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October 22, 2019

ah good day everyone and welcome to today’s video uh so daniel has gone a bit ahead of himself and thinks that he got a dog but we haven’t gotten a dog so I think he’s gone crazy did you see the puppies slept so well last night I think we’re gonna go on a walk want to come? ya sure look how sweet he is look at this wolf has one and they’re gonna matching matching little collars do you want to go for a walk buddy alright lets go boy oh good boy yeah he’s so cute sit okay right we’re gonna see you later okay come on go for a walk, come on you need your exercise. good boy come on boys gone wild what are you looking at sister Huh What You Kelly come on make some cookies for us we want to make some cookies for you ok sister anderson i will make these cookies someday soon very soon this just in we have found dog that needs a home desperately and we’re on the hunt to go and see him are you guys excited I can’t I can’t breathe right now I have look do you want to see my dad bag literally I dad man you were literally so prepared look a little raccoon Kooning kunia the Coons sir okay we have that we have a little poop bag for poops we have this little this little blanket that’s really cute aha wolf had one when he was a puppy and this tiny little leash look at it all came in handy but this is actually for you oh so yes we are headed there to see him to make sure that it’s a good connection that I have with him and Oh Daniel two and hold the camera loosely egg mostly hope I’m super excited so it is a white husky oh he’s all white pure white and what kind of I does he have a blue oven blue a blue and gray so the it’s just like wolf so the the last one the left one is blue and the right one is great what we’re in a title that lady this is horrible lighting I’m so nervous boho what are your thoughts on the matter that this lighting is terrible yeah yeah don’t look at me but I’m really excited to be y’all fair the affair and the godmother or the great the Great Aunt know the auntie auntie you’re gonna quit you’re gonna take him to in and out when we’re vegetarian diet yes okay well we’ll check in later when we gets his house oh look at us sunset whoa Oh gorgeous i don’t know what’s prettier than me or the sunset me it’s you beauty it’s you mrs. wick oh look at the Sun behind her miss wigs were who is no she says know when we take yes when you don’t oh yeah like I don’t want up nothing oh yeah but I’m a walking trees teeth because you know you with me yeah you like the camera no I’m so little do hate oh wait the camera do yea nay my god eight weeks Oh no ha October oh I’m shopping people again you get so much attention alrighty so we’re back and sadly we decided not to get the puppy because he had like a lot of issues and stuff and yeah it just wasn’t a good who had a good fed and he wasn’t actually as cute as we thought he was yeah super ah but I think we’re gonna still look weird yeah we’re gonna keep looking maybe just kidding we got um he’s getting here oh look at those eyes it’s just like wolfies oh okay look at your brother wolf he’s not sure oh my God he’s so cute and what’s his name um his name is storm yeah my name is dawn hey he’s really tired it’s nighttime but you guys are meeting him he’s a cutie I could be interested it’s like uh okay maybe oh he’s just like wolf he has to smell and inspected crazy she do I want another take oh honey I’m so I saw oh thank you oh he hasn’t learned the kisses drinking no cuz he’s not gonna huh we have just family now they had a mom who actually was fixed for tattoos faith is faith and somehow immaculate benefit she had she got pregnant and that sometimes happens when the Spay job isn’t done properly and all the tubes aren’t cut and tied off I do like that a storm yeah and you’ll have a middle name normal cloud my mom gave birth even though she shouldn’t have no he doesn’t have the same voice as well all right we need the piezo yeah we’re thinking a little young British boy are you British oh yes i have no not the witch voice i’m not some more please hello there everyone hello we’re also not gonna introduce both and storm to each other right that’s gonna happen probably tomorrow after they both go to the vet because they need um storm needs a shots and then wolf needs another shot yeah so he doesn’t catch anything from an adult pop he’s so good it was such a long car ride because of traffic he was so quiet here’s cried a little when he had to go poopies right when we got here he went straight out to the grass so I’m hoping yeah yes oh dude oh no I’m good potty trained in here my eyelashes look at wishes oh we should try them I’m gonna turn the ring light on and get some real night shots for ya Oh storm get out cutie he’s a supermodel he’s a white fox here let me show you how biggie look at his little bandana so this is him he’s just a little guy and he’s he’s uh about the same size as wolf when he was a puppy but he’s just a little chubbier cuz wolf had worms for a while no I’m a healthy but i don’t think i am boys look his I hasn’t even brown it’s like a zombie’s I mean like a great grey-green it has look at that blue I though that blue eye though hahaha that’s gonna be his color his colors give me light blue like your hair who’s a good boy good boy oh you look so happy here we little smile with the seven times he’s a happy boy all right well I think he needs to go eat and go to bed huh yeah buddy yes I’m quite tired a lot to do that Mama retire for the evening but um I will see you all later and oh boy not yet do you think your little kitty cat you wanna kick ya ya my kid he can’t look at you look keep one reading you brand-new every pillow oh oh who is a happy little boy kicking commercial vehicle kitty little kitty storm oh he’s a happy boy all big yawns you’ve been yawning all day haven’t you yeah Oh who’s cute who’s very very cute so excited for you to meet wolfy I do for you to meet my first puppy oh that’s a handsome boy were you just giving me kisses before i turn on my camera yeah I need to think of his voice cuz wolf is like ya kisses but you don’t have that face you know their face oh yes lovey oh oh you can kisses to you give range puppy kisses thank you hey snowfoot oh no fight and I know hahahahaha yeah wow you’re so II usually you look so happy wait was that happy boy oh that’s cute very cute you’re cute very cute eggs thanks i know i just want to like record him all the time guys this is so weird having a second dog it feels so like it feels almost like I’m having deja vu when I had bowl it really makes me miss Wolfe a lot he’s currently at daycare he’ll be coming back tonight and then we’ll bring him up to call her squirt ago we’ll be putting him in a separate room and yeah mix a few ways to meet woof do you go to the fit all he’s going back to bed um it’s just so weird like it doesn’t feel like real life like I don’t know I it’s just a very strange feeling knowing that he’s now he looks like a little white fox who is my foxy he’s passed out um I don’t know I’m just so excited ah two dogs 214 Huskies honestly like this just came out of nowhere I think when you plant that seed in your head I’ve been thinking about this all all cute hair for a long time before I even mention it on YouTube yesterday am I thinking you plant that seed it like grows in your head and you’re like okay I kind of need another dog um so that’s kind of what has happened with the stormy mmm any storm so I think he’s gonna be asleep most the night if anything else crazy happens i’ll i’ll update you guys i just want him to be jumping around and being cute boy yeah also i’m obsessed with his white eyelashes storm storming oh who’s that epic blue wine with a nice way eyelashes very feminine aren’t you thank you yes mm-hmm he looks like a little polar bear you’re mine our bear me your soft very puffy and soft come on down approach me brother sleep dead oh oh he’s panting OH Panther Panther ain’t there do you like my nail polish color excuse me Jimmy wake up I’m asking you a question you want my nail polish yeah yeah like it go to bed dad Oh who’s posing for wigs were posing for auntie one oh my god he is so freaking cute I can’t take it I can’t take it Oh guys he’s so gorgeous right because I’m sonic heroes in charge of glazing I’m an Islander pet model black where work oh what’s this oh don’t speak oh there we go oh my never sweet he’s like why he is so cute I can’t stop it stop being so cute horse called why’d you stay down this way oh my god I’m done with you he looks like a fox foxy ah is everything okay oh you keep cookie scary kitten well it’s gonna be very jealous of you that’s all I have to say ah ok so we decided that will let them sort of meat through the cage so wolf has just gotten here ah so we’re gonna see how they react to each other without actually officially meeting ok we’re good Wolfie was there what’s there looking she’s like doesn’t even notice who’s that oh oh that’s is that what this is no this is storm are you ready for ready for the perfect stop oh my god why I still wear literally a gremlin after midnight you know we will not talk like this in this just continuing Hey look at wolf he’s like oh I’m really friendly a problems like I’m really good puppy oh I’m the same size as you I think Hey oh look it up yes I think he’s just nervous he’s like you’re not my dad you’re not my mom will see hi I love that wolf is not the one that’s like upside i was like oh I Papa you’re sure yeah and this one’s like I don’t know about this I think I should be the only one in the Huddle’s oh the joys of having a new party and trying to crate train him the very first night literally sounds like an African rain for a yeah be stopped he’s finally done so i am going to head to bed now i’m gonna try sounds like he’s climbing down but to shame what did I sign up further again what this literally just like my wall that was you just a year ago still today would be you alright anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please give it a big old thumbs up and the new puppy and on yeah get ready for more puppy blogs coming up yay ah tomorrow will be the blog with wolf and i like it i got a good name wolf and storm will meet okay i love you i will see you all tomorrow damn by um we’re toast here hot tonight give you an OOTD of your casual mom look oh ok hop hop from lane bryant bottoms from where Chico uh Jake okay this is definitely a very creepy house very fitting oh my gosh thundering okay

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  1. That's literally my old puppy's name but he died it was sad cause did not see him much time to see him cause a mean old man and took her and her puppys

  2. When I first saw storm I had a massive smile on my face. When you went home and said that you didn't get him my smile turned into a frown.

  3. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. 2019 – I miss Joey’s “AH! Good DAY everybody!” And his energetic happy self? Been subscribed for years

  5. I think it’s funny they’ve got two dogs named after other animals ( lark and wolf) and then there’s storm, even tho storm came before lark lol

  6. I kind of skipped around a bit..did they rescue-adopt Storm too? I’m only asking because I know Wolfie and Lark were. I’m hoping so! 🙂

  7. Back here because I stopped watching Joey soon after they got storm and just found out they had puppies- so I’m tryna figure out the timeline and whats happening here.. 👀

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