Olympic Dark Horse Episode 9

September 22, 2019

Oh my God you like a little kid. Who thought that Zsombor was the 15 yrs old. Damn it who is 15? I want a certain speed guys come on. You guys gotta warm up. Hey you are the one, that needs to
warm up those legs up better. Come on you only got 2 minutes. Yes you can, you’re fine. Come on. 2 minutes. Come on buddy come on you got it. 45 okay. 46? oh my god. Ohh you gonna ice me out now? Come on, explode, aggressive, get angry! It shouldn’t affect your shoulders. Hey, you’re pulling it in, that’s your shoulders,

You’re doing it wrong. You need to get underneath the bar. Here, hold this. Hold this front squat. Don’t go forward Hey are you okay? Okay you done. You’re allright. Let’s just sit down. You can’t if you don’t want to, right now. You’re in a bed mood all morning.

You don’t want to. Its not that i don’t want to my shoulders…. But you keep telling me every two seconds

You can’t, you can’t, you can’t… I want to though. You clearly don’t want to. You’re doing the same thing.

Every time you pull your chest. Every time you go here. Here, you keep dropping , you don’t go down at all. Feel better? You probably gotta warm it up. Yeah you better. Little bit. You’re a champ. Its an inteligence thing. You’re better than me. Thats good, you gotta chatch it. Good boy nice job. You loose, it’s okay. You work, work, work, okay? I don’t care if you loose, okay? I will give you guys a 200, easy. Shake everything out okay? Gives you 200 meters to get your head together. Here is the deal: You can both find the way to break 5 mins, you are done. If you guys are over 5 minutes… Okay, fine. Forget it. I don’t like coach. You can coach yourself. You are tired, so am i. You don’t think im fn tired. I also got a shit tonna work to fn do, that can’t do cause im here doing this shit. Couldn’t even say anything, so what am i supposed to do,
how am i suppose to coach? You know how many time she told me
that i did a good job? Flew all the way down to italy, busted my ass, 

changed my life. I can’t want the olympic gold medal more than you. I can’t put a collar on you and pull you towards.. I’m tired to, I got a lot of shit on my plate too, I’m a fn human being by the way,
so treating me like shit is awesome. I’m there for you every step on the way constantly, but I’m not a punching bag. You just said how are you feeling like. The distance is 400 you swim fast, you swim slow i dont give a fuck, its your 2 goal, it’s your goal not mine. Whenever you guys feel ready. Sure. Are you guys ready? Allright take your mark. Goo.

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