Norwegian Fjord Horses/ Holiday Riding/ Djursland, Denmark
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Norwegian Fjord Horses/ Holiday Riding/ Djursland, Denmark

August 10, 2019

Horses – The Norwegian Fjordhorse – an old Viking Race, that is kept alive by the Fjord Horse Association, amongst others. Really nice and calm horses. From old days I know them as the workhorses small farmers had, if they could not afford – one might say – the bigger workhorses, such as the Jutland Horse, or the Belgian Horse. Today they are riding horses (and carriage horses) breed to be riding horses. A good thing for not least girls on holliday. If one takes Djursland, which is the area where we are, there is a big riding school, Mette Logans riding school, down south in the Mols-area, which one can find on the net. Apart from that there don’t seem to be to many other places, where one ride as a turist. This is a place, where they breed Fjordhorses, that doesn’t actually offer horseback riding. So this is about suggesting the idea that one tries to integrate a trip with horses into ones holiday, and maybe also a suggestion to horse-people, that one tries to do something for tourists involving horseback riding, as there doesn’t seem to be much of this on Djursland. The Fjordhorse – characterized by being a bit bigger than the more known Icelandic Horse. Maybe a bit more heavily built. It also has a Mohican mane with a black stripe, like this. Super relaxation in summer, which I think a lot of female members in the family will appreciate to have as part of their holiday – something I know from my own family, when we go to Sweden, Mayby also for the males.. So up on the horse, and let’s get more of that in the Djursland holliday-country. One clapable horsy. One friendly rider.

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