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ONE Short: Mini Cows

August 31, 2019

– This is Cinnamon. And that’s her little baby right there, that’s Cinnamon Sugar. Come here Cinnamon. We’ve had cows for years but in the last 10 years or so we’ve started
focusing on miniature cattle. He’s a real nice animal. Kinda typical of what we raise. You see the big hump? This is at less than two years of age they already have a hump like that. We raise miniature Zebus
that are in the 32… This is probably about 36
inches tall right here, down to maybe 32 inches tall. (bag rattles) You have to kinda be
careful with the Longhorns. We’ve raised Texas
Longhorns since about 1994. But about six years ago we started focusing on
miniature Longhorns. But you can see they’re than the Zebu but they’re very, very
small for full size cows. A normal full size cow might be this tall. They still have all the colors and the huge horns of
the full size Longhorns but there’s a lot less work. Both miniature Zebu
and miniature Longhorns are easier on the pastures,
they don’t tear the ground up, they don’t need the six foot tall fences. If you look at Emerald’s horns there, that’s a pretty nice set
of horns on a tiny animal. But you can easily keep a nice, little, small herd of miniatures and you can have them
as companion animals, as pets, but they’re also utilitarian. They’re good beef. You can milk them. We’ve sent them all over, literally, all over the United States, California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Jersey. Lots to Texas. One of my favorite things to
do is sell Texas Longhorns back to Texas. I love when people drive
out here from Texas, with their Texas plates, and load up miniature Texas Longhorns and haul them back to Texas. I get a little, a little bit
of a kick out of doing that. (light guitar music)

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  1. has anyone done minature angus? i did a little study and typically the smaller and minature varieties give a better meat to waste bio ratio, and meat per lb of food ratio. Plus unhorned varieties make handling them easier, and because they aren't climbers like sheep or goats, much easier to keep.

  2. When I first saw Cinnamon, I thought she was a baby… Then I saw Cinnamon Sugar, and I was like WOAH!!! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

  3. If anyone wants to purchase one of these as a pet, there was a similar thing with "mini" pigs. Long story short, it ended with a lot of abandoned pigs. Do your research first!

  4. They're such sweet, gentle and beautiful animals. How could you break their trust and send them away to be killed. They are intelligent and emotional and would be just as scared as a dog taken from it's owners to be killed. Still good to see a healthy and happy herd with no sickness or mutilation. Just stop letting other people hurt and kill them for their body parts. We are't supposed to eat meat anyway and it's unhealthy. Go vegan!

  5. Awwwewwe okay so now my dream of having a mini farm came true. Mini horse mini cows mini hens, mini goats, mini sheep with a mini corgi herd dog. Imagine! ^^ hehe

  6. Absolutely beautiful farm life I love all animals what a perfect life hard work an the love of your life perfect many thanks Gary

  7. If i lived near you i would i come everyday to see them cows are so beautiful. Thank you for loving them caring for them and keeping them clean.

  8. Nice that we also have the mini cow. Did anyone know that European has managed to back breed the Mighty Aurochs? A herd is starting to grow. They look just like Texas longhorns,except they are almost the size of an 🐘 elephant!!

  9. This video isn’t cute; the cows are enslaved and will be brutally killed in a slaughterhouse for human consumption.

    Animals do not exist for us. Stop eating “meat.”

  10. He says they're all so utilitarian, the milk part I can totally understand ,but
    the beef part !
    I could not imagine….
    These guys are more like pets man….

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