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October 30, 2019

I’m here at the entrance of the Edward Koch Bridge or the “59th Street Bridge” and I’m about to go to Manhattan with Ricardo to see Eddie at Central Park I’m probably really sweaty… yeah I am the video is going to end here because my Gimbal is dying and it’s getting pretty dark the video is over, say bye Papa Johns sponsor us

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  1. Great video. If you did a live q & a stream or just a Q & A vid, topic would be advice about street skating, separate from Empire's group style. Navigating high traffic and pedestrians, defensive skating ,(as in driving.

    Plus, yours or others' scary moments, what not to do, etc

    Would be great info for big city dwellers (I'm from the Bronx) . Not enough on the navigation and anticipatory aspects, on YouTube, for those just wanting to get off the path.

    Just a thought. 🙂

  2. ID music please?
    Donkeys on wrong side of line looking at phone…..Yelling 'on your left' and they step to their left…..walking 5 abreast on entire pavement …..not using ya cah blinkah…..keep your dog out of skater range….smh

  3. How are your uptown skates holding up? That's my first pair in ten years and this had me wanting a pair of hockey skates or three wheelers like these two buddies of urs

  4. one day i have to go NYC with my skates , seems very cool to roll overthere, i use to roll here in my city too!

  5. Pick up some Blade In NY merch and support NYC's Best Inline skating YouTube channel while looking fresh!

  6. Props to Edison on that side surf. That was ill, I've gotta put some work in on that. Sweet flow have fun and stay safe out there

  7. Great video guys i love skate flow videos. I miss nyc i was raised in the Bronx and i live in PA for now im in college and i have a great skatepark called penn skate too keep improving my rollerskating ramp skills. I cant wait to skate nyc maybe ill make a skate flow video too i skate quads.

  8. ive been seriously binging your videos. they're beautifully put together. im moving back to nyc this year and have always loved inline skating so ive been trying to find scenic locations like the ones here to travel around at night, thank you so much!! please keep up the content

  9. Nice and chilling video guys. I would love to skate in New York one day… Greetings from Polish inline skater.

  10. Can we meet up and skate sometime? I'm pretty skilled with skating NYC streets. I even do messenger services

  11. Would you recommend aggressive type skates for the type of skating you’re doing? Referring to skating on the streets etc…

  12. Awesome! Lovin’ the smooooth flow! I’m visiting NYC for the first time next week, cannot wait! The Sebas and the GoPro will be coming with me, can you recommend any nice spots for visitors to get some good skate footage?

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