Noble Outfitters™ Guardsman Fly Mask
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Noble Outfitters™ Guardsman Fly Mask

August 10, 2019

SPEAKER: Engineered
for durability and comfort, the Noble Outfitters Guardsman
Fly Mask is like no other. The mask features unique patent
pending flex spline technology that creates a canopy away from
the horse’s eyes. Unlike other masks,
this structured area will not collapse or be pushed in.
The fit is more contoured around the jaw to prevent insects
from penetrating the mask. Fleece lining on the crown
and nose piece provide comfort and the strong double and loop
keeps the mask secure even with playful turnout buddies. The Guardsman Fly Mask is built
to last with heavy duty UV-coated mesh and precisely
placed anti-rub guards combined with rip stop construction. The removable nose attachment
provides UPF 25 plus protection. The top loop makes the fly mask
compatible with a halter or a bridle and convenient
for storage. Find this award-winning fly mask
at a dealer near you.

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  1. I bought one, but it doesn't fit my horse well and he has a large forelock. Your product doesn't have a forelock hole which is a shame 🙁 so I had to go back to my old cashel fly mask

  2. Several problems with the ear coverings. They inhibit the horse's directional hearing. They restrict the horse's ability to effectively communicate with other horses.

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