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Nino Schurter’s Scott Spark RC Custom Race Bike | GMBN Tech Pro Bikes

October 25, 2019

– We’re here in Novo Mesto,
checking out the pro bike of none other than Nino Schurter. This of course, is his Scott
Spark RC World Cup race bike. (electronic music) So, of course, the Scott
Spark RC is one of the lightest frames in existence,
running a twin lock remote system on the rear shock there for ultimate efficiency on all terrain. The lockout system itself is
housed in this trunnion box, which holds the shock in place. Cabling goes up through
the down tube here, and exits toward that Twin lock lever. Geometry itself, you’re
looking at a 68.5 degree head angle on there, and out back, it’s got 435mm chain
stays, which mate perfectly with those 29 inch wheels. It both offers the bike plenty
of stability and traction, while still being agile and compact enough to make sure the bike
goes really, really fast. Of course, out back is running
technically a single pivot, there is no pivots on the back
here, instead it does rely on the natural flex in the carbon there. Of course, this does make
for a stiffer back end whilst also retaining the super lightweight construction of it. Nino’s personal bike has all the graphics from his previous winnings,
2017 Triple Crown Champion, 2017 World Champion, World
Cup winner, Cape Epic Winner. Been there done it,
this man has won it all. What an amazing rider. And it also, look at Nino
Schurter’s graphics everywhere, just to remind you whose bike it is. On the back of the seat tube here a little character cartoon, and again there’s another
just spotted just under the saddle there. That is a trick bike! So up front the culprit
of Nino’s bike, of course he is famous for running a very low and aggressive bar set up. And it’s no different on this bike, except it has the brand
new Nino sorta addition, version of the Frasier ICSO
Bar and Stem combination fully carbon fiber constructed by Syncros. This has got a virtual
90mm stem in it and the bar is hovering around 680mm wide. As with all of the other xc pro’s, Nino is running push on firm grips. A combination of comfort, light weight, and of course just how they feel. They do manage to absorb
some of that trail buzz in a very comfortable grip. The brake levers are SRAM level ultimate, super light weight, very
nice looking brakes. And of course he’s got a
twin lock remote system here for his suspension
set up front and rear. And of course you might
have noticed something very different on Nino’s
bike, coatless only on Nino’s bike is the new Sram
Eagle electronic sifter. Now we don’t know too much
about the Sram wireless shifting system as seen
here on Nino’s bike other than the fact
that it is wireless and it uses Sram’s very own
wireless technology. So up front on Nino
Schurter’s race bike here of course is the Rockshox SID World Cup. This is that brand new version with the DebonAir air spring in it. The DebonAir air spring of
course means it’s a lot more sensitive at beginning of the stroke and on the top of his fork, I dunno if you can see it from there, but it’s got a carbon fiber crown and steer tube. Incredibly light and incredibly stiff and incredibly responsive. Damping duties is taken
care of with the new RL3 Charger damper, and in
this case it’s hooked up to the twin lock system which
is pretty much dedicated for Scott bikes. Wheels of course are
similar to other riders, and a little bit different
in Nino’s case though. They’re DT Swiss 240s hubs laced up on the XMC 1200 rims which are of
course carbon fiber, but whereas a lot of riders are
gearing for the 25 mil internal rim with, Nino’s going for the 30. So it gives his tires a lot more support, enables his to run low pressures and really maximize on traction. And tires are super fast
rolling Aspens from Maxxis. Now back on Nino’s bike of
course is another Aspens tire, and another set of those
DT Swiss wheels, again with that 30 mil rim on the back and the carbon fiber construction. Needless to say his
tires are set up tubeless and of course shifting
duties are handled by Sram; although, in Nino’s case
it’s a little bit different than everyone else. He’s got that Eagle
10/50 cassette on there, complete with a chain and
the XX1 carbon fiber cranks up front there, and a 38 tooth chain ring. Shifter of course is
that new Eagle offering, except this one is no longer bearing their black book stickers we
suggest it’s a lot closer to production now. It’s a completely wireless
offering of course it runs on Sram’s own wireless system
to communicate with the shifter up front. Shifting is rumored to be ultra positive, and lightning fast. But we have not yet ridden one. Finishing kit on Nino’s
bike includes a carbon fiber Syncros post with a matching saddle there, also with carbon fiber rails. He’s got totally carbon
fiber bottom cage on there and he’s got the Ritchey SPD
compatible pedals on there. Total weight on this mass
piece of bike is 9.55kg or 21kb 4oz. Of course if you want to
hear what it sounds like (ticking noise from wheel hub) pretty sleek. So there we go, there is
Nino Schurter’s pro bike it’s a very special bike with a few very individual things on it. If you want to see a bit
more about the earlier days of his wireless shifting
system, click down here for the video from Stellenbosch,
or the XC Tech is in there and of course that black
books version of this very same derailleur. Click down here if you want to
see all the other cool stuff you saw here in Novo Mesto. As always click on that
round globe to subscribe. There’s new content for you
every week here at GNBI Tech. And if you like Nino’s
bike, give us a thumbs up.

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  1. I have a 2016 Focus Raven Max SL full XTR double and I upgraded to DT Swiss XRC 1200 wheels 2 the 54 hub upgrade, love the sound bussing through the trails and naturally the light weight and stiffness of the DT wheels and Focus frame

  2. i'm all for sticking your name on your bike and things like that but when the top top level guys are getting special components just for them like here Nino has his own tyres and shifting that the other guys can't really get a hold of, that means that the other guys have to put in more effort to compete. At what point does this become favouritism from certain brands? Like can't the other guys go to SRAM and ask for the eagle electronic shifting? I completely get that they pick the top guys to sell things (ie YT wouldn't have the market share they have without Gwin, Inspired the same without MacAskill and so on) but if the latest and greatest stuff is only available to the leading guys then you might as well just hand them the title each year unless someone else can pull off a miracle. Just taking the rankings from last year, Nino absolutely wiped the floor with the XC world elite category and taking nothing away from his skill and talent, i have to ask how much of it was down to the tech on the bike that only he has. I'd like to see a Formula 1 type of MTB XC series where the riders each have to use components that all other teams have access to and they can only customise the frame for geometry and aerodynamics in the same way the F1 cars all have near enough the same engines, tyres etc and only the chassis are different and then the skill of the driver is what gets them the points.

    perhaps i'm just being overcritical but I just think that if the guys at the top keep getting the best stuff then nobody else really going to be able to compete over the course of a season, only in odd races, and that skews the record books.

  3. #askgmbntech Hi Doddy I've got a question, why do you say Twinloc is pretty much dedicated for scott bikes? Isn't it possible to buy a suspencion (fork&damper) from fox or rockshox dedicated to it and a Twinloc lever then instaling it on a other brand frame? I had that idea and made some preperations for it but nobody at the scott dealer shop or Fox suspension region importer didn't tell me that it would work inproperly, They've just asked for a travel lenght. I'm courious whats your point on that!? thx in advance, cheers like you brits say, have a nice day and greetings from Poland.

    P.S. I know u have difficulties with pronouncing foreign names so i'll relieve you from that. My name translates to Blaise in english. Bye! 🙂

  4. Damn, that's crazy. I was starting to think XC bike weights were top secret. Pretty much top of the line you're ever going to see right there.

  5. Can someone explain the gap on the crown on the fork and bottom of the head tube. If he wants a low front end then why does he have such a thing?

  6. so as a roadie, it always surprises me that you MTB guys haven't figured out deep section wheels. It seems like Nino would be going fast enough to get some advantage out of them. Is there a UCI rule that limits the allowed wheel depth?

  7. Nino is either really weird or small for having just 680mm wide handlebars. 720mm is minimum for good handling.

  8. 4:48 I know the cheeseburger system is contrived and silly but 21.4 lbs is not 21 lbs 4 oz. That would be 21.25 lbs.

  9. It proves that dual suspension bikes are far superior even with the weight disadvantage. Nino runs 29 inchers and the heavier frame and wins gold. While london and bejing he runs hardtails with 2-3lbs difference in weight and loses really badly.

  10. Someone tell me, what is the different between rear suspension near the top tube and one near the bottom bracket just like this scott has.

  11. I'd rather trust mechanical solutions. A wire can be replaced quickly, and it CAN be replaced. Wireless cannot be replaced without replacing complete physical units. Also a mechanical solution is way easier to problemsolve on the fly.

  12. Warning: The pivot bolts on Spark frame are aluminium, so they are very weak. Some owners are snapping those when they tight the pivot to the correct torque spec. Since 2016 models that this is happening, and Scott does not seems to care about…and they are very expensive. A Spark owner.

  13. If that was my bike, idk how I'd ever ride it, it's just too perfect I'd be worried about crashing or even getting it scratched hahahah

  14. What is funny is that intense cycles makes a lighter XC frame and they are a downhill bike company, their XC bikes have more trail like geometry which gives them a leg up in races while maintain great pedal efficiency

  15. do you jnow what size buke it is? S or M? how high is Nino? and finally what size of the crank, 170mm or 175mm? thanks,

  16. hello everyone. why doesnt this bike includes dropper seat post knowing that some tracks in the competion has technical downhill or rocky ones. thanks

  17. What a bike mate!.. great video and superb explanation !!…..the SRAM AXS will be installed in my new project MTB. I've got my EPIC with XTR Di2 so next one gotta be a hardtail AXS equipped!..

  18. you´re pretty gay dude stop with your bike that is really gay, you should stop doing that and start play minecraft , dude its a better life trust me , my cousin is really bat bike and he bought that bike and said that is ugly asf and horrible . BTW the Hello kitty bike is so much better

  19. Nino's bike checks are always immaculate, with no sign of any wear. Super trick bike, though I think they have an extra (this bike) to use as a promotional tool.

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