New Mexico man accused of scamming horse racing community, again

September 3, 2019

HE DIDN )T EVEN OWN ( — AND HE WENT TO PRISON FOR IT. NOW A NEW MEXICO WOMAN IS BLASTING HIM ON CRAIGSLIST CLAIMING HE )S BACK AT IT. HERE )S NEWS 13 )S JEANNIE NGUYEN. 3:48 “I )ve spoken to people that as soon as Mr. Sanchez was released from custody, he went right back at it.” 3:54 VANESSA ALEXANDER IS A HORSE RACER AND BREEDER AND A FORMER VALENCIA COUNTY SHERIFF )S DEPUTY. SHE SAYS BILLY SANCHEZ HASN )T LEARNED HIS LESSON. 8:21 “The best in this industry have been ripped off by Mr. Sanchez.” 8:24 BACK IN 2008 — SANCHEZ WAS CHARGED 23-TIMES FOR FRAUD, CONSPIRACY, AND TAX EVASION — AFTER SCAMMING PEOPLE WITHIN THE HORSE RACING INDUSTRY OUT OF HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. 9:28 “He cold calls trainers, breeders, owners, and he pretends to be, most recently Martin Ybarra, or Jose De La Torre.” 9:35 SANCHEZ WAS RECENTLY RELEASED FROM JAIL AFTER SPENDING A YEAR AT THE SANDOVAL COUNTY DETENTION CENTER FOR VIOLATING HIS PROBATION FROM HIS 2008 CASE. ALEXANDER SAYS HE WASTED NO TIME IN GETTING BACK TO HIS BAD HABITS. 3:27 “I )ve been at this since Thursday, and I )m approaching $100,000 and 20 victims. I think by the end of the week or the end of next week, I )m going to be able to surpass that, which is upsetting.” 3:37 THAT )S WHY SHE CREATED THIS CRAIGSLIST AD — BLASTING SANCHEZ. HE CAUGHT ON. 7:12 “He reached out and contacted me yesterday and it was kind of a bizarre phone call.” 7:17 1:39 “I )m not going to lie about it, and I )m not going to lie to you. I )m going to be very frank with you. All of the money came because of my fraud.” 1:45 AFTER ADMITTING HIS CRIMES TO HER — ALEXANDER WANTS TO MAKE SURE NO ONE ELSE BECOMES HIS VICTIM. 13:18 “If it )s a voice on a telephone, that )s not the same as face to face. Cover your butt, and let )s learn from this.” 13:25 JEANNIE NGUYEN, KRQE NEWS 13. THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE NEW MEXICO RACING COMMISSION TELLS NEWS 13 THEY ARE AWARE OF BILLY SANCHEZ )S RECENT ACTIVITY. THEY ARE WARNING PEOPLE WITHIN THE HORSE RACING COMMUNITY TO AVOID HIM AT ALL COSTS. ALL CALLS TO SANCHEZ WERE IGNORED.

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