New My Little Pony The Movie 2017 Glitter & Style Seapony Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Rarity
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New My Little Pony The Movie 2017 Glitter & Style Seapony Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Rarity

February 25, 2020

hi everyone welcome to Evie’s toy house today I
have more glitter and style sea ponies to unbox I have Rainbow Dash rarity and
over here we have Pinkie Pie and I said more because earlier this year I unboxed
three other ones so we have product Sparkle here we have Fluttershy
and we also have princess sky star if you seen the unboxing videos for these
three let me know down below in the comment section I saw it and I believe
the six that we have here today makes up the entire set so that means we are once
again missing Applejack which is so sad because it’d be so nice to have the full
mane 6 as these large 6 inch ponies so what do you think of not having
Applejack are you hoping like me that they’ll come out with Applejack –
alright so let me show you the box first and then we’ll take these ponies out so
here is Pinkie Pie take a look at her and what’s really cool about these
glitter in style is that their eyes are super glittery and here is the back of
the box with the fantasy figure here is rarity isn’t she pretty
and of course we have the back of the box and that’s the ball we have
brainwash and yeah she is
alright so let’s get them out of the box and get a closer look all right so we
gotta sleep on these out of the box that’s take a look so these come with
their tails off because of the packaging so all you have to do is take these
tails and just push it into the bottom of the sea Philippe and there we have it
so this one is rarity and take a look at these eyes aren’t they beautiful just
these beautiful eyes with the eyeshadow and look at these lashes and I love that
her horn is nice and long too so this one comes with a glittery body the other
ones from the first series actually don’t have literally body so their
bodies don’t have the glitter on them so now you can see that but their bodies
are clean but rare these years has of course this
beautiful patch of glitter on it so she has a back fin here that has her cutie
mark on it and she has his beautiful tail just look at that isn’t it pretty
now of course she has her beautiful hair it’s dark purple and violet and she has
they’ll still twisty thing here’s a hair twist which you can actually use on your
own hair too so this is really pretty but because the pony is so large you can
actually use it on yourself this actually also comes with 2 other
accessories these are really cute it kind of a glittery see-through color so
we got a pink comb with seashells and also diamonds on it and we have a green
purse that’s a seashell and also has no
diamond right there and so her head also turned but her
limbs don’t so we have her tail that rotates so as you can’t be in a swimming
position like this or be in the sitting position like this what I could display
position and if you have it I think she looks really cute sitting right next to
the magic style see pony alright next we have Pinkie Pie
so Pinkie Pie we need to put her tail in there it is super easy to do and once
again she has this patch of glitter on her body which is super super cool so
let me show you her eyes her eyes are beautiful the cadet blue so glittery and
she’s in this very fun position that all her see pony forms come in of course
back here is her little fin with her balloons on it and take a look at her
tail so pretty core she has her hair it’s in pink and also heard a little
twisty hair accessory right here her accessory is a yellow purse this is
a seashell purse also kind of transparent and glittery
and a comb that is blue and has balloons on it I think let’s put her in the back
here and if you are subscribed you also know that I have the magic style sea
pony for Pinkie Pie super cute and last of all we have Rainbow Dash
silvery flash has her colorful rainbow colored tail let’s pop this one in it’s
only colored on one side the bottom side is actually just playing purple but the
front side is a rainbow of colors which is okay because he’s gonna be sitting on
it anyways back here of course is her back fin with the her cutie mark and she
has these really cool wings so these wings are they’ll be different they’re
not as see-through as the other wings so we have princess sky star with its very
translucent wings and we also have Twilight Sparkle with very see-through
wings and also fluttershy has similar wings so Rainbow Dash here her wings is
a little bit more opaque but it’s also more blue which is actually kind of cool
so here it is so here is her face and her beautiful eyes
and of course her little hair tie with the Dulce shell on it she also comes
with two accessories these are both rainbow themed and they have starfishes
on them so a starfish on top and rainbows on the bottom and pink and blue
and of course we have the magic style sea pony right here for Rainbow Dash
they’re so fun when they’re so large because they look great when they’re on
display and just to compare I also have the regular sea ponies so these are the
normal sized ones and look at that there is Rainbow Dash and we have rarity
here and we also have Pinkie Pie so this Pinkie Pie has her mouth open so I look
super super happy alright everyone so let me know down below in the comment
section which one of these new glitter and style sea ponies do you like do you
like Rainbow Dash do you like rarity or do you like Pinkie
Pie if you guys have not yet subscribed please subscribe and I’ll see you guys
next time bye

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