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New Year’s Resolution Equestrian Tag – SmartPaker Jenna

August 12, 2019

JENNA: Hi, SmartPak fans. I am Jenna from
Customer Care. 2015 rolled around and surprised me as usual but it is time to go over my New
Year’s Resolutions for 2015, and how my New Year’s Resolutions from 2014 did or did
not work out. I have my handy list of questions here so I don’t ramble on forever, so we
can jump right in. And so the first question is: What were your riding goals or New Year’s
Resolutions from last year and did you accomplish them? Actually, this is a great one. My riding goals
and resolutions for the last year were actually to start focusing more on my flatwork with
my horse. I have always been a hunter jumper rider and so jumping has always been the most
fun part for me and for my horse. So we more or less avoided flatwork like the plague.
So this year I decided to really buckle down and start working on it. I got to watch a
lot of really great videos – USEF Network has a lot of really great ones to watch, some
YouTube, read a couple of really great books on it, too, and really just started to buckle
down and kind of force myself into doing it and get my horse to like it, too. It worked
out really well. Our collection and extension is better than it has ever been. He has gotten
super soft and responsive, and it was just a blast to see how much he can really do when
I actually put the time in. I always knew he was talented. I just needed to give him
a chance to be when I actually decided to make myself work for it, too. So that was
a really cool way to wrap up 2014 for us. The next one was: What is your riding New
Year’s Resolution for this year? So this one is a little less fun. My original
New Year’s Resolution was to start working on our lateral work because that’s something
that I am just genuinely terrible at. But I have a great trainer, my horse is fantastic,
and I was super excited to get working on that. Unfortunately, as of two days ago, we
are now on six months of stall rest and rehab. So this precious little face and I will be
working on our ground manners a lot and working on getting him back as healthy and sound and
happy as possible. So, hopefully our goal is now to be under saddle and working walk,
trot, canter again by summer. So keep your fingers crossed for us, because he hates being
out of work, and he is going to be very angry with me for a couple of months. But I have
a lot of candy canes in store from Christmas. Hopefully that helps a little bit. Number 3 is as a rider, what do you aspire
to be and what are your ultimate goals? When I was 5 I would have told you that was
to be a jockey. Sadly, I hit 5’4” and that dream was crushed. However, recently
I realized that my goal isn’t to do the Grand Prix’s like I thought it was. It’s not to
go pro like I thought it was. It’s actually just to keep learning. I want to be able to learn
as much as I can as often as I can, whether that is watching videos on YouTube or the
internet, whether it is talking to trainers. I am working with other riders, and all the
great people here at SmartPak teach me so much every day, including our customers actually.
I learn a ton from you guys, as well. So you guys help me further my goal and that is really
cool. So I love just whether it’s another discipline, more about my own discipline,
different breeds of horse, I don’t care what it is. I just want to keep learning and
to be as knowledgeable as possible about anything and everything related to horses or dogs or
cats. Food also is good but not necessarily related. And number 4 is, Have I ever made any New
Year’s Resolutions – riding-oriented or not – that were totally unrealistic? I might have done that last year. I might
have tried to set the goal for myself to never buy another saddle pad, because I have more
than I am comfortable admitting on a form of media that is going to be kept for a long
time. So I did a good job at the start. I actually
was able to give away like 4 or 5 to girls that would use the ones that I just didn’t
use as much. I tossed away 2 or 3 that were sentimentally great, but really just gross
looking, and then I bought 3 more because it was free monogramming. So I didn’t do
the best job with that. I am going to keep working on it. I am going to try and stick
with what I have, but it gets really hard when there is free personalization. I just
want everything with my name on it or my horse’s name on it or…I am going to stop talking,
cause I am just going to order more things. But yeah, that was my unrealistic expectation.
I am going to keep working on it. We will see how it goes. And then the very last one that I have for
questions is, Do you have any tips for sticking to and following through on your resolutions? As far as the saddle pad one goes, just stop
looking for the free personalization. Don’t look for it. It’s going to be the easiest
thing for you. For everything else like with my flatwork and other things that I have worked
on in the past, the easiest thing to do is to take it day-by-day. I used to like to set
these really, really high, like overreaching goals and was like, “Yeah, I’m going to nail
that this week,” and then I would get frustrated when it wouldn’t work out. So it’s always
good to keep that big goal in the back of your mind, but take it day-by-day, appreciate
what you are able to accomplish and work on that day. If you have a frustrating day, it
happens. Just know that the day before was good and next, like tomorrow, can be even
better. Don’t get worked up. Don’t take it too personally. Just every day is a new
day to keep getting better and keep working towards that ultimate goal. And that’s the
best advice I have – that’s what always worked for me and for my horse and for everything
else that I worked on in my life, too. And so that is everything that I have to say
for my New Year’s Resolution this year. Hopefully, I can update you guys next year
with some good news on my horse and how we are doing. And we also wanted to just hear
what you guys’ New Year’s resolutions are and to tag a couple of you in that. And so,
specifically, I am going to tag, I’m going to read these off so hopefully I say them
right. But I am going to tag barebackponies and CoverStealer21. We are looking forward
to seeing you guys’ video. Hopefully, you have some great tips and tricks for us here,
too. If you didn’t get tagged, keep watching. We might tag you in the next one and make
sure you subscribe to our channel and leave us a comment to let us know what you think.
Thanks for watching and have a great ride.

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  1. Love your goal from last year was similar to mine my pony had been off work so I had to do a ton of flat work to get her muscle back! Feel bad about your horse try to teach him so cool stuff like my pony follows me, bows, stuff like that is really fun if you can't ride.

  2. Hi Jessica Lee! Hershey has a strain in his right front tendon, and since he’s a little older we’re being cautious and doing injections before bringing him back very slowly and gradually. With good management and a little luck, he may be working under saddle again by this summer! Thanks for asking! – SmartPaker Jenna

  3. My horse gets lame in the right hind when she is in the stall and cant get out on pasture…. But we are trying are hardest to keep that from happening 

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