NEW! Friday The 13th: The Game Glitch | Kill Escaped Counselors & Outside Of The Map Glitch
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NEW! Friday The 13th: The Game Glitch | Kill Escaped Counselors & Outside Of The Map Glitch

October 19, 2019

Welcome back to another exclusive Glitch here on livegames wild on Friday 13th the game where today I’ve discovered an amazing glitch for Friday 13th the game on PlayStation 4 that allows Jason to explore a massive area outside of the map and also kill the counselors after they have already escaped the camp at your leisure and still accumulate all of the points so if you like Friday 13th glitches news tips tricks livestreams then subscribe to this channel now, so I’m gonna be showing you some gameplay here of Exploration of the area outside of the map some very interesting things happen here outside the map so I recommend you watch the whole thing and You’ll see at the end of the video a very large area that I’ve yet to explore because the game ended so if you would like for me to Release a video showing you how to do this glitch Let me know in the comment section below, and I’ll go ahead and show you guys how to do this glitch So if you do like Friday 13th glitches and tricks and tips news live streams Take this time to subscribe to this channel, so I’m gonna show you some gameplay here. It’s very interesting. I think you should watch it It’s about to get very very very interesting You So I hope you enjoyed the gameplay of exploration of the map don’t forget to subscribe to live games wild and let me know in the comments section if you want to see how to Do this glitch thanks for watching guys catch you next time

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  1. Nice vid man please show us how to do it keep up the great work I'm kinda new here and I've only seen your streams 2 times but keep up the good work

  2. The way i did it was I picked up the counselor and went to the cops they shot and I tried going back to the cops and then that's when they didn't shoot me and I went right pass them

  3. Show up I really want to know i found a way to glitch on the bridge using traps when the police are there which also give you infinite trap

  4. Well one thing I wanna know is do the counselors still get points for escaping? If so then tbh I see nothing wrong with the glitch and would want to see it plus if people are escaping with the cops it's not like Jason's gonna have time to kill them before they all "escape" and the match ends

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