Nightmare Rarity Custom My Little Pony Tutorial with Hair Rerooting
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Nightmare Rarity Custom My Little Pony Tutorial with Hair Rerooting

November 4, 2019

hi everyone welcome to Evie’s toy house today
we’re gonna be making a brand new custom we’re gonna be making nightmare rarity
and I know I have Princess Celestia here instead rarity but the reason why I
chose her is because she has a smaller head and also a longer horn and
nightmare rarity in all her pictures is just so elegant
I thought Princess Celestia is a better fit of course Princess Celestia has
wings so we’re gonna have to remove that all right I can’t wait to see what she
looks like let’s get started alright so the first
thing I’m gonna do is remove the hair and the tail and I am going to do that
by cutting it off with scissors I’m trying to cut it as close to the scalp
as possible all right she looks so strange without
her hair next we’re going to remove her wings let me see if I can cut it off
using my x-acto knife here and remember we need to be very very careful because
exacto knives are very sharp I recently had been wearing a band-aid because I
did cut myself with an exacto knife and so that was really painful and we’re not
going to do that again there he goes and here’s the other one
we’re gonna save this wing because it might come in handy when you do as many
customs as I do these little bits and pieces do come in handy sometimes
and so I always try to save them okay for both winter up I’m going to shave
you down a little bit more too so that it’s nice and smooth next step we’re
going to prep the body I’m using a hundred percent acetone and we’re going
to remove the glitter on the feet as well also remove the paint but that’s
okay and grunt repainted thinking about air dry clay I am going
to killing the space on the back will the smooth it out so I can’t even tell
there were wings before so we still have a bit of hair that we need to remove and
down here there’s a little neck plug so we’re going to have to cut it out using
an exacto knife so I’m just going to carefully cut all the way around the
neck plug so that we can pull it out he wants the neck plug it out you can
see all that little hairs on the inside we can pull this out right as you can see all the hair is off
and before we paint the head I’m going to redo the eyes and we’re going to do
it right over Celestia’s eyes so that we can make both sides even for the eyes
and we’ll start with a baby blue color and since this turned out to be a little
bit darker than I thought I’m gonna use a lighter color to color the bottom
portion of her eye I’m going to use darker blue for our
irises for her peoples I’m going to use a dark
blue and instead of a circle I’m going to make it
oval shape using black with our Annoying hair eyes and for the reflections instead using
dots I’m going to draw in diamonds so when drawing two diamonds one larger and
one smaller now we’re ready to paint the head so I have this very dark almost
black purplish color I didn’t want to go for black because it just seems so dark
so I added a little bit of shimmery purple to it and we went carefully paint
around the eyes now that the head is synced I’m gonna
come back in and finish your eyelashes it’s a good thing we didn’t use black
for her body cutter otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see her lashes so now we’re ready for the hair so I
have some hair that I got from doggy hair calm and I have a mix here where it
has a mix of dark purple and light purple and also a strand of white and
with on mixed these up for the mane and the tail so before we work on the mean
let’s take a little bit of this hair and separate it just for the tail and
lavender and as I’m pretty crisp I so that’s gonna be our tail
now we’re ready to reroute the hair I have my little re-routing tool it is
essentially a needle with a hook on the bottom and so what I’m gonna do is take
a little strand of hair where these new hair so I’m gonna grab the hair with the
hook here I’m gonna find one of these holes and push the hair in now when a
needle comes out the hair stays inside so we’re gonna do this all the way down
and gonna take a little while so let’s keep moving at this time I have a lot of
purple hair here up in the front and I’m going to put in a few sections of white now that we have enough white over here
I’m going to throw in the wrestler purple all right so we are done with her hair
and I think it turned out really really good so we have mostly purple and
lavender and in this trip of white so down here you can see on the inside
that’s where all the dull strands of hairs are and to make sure that they
stick what I’m going to do is actually just put in a whole bunch of glue so I’m
gonna pour in a lot of glue and let it sit overnight and make sure all the hair
inside is down to make sure that your hair has some because you do see some
oven-baked polymer clay making the little crown that she wears on her head
so I have adult shimmery blue I’m gonna cut diamonds out of this gonna make two
diamond point for our head and one for her neck then take a bill round piece of
black and cut the bill crescent shape out of it and then I’m gonna mix a
little bit of the shimmer blue with a dark blue put a headpiece I’m going to
cut this into a triangular shape then we’ll stack the three pieces
together so we have to try and get on the bottom the crescent shape on the top
and a little diamond on top of that for the necklace I’m just gonna cut out
a long strip and gonna wrap it around the neck and put the diamond in the middle all
right now we’re ready to paint the body so using the same very dark purple we’re
gonna paint the body and this will apply just take about two coats since this is
very very dark but I think it’s gonna look really great afterwards but issues and who painted a dark
metallic purple and of course you can’t forget the Qt
work so I’m going to paint the cutie mark on her flank and finally I’m going to add a tail so
I’m going to put some glue on the end of my tail piece here and I’m going to push
it into her bottom alright everyone so my nightmare rarity is done take a look
at her I just love the way her hair turned out so for this one I made her
hair extra thick and it looks really really cool so take a look at the color
so up here we have the purple up in the front and then we have some white and
then the rest of it is also purple but even within the purple you can can’t see
the mix of the dark and the lavender in there and here is the tail it’s also a
little bit thicker and you can kind of see the white in there it’s kind of
mixed in on the bottom I’ve shown the inside but the white is on the inside
here so it looks really cool and here is her face so of course she is wearing her
little um hid band or heard it’ll headpiece and her necklace too and she
is a so so pretty I just love her colors course here is her cutie mark and down
here the pictures that I see I’m never ready doesn’t wear shoes but since
Princess Celestia has shoes I just painted it kind of a metallic purple
color and I think it turned out really cool looking so of course we have our
other custom that was made using Princess Celestia this one is Daybreaker
and I just love how they look so different even though we had a same base
of course they break her here still has her wings and nightmare rarity doesn’t
have wings since she is a unicorn so let me know down below in the comment
section what you think of my nightmare rarity and you guys like this video make
sure to subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time bye

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  6. Celestial is also better in terms of size the wiki says "quite standing nightmare rarity is significantly taller than regular rarity end quote"

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