Ocarina of Time – #16: Horse War Crimes
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Ocarina of Time – #16: Horse War Crimes

August 22, 2019

nilylium: I’m a bowl of milk the french mistook for a soup theMrBigstick: i said i wanted to be a homemade hamburger
macaroni soup with whatever is in the cupboard, made by a
grandmother theMrBigstick: soupsona is a good word arsonistdaria: does ramen made with shit I have lying around
count as a soup Trisask: Nice! Gnomebitten: only if it has an egg in it theMrBigstick: yes if you use the powder packet arsonistdaria: when you throw an egg on top of cheap ramen
do you prefer to let it kinda poach or scramble it up a bit theMrBigstick: good ol nobuyuki hiyama is a good voice actor
you can really hear when link eats shit in the 64 series
link has a good voice in breath of the wild nilylium: I want cheap ramen now. nilylium: What have you all done Gnomebitten: it depends if im hungry if i scrungle that
ramen egg up, if i dont wanna wait i just cram it nilylium: Navi turned green because timmy fell down a well.
Throw a bomb down there. nilylium: Psych? arsonistdaria: I tend to make my ramen real spicy so it’s
nice to have something besides Intense Heat to sip at the
bottom GentlyUsedCoat: song of time nilylium: I put nutritional yeast, hot sauce, and egg in my
cheap ramen IShallRiseAgain_: Do they have any of the magic arrows? Trisask: Yes, but no bow Gnomebitten: tracker says they have fire and ice, but no bow theMrBigstick: throw some frozen mixed vegetables heated up
in the microwave then boil em the rest of the way IShallRiseAgain_: I thought you could magic arrows even if
you don’t have bow. arsonistdaria: oh my god yall still don’t have the bow? Trisask: Nope Gnomebitten: my official guess is that the bow is in the
fire temple theMrBigstick: its like the mechanic in gtav nilylium: Ha Gnomebitten: oh its just on the ground Trisask: Yep Qwarq: nice arsonistdaria: hahahahaah what theMrBigstick: welcome to archery Trisask: Hit that ey Trisask: *eye Trisask: I keep hoping for ice trap theMrBigstick: how many are in the game vanilla? i think
they hit at least 3 theMrBigstick: that i know od theMrBigstick: of Trisask: About 6 or 7? theMrBigstick: sounds about right theMrBigstick: next randomizer run would have an ice chest
count on the tracker Gnomebitten: i think if you use glitches to cheat and win
the race against the postman he still claims to have beaten
you Trisask: It’s just a dressed-up time trial, honestly nilylium: This game’s aged better than I thought it would. Trisask: shhhhh Trisask: Don’t worry about it nilylium: Ghosts fucked with it theMrBigstick: are ghost jars part of the logic Gnomebitten: there arent many good horses in vidcons,
really. Gnomebitten: Aggro is the best one probably nilylium: That’d be cruel and unusual Trisask: Only if he’s a good enough bud Gnomebitten: aggro didnt commit war crimes arsonistdaria: Horses in games are very faithful to reality,
because they are dumb and easily scared Lrrose20: Anyone else remember the rumor that 50 Cent would
voice Epona in Twilight Princess? clintongreystone: What about sarah jessica parker @Kaubocks clintongreystone: She is a horse nilylium: D-Horse didn’t commit the crimes, he just made
them cooler Gnomebitten: with his poop, on command theMrBigstick: my chocobo in ff11 is a slow idiot but i
raised him from an egg i love my slow bird son theMrBigstick: even though we can get mounts now i mostly
ride a tiger theMrBigstick: i like the sidesaddle seat nilylium: Link screaming in the background is pretty good Lrrose20: My favorite horse is Roach from Witcher 3 because
she doesn’t care about the laws of physics Trisask: I think Roach is multiple horses, making Roach the
winner of Best Horses Award nilylium: Every horse is Roach if I get to name it theMrBigstick: roach is the name of the saddle? hey_boots: i think all you need in here is the bow and the
song of time and you normally get the bow in here Gnomebitten: geralt named all his horses Roach, i forget if
he names the arabian you can get in the game Roach or not arsonistdaria: You shouldn’t be able to miss anything here I
don’t think. Unless you count human error. Trisask: He does Gnomebitten: its weird that he still names his horses Roach
after knowing a guy named Roche for a long time arsonistdaria: So you might be back two or three times theMrBigstick: i had a horse named Rampage in breath of the
wild i fell in love with a horse who kicked my ass nilylium: They’re pronounced differently so it’s not weird
at all nilylium: It’d be better if he called Roche “Horse” though. Gnomebitten: i think they say roach and roche the same in
the games? theMrBigstick: he comboed me and i was all “i like you!” Trisask: Yeah, you might not want to start twisting hallways
until you get to whatever chest the bow’s normally in Trisask: Otherwise confusion will reign Trisask: Oh, really? theMrBigstick: i like how specific things are being
attributed to chat saying them making it timeless for
futureproofing the youtube archived episode of link and pink
link arsonistdaria: I like how Kaubock’s confusion noises are
basically the same as links jumping noises just like an
octave down Gnomebitten: what kind of soup would the floormasters be Trisask: Yeah, the big circular room with two waves of
Stalfos is the bow room theMrBigstick: the purple slop with bones sticking out when
an anime wants to show you gross soup hey_boots: hand soup nilylium: That one soup from Beetlejuice that grabs you by
the face and slams your head into a table arsonistdaria: get those hands all up in that creamy stuff Gnomebitten: i think that wasnt a soup it was a seafood
platter, but good idea nilylium: I only remember soup, but I haven’t seen it in
years Gnomebitten: i also forget the difference between
floormasters and wallmasters, are wallmasters the one that

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  1. I wonder… what would have happened if Panzer untwisted the hallway while you were in the room? I assume it's client-side and would do nothing, but…

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