NINJA IN SPACE | Idle Ninja Prime Gameplay

August 29, 2019

Hello guys, welcome back to my Channel
today I want to try a new game from Iron Horse and TopCog
IDLE NINJA PRIME this game was released last week what’s this game about? as the name said this game is idle game with ninja style only ninja? Of course not
this Ninja wanders the space here’s the first gameplay Okay, time to choose my avatar and this spaceship okay, i’ll choose the cool one nice, two skills at once 40 power the first skill seems good to clear group of mobs i think the second skill
will be great against boss okay here’s the first boss eh, mini boss
there’s 5 bosses in this map we can’t choose our target in this game so the
timing of your skill is important here nice, third skill fourth skill ROBO FISH feels weird, is there any fish in space? but cool, he’s shooting
lasers around him third boss the mobs will spawn when
we were fighting the boss and the ninja will automatically
attack the mobs first should save the second
skill for the boss done, nice punch the game is getting harder
i think i should recall nice, my power doubled
from 40 to 90 okay last skill what’s this so why did it show up
if i can’t use it mm-hmm I love the background music but the dev should add
sound effect when using skill I’m getting sleepy here okay fourth boss Easy, now on to the last boss
in this map oh there are 18 skills in total eh recall? oh i think when we swap the skill
the game will automatically recall the mobs are easy now okay just a little more there he is Doone, easy boss thank you thank you 5 planets in each system
there are 5 systems there so the total is
25 planets in each sector okay nice threat MR. SHOGUN the mobs here is strong
my health is half now oh man
the mobs spawn too fast there i died again
and he’s dead too GREAT FISH
I LOVE HIM eh he’s still alive
is this a bug? okay mission time okay the first mission each day
will give a skill stone or skill gem so basically we need to play daily to collect all the skills what’s that? oh it was the currency here
Credit oh i just realize that there is only 1 boss in mission it’s taking too long okay there he is oh nice
no need to start over alright new skill okay back to killing field nice space market, let’s see what’s there where’s the box? oh there it is okay Kunai, feels like NARUTO and here are the
in app purchase I think this is enough I will stop for now I’m getting sleepy thank you for watching
and good bye

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