were just looking so cute up there. – [Carl] Oh geez, Jinger. You guys, if you haven’t
followed us on Instagram, Go check it out. Links will all be down
in the description below. (upbeat music) ♪ Tell me, tell me,
tell ’em on your way. ♪ ♪ Tell me, tell me,
tell ’em on your way. ♪ ♪ Tell me, tell me,
tell ’em on your way. ♪ ♪ Tell me, tell me,
tell ’em on your way. ♪ ♪ Tell me, tell me,
tell ’em on your way. ♪ – Looks like it’s made
out of old license plates. We have some next-level
videography going on right now. Old-school camera being filmed, time-lapse by an iPhone X, with an old Polaroid. And what’s funniest about the whole thing, is that I can tell right
now in the Polaroid shot, we didn’t even get the spider at all! We rode all the way
over here, and you guys, there’s a giant spider! But what if at night it comes alive, it crawls around the city, and defends us from giant mosquitoes. – Giant mosquitoes. – Thanks, giant metal spider! (upbeat music) There’s the destination right there. I can see it, Jinger! (singing) – Think they’ll have any more gloves? – [Carl] Oh my gosh, your
gloves are totally destroyed. – They’re shredded right now.
– Look at those. Look at that, wow! You’ve been riding like a–
– Let me slide my hand. – Riding like a–
– A hard-core scooter-rider! – Like a savage scooter rider! (upbeat music) ♪ Tell me, tell me,
tell ’em on your way. ♪ ♪ Tell me, tell me,
tell ’em on your way. ♪ We made it! (singing) Look at those signs. Right there. We always have this dilemma of like, where do we park the scooters
so they don’t get stolen while we go in and get our
Diet Coke and stuff. (laughing) – We’ve gotta just park ’em
like right here by the– – [Carl] Right here. But we made it, guys. This is so much fun. (cheering) (ice clinking) We made it. – Isn’t that the best Diet Coke in the whole wide world, Carl?
– Oh yeah, it’s so delicious. (mellow pop music) We made it! What a fun scooter ride, all
the way back for breakfast. You know what sounds nice? We should open up the
swimming pool and get the boys and do a swimming pool party, and maybe get the scuba gear out. Should we go see? Let’s go check it out. Hey Siri, turn on all the lights. Hey, there’s Lela, doga! Hi, how are you? You having a good day? You guys want to go swimming in the pool? – Sure. – [Carl] Let’s do it. Yeah. That was the worst high-five ever. (laughing) (mellow pop music) Oh, hi Max. Jinger has a horse named Max. – Max is a palomino, and he’s like, seven-ish. And he is just a good
boy, aren’t you, Max. – He is a good boy.
– Sometimes. Sometimes he’s a good
boy, sometimes he’s bad. – Jinger is really,
really good with horses. I’m really, really excited to show you guys Jinger riding Max. It’s really cool. – All right, ready? – How long have we had Max? – [Jinger] Oh, since October. – Since October? He was out in the pasture for a while, and he got a little bit wild
because he was just like running out there out in the open and hadn’t been ridden in a little bit. But now he’s doing pretty good. Jinger’s been out here working him. He’s a pretty awesome horse. You gonna be a good boy today, Max? – [Jinger] He’s still deciding. – He’s trying to decide if he wants to be a good boy or not, huh. We love him, though. I love horses’ mouths. Like isn’t that like the
coolest thing right there? All them little whiskers and stuff? Are you gonna brush him and clean him up? Is that what you’re doing? Oh!
– Oh no! – [Carl] We have apple snacks! This is the best, all right. – So if you break ’em, then he thinks he’s getting four apple snacks!
– He’s getting a bunch of apple snacks. Here, we’ll feed him one. Ready? Oh, I dropped it. I’m a total failure, Max, I’m sorry. Here we go. (Jinger laughing) Mmm. How often do you come out
here and brush him, Jing? – Well I brush him every time I ride. I come out probably
like three times a week. I would like to come out more,
but that’s what’s working. – [Carl] Yeah. – So, it’s fine. – [Carl] He’s so pretty. – One of these days, we
could finish the back lot and then we could move him to our house. – [Carl] Just to our house? Yeah, that would be really cool. (mellow music)
(hooves clopping) (brush running through hair) (horse breathing) (saddle clinking) – Ever wanted to learn
how to saddle a horse, now is your chance. – [Carl] Here we go.
(Jinger laughing) (mellow music) – I really love coming here
to watch you ride, Jinger, because it’s like, not
only are you beautiful and the horse is beautiful, but the entire landscape is like something right out of a class Western,
like a total Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, picturesque,
beautiful landscape. It has all the red rock,
it has all the bless, it has everything. It’s so cool. It’s exactly where you
would want to ride a horse. – Also, it’s surrounded by horses. There’s like 15 horses on this property, and all the properties surrounding
it are full of animals, different horses,
different types of cattle, it’s really fun. – [Carl] It’s really fun. Max loves it here, don’t you, Max. Yeah.
(Jinger laughing) But he knows he’s about
to go to work, huh. – Yeah, yeah. – [Carl] Well, while
you get Max all ready, I think I’m gonna go over
and sit in the shade, my favorite spot. Are you gonna be cool? – Yeah, yeah. – [Carl] Okay, see you in a minute. Here, you want one more snack? Here we go. There you go. He’s being a good boy. (mellow music) All right, let’s go. This is like one of my
favorite spots over here to watch Jinger ride, because
I can sit in the shade. There’s other horses over here. It’s really pretty. Sometimes there’s dogs
that come around and visit. And then there’s even like
some goats that come and (laughing) goof around,
and it’s pretty cool. There’s like a little swing under here. It’s just like, this cute little area that I can sit underneath the tree and watch my beautiful
wife ride her awesome horse around the arena. It’s perfect.
(mellow music) – [Jinger] Whoa. (hooves clopping) – [Jinger] We usually
ride in the little arena, so he’s like, “Where are we going? “Why are we going this way?” – That’s the extent of my
involvement in the horse stuff. I basically man the gates. (laughing) – [Jinger] Easy. I can feel his energy
building underneath me, and so he’s feeling anxious
about what we’re gonna do. So I’m just gonna like, chill out and we’re just gonna walk
until I can feel him relax. And then we’ll start. – [Carl] This is the part of the riding where you’re just warming him up? – Yeah. So I just want him to
relax and start listening. – [Carl] That’s cool. (mellow music)
(hooves clopping) – [Jinger] Easy. He did not like the backpack. – [Carl] How’s he doing? – [Jinger] Good. – He doesn’t seem to like the
backpack on there very much. It seems like it’s bouncing
around, making a lot of noise. But Jinger’s really good at riding, so I’ve got it all set up so
you can watch the whole thing. (mellow music) (hooves clopping) (Jinger singing) – [Jinger] The sound of the
backpack’s bothering him. So I’m just gonna make little noises to kind of drown that out
until he becomes desensitized to the sound of the backpack rattling, ’cause he’s still like, “What’s going on? “Something’s different.” (mellow music) (hooves clopping) Easy. (Max sneezing) Got some sneezes? Whoa. Whoa. I only have like 15
minutes left, and then.. You don’t want to ride him
too long in the hot days, because it’s just uncomfortable,
and we don’t want that. So we just take it to
where he starts feeling or telling me that he
doesn’t like it anymore, and then we’re done. All right Max, are you ready? Here we go. The cool thing about Max
is that in his heart, he’s gold and golden. He’s just such a good horse, and he doesn’t mean ill at any time. But he gets strassy, and sometimes he makes you remind him that you’re still the boss. (laughing) – He seems to be doing okay. One of my favorite things
about coming out here and watching Jinger ride is
that she has such a relationship with the animal. It’s just really cool
how she doesn’t even have to say anything, and Max just
kind of knows what she wants and they work together. – [Jinger] Good ride, buddy. Wasn’t that fun? Yeah, you’re such a good boy. (hooves clopping)
(mellow music) (thudding)
Whoa! Hey, hey, hey! Hey! I don’t think he likes the backpack! – [Carl] That was exciting! – [Jinger] (laughing) He bucked. That was a full buck. – [Carl] Jinger almost got
bucked off a second ago. – [Jinger] Well I wouldn’t
go that far, Carl. I had it under control. – [Carl] Okay. (Jinger laughing) I will say it this way. Max bucked one time. Jinger did not almost get bucked off. That was misspoken. I said wrong.
(Jinger laughing) Right? That was more accurate. – [Jinger] That’s more accurate. – Max bucked one time
because of the backpack, and it was really thrilling for me. It was really exciting for me, Jinger. – Horsey spa time for Max! After I ride Max in the
summertime, he gets so sweaty, so I just give him a
quick bath afterwards. He actually really likes it. You see how calm he is? (mellow music) – Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I had a pretty awesome day today. We were gonna go swimming
with the kids and everything, but I want to take ’em to
this big indoor waterpark, and I’ll take ’em all tomorrow. That might be really fun. And we could go, too. That would be really cool if
you guys want to go with me. But Jinger’s just gonna
wash up Max and everything. You guys have to meet Pickles,
the little miniature horse, Max’s best friend. So we’ll have to come back so you can see. When Max gets to meet
up with his best friend, it’s super adorable. But next time we’re gonna take
everybody to the waterpark and have a great time on
some epic Slip N Slides. And if you guys like this video, you’re gonna love the
other ones on screen. So make sure and subscribe
if you haven’t already. And check out these other links. And we’ll see you guys in the next one. I wish I was small enough I could just get in that swing again, don’t you? That would be so nice. (birds chirping)

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