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Newborn Foal Hooves | Eponychium // Versatile Horsemanship

November 4, 2019

today I am here with dr. vollrath from
the Copper Country vet clinic and she is going to explain why foals have such
soft little hooves foals have the soft tissue on their
hooves called eponychium and it prevents them from damaging mom when
they’re inside the uterus and they’re kicking towards the end and they’re
moving around so that we don’t hurt her and then when they come out then as soon
as they stand up for the first time they’ll start to wear that down and then
we know that they’ve stood for the first time based on and they got their Eponine
qiyam or not thank you to me it feels like it almost felt like
like a canned artichoke heart yeah they’re kind of squishy and then like
the bottom part of it was similar to like like baked cod or something like
lake fish it was a really weird it’s a really weird wet texture and it’s got
all kinds of funny stuff now so and I was noticing – he still has it he’s five
days old today and he still has it where the Frog is going to be so at first it
was the whole bottom and then now it’s just the Frog so and how does it work as
far as like you’re talking about a live full guarantee yep so when people
purchase a breeding – a stallion if they have a live bowl guarantee that
guarantees your bowl will stand if something happens and they unfortunately
pass away or it’s a still bird they’ll know that the foal never stood up
because it still has an eponym on first isn’t yep and Hakeem is starting to wear
off then you can’t get the bowl guarantee because it’s already stood so
is it is it just tissue that’s over top of the sole or does it kind of form into
just went under my life it’s over the top of the soul okay so
like I’ve seen the Frog still has you know still has some of that wet squishy
stuff over throwing out a bit money they wear it down okay come on and so it
takes like within 24 hours it really starts to harden or fall off and then
how many days would you say before it’s completely 9 I think it’s like like deep
yeah just a completer stain but it’s been a really neat thing to watch yeah they feel like they feel like
canned artichokes you feel just like that or like like like whitefish or
something so cool it’s funny though they’re starting to
harden already so our little guy here is about 30 hours
old now and I wanted to show his little Cubs and how much they have changed so
they are the hoof wall has hardened significantly and the bottoms are still
very soft you can see it started peels away so it’ll be really interesting to
watch all this and see when this all comes off because I think it’s hard to
do this it’s just the craziest thing ever it feels like this stuff is like
the consistency of like calamari it’s just soft and squishy but there’s
no there’s as little heal right there there’s no fog or anything like that
that you can see it so yeah I’m curious if this just cuz I don’t know I don’t
know if this stuff just comes off or if it just turns into the sole of the foot
but it’s very interesting he precious his color is so cool I have no idea what
color he’s actually gonna be but right now he’s like a he’s pink and his little
tail they’re taking now mom was just hanging
out with the kitty are they still soft his hooves are still soft he is that
weird their hooves are their hoes are really soft they’re kind of like gelatin
almost this little guy is three days old and I just wanted to give a little
update on his hubs you can see he’s starting to form here’s the sole now and
now the only place that’s flaky is on his little frogs super curious so this
is a really neat thing to see this is harden up a lot and him being out in a
round pin here and be able to run around and this nice dry sand is good see you
can see on the bottom here too these little petals are turning into fog
and his hoof his hoof walls are almost completely hardened now – he says stop
touching my feet they’re so fun to touch No so today the little guy is four days
old he’s getting some extra loving here and his hubs it’s hard to see because
they got a bunch of stuff in him but he has his hopes are hardening really well
and just the little frogs are cuddly so his little frogs are soft but he’s got a
soul now and the wall has hardened significantly I gotta take a little hook
pic to him little buddy he stretches all so far here is Jim I
know he loves it so good for him to get all his attention his little nose is raw from nursing red
dogs – so many others yeah

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  1. The new little Colt is SO precious – as is mom. How is his nursing coming along? I hope it's a more comfortable experience for mom. His coloring looks just like mom for now – at least pretty close. I didn't think of the fact that his coloring might change. It's hard to imagine him running so soon after he had so much trouble standing to begin with. Has momma gotten a lot of rest since she has her baby now? God knows after we give birth we need a rest – but we don't usually get one. More then likely it will be the same for momma too. I haven't seen the colt standing with mom yet, but it looks like he's going to be a big boy. Almost all of the babies I've seen, they've been girls and I'm sure for that reason alone he's going to be bigger. Can't wait to see him zoom around the stadium. Up until now I hadn't given a baby's hoofs much thought. It sure doesn't take a long time for hooves to change after birth. Thank you for posting this video!

  2. I always wondered about the petals on their feet when they are born. Also, that wee baby is gives me my daily awwwe moment. 😁

  3. Well, now i know what i will be thinking while eating an artichoke haha! I find them same time fascinating and disturbing. Thank you so much for these videos!

  4. He is the best VERY VERY beautiful love them long ears and his long legs he going be so much fun when he gets bigger can't wait have a great night God bless you all and your family's and friends from Tucson Az

  5. Wow, me being a non-horsey type person, i would have thought there was something wrong with his feet! How totally interesting to find out horse new feet look like a bit fish flakey! So interesting. Btw, ive completely changed my mind about seeing the afterbirth exam…if you can share it, that'd be great. Thanks for sharing everything so far…he's a stunner and mum just looks so chilled out. Is she doing well too? 😁😁😁

  6. What a cool, educational and informative video!  Never knew anything about foal hooves.  Thanks!  Gorgeous little guy – does he have a name yet?

  7. This was an very interesting video. Thanks for it. The colour of his tail looks even more like a palomino. I hope for it. Palominos are so beautiful 😍😍😍.

  8. How adorable he is! I had no idea their little hooves were like that though. It only makes sense they would be very soft while in utero though so the kicks don't damage the mare. He's really going to town on his dinner now too! I've never been around a foal, so I'm wondering how their hair feels compared to a full grown horse. Is their "baby" hair more silky? I love him, he's so pretty! What color was the sire? I hope he's a spitting image of Nika! That'd be so cool. Can't wait to see him running! Loving these updates!😍

  9. That was so cool to see! I will never look at an artichoke heart the same way again 🤣 Does the colt have a name yet? He seems like such a sweetheart ❤

  10. So cool! It is heartwarming to see both doing well. And the eponychium is fascinating! Have you named him yet?

  11. I saw his feet and thought Oh yea alien feet.😂 You are so blessed with your family and horses and baby. I have learned so much from you and I thank you for that Brandi. Keep these adorable vids coming please. Educate us. Baby does look like Nika. ❤🐎🐎

  12. Wanna say that you you're doing such a great job! ^^ he looks so beautiful! Wishing mama mare and baby Golden boy the best if luck in this new journey!!

  13. Hmmm. Our written Live Foal Guarantee was always "stand and nurse", though we would have been more liberal than that in practice. (Never was put to the test, as all of our sired foals who were carried to term lived.)

    The foal is all the while growing horny sole and frog under that gel covering… Our foals are heavier, and our ground is very hard and rough, so they wear all the soft stuff off much faster.

    After a few panicked calls from first time foaling attendees who thought their babies have been born with under-developed feet, we started warning them about the caps ahead of time… Also that foals are born in a sort of stupor that makes folks think they're still-born. (Nature knows that having a 100# baby thrashing on the way out, especially with uncapped hooves, would be a wee bit hard on the mare!)

    Glad to see everyone is over the stand-offish phase. You're gonna spoil that colt rotten. But it's easier to discipline that out later than to cope with a horse who is honestly afraid of predatory primates.

  14. Wow that’s the first time I’ve ever seen it close up EVER . Excellent filming. I even missed it when our foal was born but maybe in an Australian summer it dried out pretty quickly. So glad You did this video.

  15. Arwhhh…look at him, getting his cuddles 🙂
    And very interesting about the hooves, didn’t know that!

  16. This was a very interesting video, good to see foal and mama doing well, he Certainly is a very unique colour, I hope u keep him when he's older and not sell him

  17. Thank you for this very informative session of explanations. Amazing how Nature has planned everything 👍 I did not know all this, having only been with adults. I believe it must be the same process for all hoofed animals, but we never witness at such closed quarters unless to be a breeder. The baby is so gorgeous❤️ with these golden highlights on his soft fur. He seems to love scratches on the top of his head.

  18. So. Sweet. 😁😎😉😄😍😙💜💜💜

  19. I had NO IDEA this was even a thing! Oh my goodness. He is just so adorable. Thank you for the update!

  20. I never even thought about hooves and needing to be soft, but really interesting to know, and see the progression over the days. And what a gorgeous foal he is.

  21. thank you for sharing. This is really interesting I thought their hooves would of been hard when born.

  22. Great video and so informative! Mother Nature has it all figured out for the benefit of mother and foal. Thanks Brandi for posting these videos. Ive learned so much! This little fellow is such a darling!

  23. Thank you thank you that was just what I wanted to see, nature at its finest there, you have a cheeky little foal there his character is starting to shine well done x

  24. Very interesting Brandi. I got a little glimpse of him standing and nursing. Thank you. I liked seeing you petting him all over getting use the human touch. I watched a miniature horse give birth and there is no interaction at all with those horses before or after birth.

  25. What a fascinating vlog Brandy. All the years I've ridden, had a horse and loved horses and I didn't know foal's hooves were like this!
    I've learnt so much since subscribing to your channel already – and the way you talk about things is so interesting and informative.
    Your little foal is such a beautiful little chap, please give him a hug from me. Lots of love from Liz in the UK xxx xxx 🐴🐴💙💜🇬🇧

  26. He is stunning! After nursing you can see the milk around his mouth! Glad all is fine with Mom, baby and your wonderful family! 🍼🐎💙💚


  28. Awwww so sweet the foal is nursing. Lol! I see Nika is pulling a face at her baby telling him off for disturbing her when she is trying to eat in peace. She is a good mumma. Fascinating how their feet harden over the coming days. I am trying to figure out his color. Not quite a buckskin and not quite a palomino. He looks like a champagne color with a beautiful sheen. They do change color when their more permanent coat comes in so it will be interesting to see what his final color will be.

  29. So cool. Never knew that’s how they formed! The way he just let you touch his little feet artichoke feet! LOL! It makes since though that way they don’t hurt Mamma when in utero. So beautiful together! That little guy is goina love all the attention he’s goina get!🐎♥️ Baby boy~

  30. Its vary interesting wow I never knew that seen you rubbing you finger across the hoof you would think it would hurt him to stand for the first time

  31. You can use cocunot oil in on the sore too. He is very adorable. Thank You for sharing the process in foaling and care.

  32. Oh my what a beauty he is. The info on newborn hoofs is quit interesting. Enjoying the process, thank you for sharing.

  33. Brandi I who knows nothing about horses think the way you are always touching your horses is the reason they are such sweethearts so I don't think you can give too much lovin to that baby. Lol

  34. My goodness he is so cute. Very cool video thankyou. Great to see you relaxed and with a lovely smile on your face! He's grown alot already!!!💓🌸😊

  35. Absolutely amazing, what a great video! Thanks so much, Brandi, for this incredible info! And what a beautiful baby!

  36. So it looks like the little guy and momma are making great progress. I found the info on foal hooves interesting. I was wondering what the process would be in relationship to going from wet and spongy to hardened into the “regular” shape. So cool. I am guessing he is a hungry guy if his nose is raw from nursing…🤭😮😁😆😂
    It really is a treat to watch him grow and to learn along with “the team”.

  37. I luv how Nika mugs for the camera at 2:16’sh. She is like “hey I used to be the star of this show!”

  38. Love the closeups of the newborn feet… those ragged "fingernail" hooves not walked on yet, the soft flaked-fish padding… amazing.

  39. Very interesting ! Great information – never knew this about the hooves – I "love" his color – I'm sure it will change a little ? Thanks so much – & Love all the Attention you give him ❤ you guy's are awesome owner's

  40. So cute. By the way from the other video, my experience type is a beginner and I'm looking for a palomino just like Nika or the foal. I want a mare that is sweet and gentle and loving. Are there any websites you recommend me to go on? I have also seen a chestnut horse that I like, he is a gelding but has not been ridden since last fall. He is for free how do I convince my parents to get him for me.

  41. Oh my goodness I just love him! He looks like a silvery golden nugget, what is his name? They say you learn something new everyday so this is my something new for today. Thanks for another awesome video!💓💕😍👍

  42. I'm loving this little guy 😍 he's so sweet. Thanks for evolution of their hooves! Very interesting! Baked cod is a good analogy! That sure is what it looks like! Still mesmerized by his color! Good to see Nika looking more comfortable! A good mama! Thanks as always Brandi for letting us join you in the journey! 🥰

  43. On the subject of newborns, what's your take on early imprinting of foals? Some swear by it, some swear at it. Thanks! 🙂

  44. Can I ask a question? How come in one of the previous videos you're stalls had sawdust but in the Mama's stall is staw? Does sawdust hurt the babies or is it just a preference thing?

  45. Okay next subject!    What did the vet say about his little windswept hind end?  Is that why we see that little cutie lying down so much?  Makes it easy to give him lots of love doesn't it!?  Is he starting to  straighten out?

  46. I’m still going to say Palomino on the color.. could be Red Dun, but most all my Palomino babies had that lovely peach color when born. It wasn’t until they shed their baby coat that their true color came through.

  47. WOW! This video of a foals hooves is so fascinating! Thank you for showing us as the days went by how they changed over the few days after birth. Never knew this before watching this video!

  48. You seemed to know more than your vet did when it comes to the hooves. Of course she looked to be about 14years old. He's such a cute little guy!

  49. Thanks for taping this I had read about the eponychium, but it was nice to hear a thorough explanation and get a good look at it. Nature is fascinating

  50. Right after birth the hooves look… let's be honest here, like tentacle-y nightmare fuel. The little boy is adorable! And you can tell his mommy loves him so much… he's so well adjusted already, loving all the attention!

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