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September 3, 2019

niggas wanna be me be me take my horse to the old folks home I’m
gonna ride to luck ain’t no I got the whole really top-15 that way they go
ahead country yeah that way only not dirty stinking Apple in the bag in the bag in the bag in the bag Valley up I’m gonna take my horses to the Old Town
Road I am gonna run till I can’t do no more
I got the horses in the bag or stock is attached and is Matty black man riding
horse right my god I don’t own western clothes this
song is used by hoes hand over the toes are all go to Trader Joe’s gonna take my know I got the horses in
the back I can’t no more I got the horses in back
watch my kids inside and his Maddie black caboose is black man you deal with reports
I got the horses in the bag or stock is attached and is Maddie black riding on
horse I’m gonna take pick up my ride till I can’t no more I’m going to take
my right till I got that I got the horses in the bag the horses
in the bag sources in the bag sources in the Bible horses in the land is in the bag you can whip yours

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  1. I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road I’m gonna ride till my horse grows mold see you gotta think about the horse growing mold ok or not😁

  2. Me at my aunt’s place in a few words

    My aunt:Goodnight, I’m going to bed!
    Me at 1:30 a.m : 4:27

  3. How do you are doing it now to do this in the next few weeks to be able to do this with the other way in your life that is a lot easier than the rest is a good example of how you work and how to work with your parents and I would like to be sure that you have the opportunity to be sure to make a statement on your resume as a teacher in the same way you are not getting 8 or more or different students to be a part time teacher or not to be able or you are a good man and a lot more interested to do something to make

  4. 0:18 It's stupid of you to put a pony in the car. The horse could get stuck or fly through the window. Please re think your actions.

  5. 5:42 apparently this lady slamming the horses mouth is funny. That bit in the horses mouth was causing it pain so she or he flipped on her.

  6. 5:43 OMG don't make your gallop on the road it's bad for the horses hooves! it can make them trip or fall or get spooked by the cars and jump over them and cause damage. holy shit, someone stupid people on this ''meme''

  7. 5:58 He is hurting the horses back. He is also tearing it's face if the horses has a bit in it's mouth. Bits are used for pain people, PAIN!

  8. I got the 🐴’s in the 🚚< horse tack is attached.Riding on a 🚜 . 🐂 riding and
    (•) (•) . 🤠 from Gucci

  9. Still people should realize the n word`s racist, White people started it and now it`s gotten too far, Anyone who do think so, CAN`T NOBODY TELL ME NOTHI`N and IF YOU AIN`T GOT NO GIDDY THEN GIDDY OUT MY WAY!

  10. Eyy the one time where that guy said ballsack is attached is copyrighted i made that joke first im gonna take this hoe and fuuuuuuck it til i cant no more i got the ballers in the back ballsack is attached Penis matte black got the ballsack black to match


  12. Dustin:Turn around look at what you see in her face the mirror of your dreams Dustin and Suzie:make believe I'm everywhere given in the light wirtten on the pages is the answer to a neverending story ah reach the stars fly a fantasy dream a dream and what you see will be rhymes that keep their secrets will unfold behind the clouds and there upon a rainbow is the answer to a neverending story ah

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