Ninja Weapon Trick Shot HORSE!
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Ninja Weapon Trick Shot HORSE!

August 23, 2019

I cannot lose the Cassie on this way
this thing is dope what is up everybody welcome back to the channel Josh and
Cassie here if you even subscribed yet we’d love for you to do so we’ve got
trickshot battles World Records happening all the times make sure you
subscribe for more videos today we’re doing ninja weapon trickshot horse which
is gonna be really fun we’ve got a spinning wheel to determine what weapon
we’ll be using we’ve got a dice to see how far away
we’ll be if you don’t pop the balloon in two attempts you get a letter let’s do
it I got two you’re up first you’ll be using the slingshot slingshot from space
number oh my gosh no way alright so we’ve got six spaces Castle start at
number one with the slingshot alright Cassie has the slingshot let’s
see that thing we haven’t used it yet it’s got a cool what is that like a
dragon something or others all right you got two attempts or you get a letter
let’s see it oh that was pretty close second attempt oh you hit the balloon but it did not
pop so that is a letter aah gasps you just need a little more oomph on that
one let’s see if I can pop the balloon we’ve got the big blow dart gun we
brought both hard blow dart guns and I’ve got the big one from how far space
number three I think I can handle that Tim’s number one from space number three
Oh little high all right back to Cassie and so we’ve only gone one peach but
leave a comment who do you think is gonna win this video Josh or Cassie
leave a comment right now time to redeem myself the bad night-night two easy ones still in the bat-knife to
be clear the bat-knife has not really meant to be a projectile not really
meant to be thrown but we thought it was pretty cool little little knife the bat
knife oh it’s stuck but you missed oh how is that possible how were there
two bloods two blades that somehow did not pop the balloon what the heck are
the chances of that how do you feel Batman used to be my favorite superhero
I’ll let me down on this one yeah all right well that might be the end of the
bat knife cast he gets a no I’m taking an early lead ho2 nothing sorry Cass and
now I’ve got the whole the crossbow from four all right we haven’t used a
crossbow yet it’s pretty intense so literally we have not shot this at all
yet still figuring it out yeah I guess Wow that is powerful I get a letter H 2h
o Pappy’s back up ready for a comeback low dark
how far or pretty far you got it I think I got it first attempt with the blow
dart gun oh gosh I did it first try hey no letter for you no letter for me we go
throwing knives that’s a new one alright are we going from oh my gosh
this dice it’s not gonna stop it’s the wind
oh – I wish it had never stopped all right so I’ve got throwing knives from
space number five it’s pretty far after-action I’ve never practiced
throwing knives I’ve kind of I always assumed I’d be good at it but never
tried it got a little black widow with a skull on it just for the kids you know little high alright missed terribly ha hecho eh oh right
yeah it’s a game all tied up throwers choice what do you choose darts darts
regular darts yeah we means those yes okay three my goodness heartbreaker hor there we go
throwing knives again for a little bit better hor HR so it is tied up again I cannot
lose the caffee on this there are is choice again what are you going with now
hey I’m gonna go back to blow dirt blow dart – oh my gosh gosh you are give
the blow dart well shooting it I don’t know about your
twirling skills all tied up somehow which is kind of embarrassing for me
crossbow from not six or five no way that like bounced off my shoe to ding it that was really close no way
this thing is dope holy cow Wow we got to do a full video it’s just
one of these I think that was cool starts again Heights again you were not
successful last time how close were you before you didn’t get it three yeah all
right good luck mine from this bar let’s get over with go for it okay didn’t you
make it halfway that is hor s 2 hor she’s putting up a
good fight respect I’m ready to put this this game to rest
I need another success with a throwers choice what have I not used yet I think
he’s a blow dart but you are done twice I want to make it interesting for the
viewers I want to use the slingshot I’ve not used the slingshot yet you were
unsuccessful the slingshot thanks for reminding me just in case you forgot
flashback oh there we go thank you ok great
slingshot from 2 I can work with that that is so cool Wow
so I am still a hor right and you Cassie I’ve been impressed Cassie I think
you’re killing but if you do miss this next turn I guess it’s a big big turn
for you the throwing knives you’ve not seen you try that yet great okay gas is
back up against the wall she’s got the throwing knives good luck that was very high this knife determines
whether you win No pretty impressive especially considering
that the blade didn’t go in the box I’m pretty impressive myself I’m not gonna
lie you you shouldn’t lie you’re bad at toast
let’s see big blow dart gun okay the butter cut is halfway there so if I miss
this if I miss this you win how about that okay wings maybe it’s time for redemption
Newsweek shot it might be game over for Cassie you miss this you lose and it seems that
you have missed I came so close you did come so close everybody give Cassie a
thumbs up if you think she did a very good job on her very first trickshot
battle video ever yeah seriously Cass I’m proud of you I’m
so excited to do more battles against you I think we can come up with some
other things and actually we’re going to do another battle using some of these
weapons on her channel so make sure you go over there right now and check that
one out we used a bunch of fruit as target so you spin the wheel to see
which kind of fruit you’re gonna have a little small lemon or a huge watermelon
so it should be a good one we’ve got Instagram shoutouts goes up one there
and one there follow hard important juggling josh on instagram so you can
win an instagram shout out we go videos coming every Monday Wednesday and
Saturday make sure you like and subscribe let’s go to the beach

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