OLET1135 – Claremont Therapeutic Riding Centre
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OLET1135 – Claremont Therapeutic Riding Centre

October 24, 2019

Claremont Therapeutic Riding Center is a
horseback-riding service in Perth, Western Australia. Operating since 1972,
this riding Center provides lessons for individuals of all abilities. Claremont is
a registered charity and registered NDIS provider. The Claremont Therapeutic Riding
Center has a Google rating of 5 stars and a Facebook rating of 4.8. When people
think of animals that are used to assist individuals, service or support dogs may
be the only animals that come to mind. The following review is built upon the
importance of exposure to the many other forms of animal therapy including horses
for physical and psychological remedy. This is to further advertise the
provided services in hopes that it may be more widely known. Riders at the
Claremont therapeutic Center are able to eventually break down different social
and physical barriers they may face. This process is done with the guidance of
volunteers and trained coaches who have experience and are happy to work with
individuals living with or recovering from cerebral palsy, autism, brain injury,
multiple sclerosis, hearing, vision or intellectual impairment or paraplegia.
Claremont is heavily reliant on volunteers in assisting their cause.
Volunteers are offered a free course that allows the possibility of becoming
a qualified Claremont riding instructor whether or not a disability is present.
The Riding Center is also an approved provider for community service with
center link, allowing those who wish to continue their volunteering past their
community service period a chance to carry on with Claremont. Children lessons
began after school hours from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The classes range from
beginners to more advanced students who are currently competing in competitions.
Adult classes run during the week at school times and on Saturday mornings
for those who have work. These convenient times allow for the maximization of time
spent riding, while easily fitting into busy schedules. All riders are capable of
developing horsemastership in which they are then encouraged to participate
in competitions. They can register as RDA riders. That is, the riding for the
disabled association, WA, where they can ultimately compete in the Paralympics or
Special Olympics. Conclusively, the Claremont Therapeutic Riding Centre is an all inclusive association that is beneficial for individuals of all capabilities. Further, exposure to
this institution will be beneficial for individuals who may be seeking new ways
to assist their physical and psychological barriers

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