No, Cloning Your Dog Won’t Bring Them Back
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No, Cloning Your Dog Won’t Bring Them Back

October 25, 2019

Hi! I’m Trace! And I’m a clone of Trace. We’re exactly the same. Or not really at all. Howdy Islanders, Trace here for DNews. Yes, it’s really me. Cloning has come a long way since the famous
sheep clone of 1996. Now, for only tens of thousands of dollars,
you too can clone your pet so you’ll never have to learn to love again. But c’mon. Cher would be disappointed in you. Cloning pets has been going on for years. The first reported cloned pet was a cat named
“Little Nicky” born to a Texas woman in late-2004. It set her back fifty grand, but she claimed
she got her friend back. Now, only 12 years later, firms are promising
to clone dogs for twice that price, but can also clone cows, pigs and horses! How it works is simple: DNA is taken from
a cell of your deceased Fido, and inserted into a donor doggie egg cell which is then
in-vitro fertilized into a surrogate mom dog. Two months later, (if all goes well) you have
a puppy Fido clone! The thing is, it’s not actually Fido… Sure, Fido (or Fluffy’s) genes would be exactly
the same, but genetics are not 100-percent of an organism — especially when it comes
to personality. A lot of who we are is shaped by our life
experiences! So, the discussion is really about nature
versus nurture. According to the FDA’s advisories on cloning,
“Temperament is only partly determined by genetics.” So, a dog, cat, horse, or whatever… has
learned to love or be afraid of things based on experiences — the same as you! A clone of you might not see Arachnophobia
at your Aunt’s house when you were six, so wouldn’t develop a fear of spiders! Like… some people did. Or to bring it back to pets, if your original
dog say, injured itself on a merry-go-round, it might learn to avoid them in the future;
the clone would not have learned that lesson and thus would maybe love merry-go-rounds! Cause who doesn’t?! As the FDA put it, a clone of a calm horse,
“would have to have exactly the same life experiences as [the] original horse in order
to have the same temperament.” The thing is, there aren’t really any studies
with cloned pets, because more people clone livestock, but these issues definitely play
out. For example, a couple who got two clones of
their dog Melvin told NPR, “[one of the clones] is more of a loner.” I.E. — it’s not exactly the same, but similar. The clone of a famous Brahmin bull named Chance
(the clone was named Second Chance) looked the same, slept in the same place, and had
similar quirks when eating, but was not nearly as docile — it threw and gored it’s owner,
putting him in the hospital twice! And in a 2003 study of cloned pig behavior,
they found cloned pigs raised in the same environment didn’t have the same behaviors. And in a 2010 study that looked at the behavior
of cloned cows, they found discrimination in the herd, clones favored each other’s company
over cows produced by artificial insemination… creepy. Ultimately, cloned pets will never have the
exact same experiences with the exact same results as your original pet. So sure, you can clone Dagger Thunderfang,
but he’s not going to be the same little guy. And, honestly, in part that’s probably because
of us too! If you spent years training your dog as a
teenager, then replaced that dog with a clone when you’re 30, the clone would need years
of training as well, but because you’re not the same person you were then the clone would
get trained differently. It’s a different animal! Even if Dagger looked the same (and there’s
no guarantee that he will) you can learn to love him again, or just save 100,000 dollars
and go get a rescue. They need love too. If you love the cutest animals, even pandas… Animal Planet has a great show called Panda
Republic, I’ve been watching it on Animal Planet Go, and they’re damn cute. You can watch it too, or any other Animal
Planet show — just download Animal Planet GO at your app store, or use the link in the
description. Have you ever wondered how they make new dog
breeds? I’m sure you have. Don’t worry, we have a video about that here. Would you clone your pet? Tell us in the comments and please subscribe
so you get more DNews everyday!

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  1. Honestly if you would clone your dog it is still your dog but it's a fake living one I guess logic.

  2. i probably would like my dog to be less of a greedy gumdrop but she wouldn't be the same if that happened and if you love something eventually you have to let it go

  3. The thing Is a true dog owner, will always have a memory of his dog and will not be satisfied or happy with his cloned version of the dog.

  4. Science my ass, they just bury them in the pet cemetery and make up excuses for the change in behavior 🙂

  5. when you clone ur pet they will look alike and have the same characteristics. but its personality will be different

  6. If my dog dies I will try to bring her back

    That is IF she dies

    She is still alive
    Which is nice

  7. OK, can we just recap? Just think, we can finally clone. CLONING is actually a thing now. Wow.

  8. Honestly here's my story I know my dog is gonna die someday and I know it's sad and upsetting but it's ok it's how life is and I know cloning my dog would be nice but just bring back a body that I can't repeat the same event isn't worth the 100'000 dollars plus I rather move on and enjoy life instead of looking back and seeing what happened in the past

  9. Can i clone an army of myself and train them to be super buff and good at everything and make them treat me like a god and do everthing for me and take over the world as i infinitely clone myself and even if i didnt take over the worl i would have atleast 100 of them and id get %10 of theyre income setting me for life because id make them because super geniuses and each becoming billionaires owning giant corporations therefore practitcly taking over the world!

  10. no I wouldn't clone my pet. I just lost my cat of 15 yrs recently and was asked if I want to clone him. I do not agree with cloning because its unethical and goes against God. for one the clone is not the same as the original in anyway except maybe looks or name. it would not possess the spirit, soul, and consciousness of the original. plus I highly doubt anyone would be to happy being pulled out of the afterlife only to live again in the same type of body and life it previously had. I certainly would be quite pissed

  11. hell no i wouldnt clone my pet that i had. no one can replace him and he wouldnt have the same memories

  12. it would if you can treat them the same you could have them back i cant say i was as lucky to be even able to get my dog cloned he was truly a great dog loved us all anf was very friendly towards other people

  13. If I had the money and it would actually give me a copy of my pets personality – you bet your ass I'd clone my cat.

  14. I dont get it, people do it to get friends back but it doesn’t bring their personality back just how they look, so its disrespectful to say you got your friend back, you clearly dont care for the dogs personality enough

  15. Honestly I would never clone my dog because it isn't actually my dog. If there was a way that I could revive my dog, like bring my actual dog back to life I would pay all the money in the world

  16. almost 1 year later and we have learned part of what you say is not true. also if you want a expensive clone try a human clone. almost every govement prohibits it but some only make it a wear it just a little jail time and a huge fine with that sed some people on the internet the dark web are willing to do it as long as you are rich. they will do it as they no if they get cought they will serve some time and have to pay a fine but since you paid them millions of dollars they do not care as they are only out the time they spent in jail if they do not use part of the money to pay their way out. in fact if you look around on the internet the dark web you will find most people who had it dun and do it say they do it in north korea wear their you serve no jail time as long as you pay the government.

  17. Better off moving on and getting a new pet so it's a new experience but you already know the responsibility of having one

  18. I feel like the cloned ones don't have consious. It's like a robot living among us, and we know they're robot. Like there is just something missing.

  19. I wouldn’t clone for these stupid medicinal purposes, I would clone myself to have it work for me, as long as the clone isn’t self aware or has feelings and emotions, and behaves in the same way, I would use the clone as means to dealing with my family, my school work, my job, or all the other shitty parts of life that no one wants, then I can have the other 90% of my life back

  20. Wouldn't clone, I'd get depressed again. ("Omg Chavo! But you're not him… He's gonna hate me for making a new dog and saying that he is him… I miss my dog…")

  21. I think we should also clone their brain, but we don't know much about the brain and no machine can compare to the brain.

  22. I'm sorry, but this cloning idea is dumb. Period. That type of money could be better spent on a new pet, one you can learn to love as well as the lost one. Just another way for the cloner's to take advantage of someone' loss and make millions, while you're out $50k or more.

  23. The deal is You can clone the look, flesh,body, but you willl never be able to clone the anomalies / AKA souls ! Not yet anyways maybe someday there will be a possibility to transfer the souls / The day they'll be able to do human cloning they will get more answers about the spirtual world! Even be able to fiddle the DNA structure reduce aging unluck brain capacities etc etc.. Structure human evolving by science!! They will be able to get answers on everything…

    Those people called aliens in UFO's might be us in the future evolved by cloning / Time travelling ! Who knows ?

  24. The horse I feel especially cloning a horse isn’t a good idea because they are big, so it would be overpriced for just a model of yours

  25. Of course personality is nature + nurture. I wonder whether people who go through dog cloning really have an expectation they’re getting the same dog. If so, they shouldn’t.

  26. I have just lost my sweet chihuahua Precious. Years ago I thought it would be cool if I could clone him. He was 6 pounds at his heaviest. I have in the past in an emergency situation took all the things out of my purse and put him in there. Tiny little thing. He only fathered one puppy because, well he was to short.
    If I was a millionaire, yes. I would clone him. Just the chance to get one little piece of him back. I know he wouldn’t be exactly the same. But maybe like his son. (I lost track of the person who has Precious son)
    Yes. If I had the money I would. BUT if it’s true they kill the donor egg dog, and the surrogate mother, I would adopt them too!!
    I miss my boy. ?

  27. I am looking into having our dog cloned he is not dead and i cannot imagine life without him so im having him cloned

  28. Of course, similar to if you clone a person, the behaviors would be the same, but the soul or consciousness would not

  29. "Or you could save 100,000 dollars" LOL litterly what I was thinking. Get a new dog or a similar dog, your clone won't be the same as your old dog

  30. It can bring your pet back even if it didn't act the same
    I wanna be cloned
    Why does it have to be expensive and how is cloning not loving?

  31. I think if you clone your dead dog, I think the behavior, how it acts, what it does, how it loves, same memories, same face etc…

    I. THINK.

  32. I think it would be more interesting to create twins, I imagine always having a friend would mean you never had to be alone.

  33. I understand. I once thought of cloning my dog who passed but I wouldn't call him the same name. He may look and act similiar but it still wouldn't be my OG "Mylez or Miles Per Hour". I think he or it would just be a reminder of who passed away. We spread his ashes over my younger sister who passed. We brought him to see her grave a few times, he immediately laid down only over her grave. In my sisters tombstone, we had both of their pictures engraved. We visit them as much as we can. (edit: I still miss them both)

  34. Just take a pet from a animal shelter they are waiting for you so please adopte a pet from a animal shelter???????????????? adopte a pet from a rescue shelter they need a home

  35. I don't think it's about the animal being the exact same. But if my dog was to die I would love to have a puppy of his…kind of the same idea…but if they havent had puppies you pay a shit load to have them created

  36. I’m more interested in artificial bodies made from science identical to the person dying and taking their consciousness and putting it into the home grown science body lol

  37. Yah bener, walaupun dia duplikat dr hewan yg kita sayangi, tetep aja beda.. tidak akan bisa menjadi piaraan kita yg dulu, hanya tubuhnya doang yg sama.

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