Only Fools and Horses The Musical – Comic Relief 2019
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Only Fools and Horses The Musical – Comic Relief 2019

October 18, 2019

I can feel it in my bones, Rodney. Yeah? This
time next year, we’ll be millionaires. Terrific, Dell. What have we got today? These genuine
gold effect leaning Eiffel Towers. How many times have I told you, my name isn’t Dave,
it’s Rodney. I thought it was Dave, Dave. I know. But it ain’t. I mean, it’s never been
Dave, it’s always been Rodney. Are you winding me up, Dave? No. Did tell me that for the
last 20 odd years I’ve been calling you by the wrong name? Yes. Blimey, feel a bit daft
now. Sorry, Dave. It’s Rodney! What are they? Blackpool Tower is? I used to go there on
holiday when I was a nipper, me and all my family, every year we went to Blackpool. Well
you might recognise these, trigger, as genuine gold effect Blackpool Tower is. You and all
your family would love these, bring back those lovely childhood memories. I tell you what
I’ll do, two for the price of three and I cannot say fairer than that. No thanks, we
all hated Blackpool. Why did you go there every summer? We could never find Margate.
All right, we will maybe you later. See you, Dell, Dave. Rodney! What are you doing on
the back of the van? Blimey, all right? All right, Rodney? I’ve got a little something
for you and what’s her name. Cassandra? Yeah, it’s a wedding present for you. Thanks, Granddad.
There is a story attached to that cigarette case because my grandfather was shot in the
Boer War and the bullet was heading right for his heart but luckily he had that in his
breast pocket and it hit that instead. Wow. What, it saved his life? Not exactly, the
bullet ricocheted up his nose and blew his brains out. Why are you giving it to us then?
For good luck. Cosmic. Do one, old man, we’ve got stuff to shift around here. # We’ve
got some half price cracked ice # And miles and miles of carpet tiles # TVs # Deep Freeze
# David Bowie LPs # Board games, gold chains # Woss-names and at a push # Some Trevor Francis
track suits # From a mush in Shepherds Bush # Bush, bush, bush, bush, bush, bush, bush
# No income tax # No VAT # No money back # No guarantee # Black or white # Rich or broke
# We’ll cut prices at a stroke # God bless Hooky Street # Viva Hooky Street # Long live
Hooky Street # C’est magnifique # Hooky Street # Magnifique # Hooky Street Two for
a pound! Pots, pans, over here! # Hooky Street # Hooky Street Two for a fiver! # Stick a
pony in my pocket # I’ll fetch the suitcase from the van # Cos if you want the best ‘uns
# And you don’t ask # Questions then brother # I’m your man # ‘Coz where it all comes
from is a mystery # It’s like the changing of the seasons # And the tides of the sea
# But here’s the one what’s driving me berserk # Why do only fools and horses work
# La la la la la # La la la la la # La la la la la # La la la la la # La la la la la
# La la la la la # Why do only fools and horses work You want to shield your old mince pies,
darling, because these are dazzling, aren’t they? Now you know how the people of Athens
felt when they gazed up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel for the first time. # They’ve
got some hub caps # Cat flaps # And umpteen packs of bloke’s slacks # A job lot # Tea
pot # And something for your dry rot # Nap sacks # Flapjacks # And at a price to satisfy
# A standby supply # Of Spanish fly from Uruguay # They’ve got some pots # Pans, hand fans
# Hat stands and all that game # Tambourine # Vaseline # And something for your back pain
There you go, brother. Thank you very much. # Bow ties # Pork pies # And silk hankies
for your conk # And 20 crates of pukka plonk # From a twonk in Mont Blanc # Blanc, Blanc,
Blanc, Blanc # Twonk, twonk, twonk # Cos where I all comes from is a mystery # It’s like
the changing of the seasons # And the tides of the sea # Cos here’s the one # What’s
driving me berserk # Why do only fools and horses work # La la la la la # La la la la
la # La la la la la # La la la la la # La la la la la # La la la la la # Why do only
fools and horses # Work.# CHEERING It is like being part of the TV family. And
hearing that music, takes you back. I was suddenly a kid again. How have the audiences
taken to the new Trotters. They have hated it. Can I take this off? It has been great.
Every night the audience has loved it and it has become a big mutual love in. There
is a lot of pressure, but it is a privilege to do it. You look amazing. Don’t tell him
that. Apparently that is not real. It is reallet There is nothing real about him. Whereas this
is mine! Have a go! Oh! When I was in New guinea during the war. It’s uncanny isn’t
it? Thank you to the cast of Only Fools And Horses The Musical.

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  1. Just awful. The formula of regurgitating anything culturally or historically popular into a musical doesn't always work. It was like a low budget insurance advert !

  2. Not for me, the show was more than just the characters. It was the portrayal and the chemistry between David Jason, Nick,Lenard and the Rest.
    That being said if someone else enjoys it then it's up to them.
    Paul whitehouse has done some great stuff over the years.

  3. Del Boy's character actually ain't too bad… and Grandad & Uncle Albert were not bad either! (I know it's the same person playing em both!) But, no offence to the guy playing Rodney… he's pretty good… but I think James Acaster would have been Perfect for the part of Rodney!! What d'ya think people? 🙂

    Oh, and the guy playing Trigger… he was almost on point! 🙂

  4. This is one show that no matter how good the actors and producers are you’ll never recreate gold

  5. Few mistakes number plate wrong logo for only fools and horses on van door Granada was dead when Rodney met Cassandra

  6. Its supposed to be a tribute / celebration of Only Fools if you don't compare it to the original you'll be ok 😉😉😉

  7. a load of old shit💩💩💩. paul whitehouse should bail out of this quickly and quietly.. johnny sullivan is turning in his grave.👎

  8. If anyone here has actually seen the musical, I'm sure they'd agree that it's a wonderful love letter to the show. My friends and I had the time of our lives and we loved the show. It's genuinely great. 🙂

  9. Going to see this in July. As the previous comments have said quite a few glaring mistakes. Even got the wrong van a Robin instead of a Regal, bit like tarting a Ford Focus up to look like a Ford Anglia!!
    But at the end of the day it's a bit of fun, and should be a good evening out!!

  10. I had to look twice at Uncle Albert as I thought he was still alive.
    This is genius on the original characters.

  11. This really wasn't that bad as far as tributes and impressions go. They clearly put in a fair amount of effort to make them look and sound like the characters which is nice.

  12. I keep getting updates as to when people post new messages here, which makes me re watch the video. I have to say the acting is brilliant, Paul Whitehouse is a favorite of mine, he is very talented. I grew up in an error where the OFAH characters were all over the place. East street market, East end markets ect. That is why the show was such a success, it resonated with so many people at that time, back when life was hard but simpler if that makes sense.
    I wanted to watch this show I really did, but for the love of the original characters, who are no longer with us, I could not. Rightly or wrongly of me I dont know.
    One thing, the idea of a stage musical was some thing John Sullivan had talked about and planned on doing prior to his passing.

  13. a load of old poop💩💩💩. sullivan is turning in his rave.. (grave). lloyd pack as well. jason & lyndhurst dont want nothing to do with this. 👎👎👎👎💩💩

  14. I absolutely adore the work of Paul Whitehouse, BUT, this is completely out of bounds. Even the van is a Robin. Very dissatisfied

  15. Only noticed the song mentioned David Bowie. It’s pronounced like tie a bow not as take a bow. Bowie himself pronounced it that way😉

  16. load of dog shit & horse shit. jason & lyndhurst want nothing to do with it. paul whitehouse needs to have his head tested.. awful👎

  17. Its not as good as the original but thats not the point. People have such a bee in there bonnet. U like only fools n horses but moan wen they try n do a musical 😕
    Surely ud embrace it, or at least know its not going to be like the tv series

  18. When OFAH:TM was announced, I was like “NO NO NO NO NO!” Whilst I still think that no one can touch David Jason as Del Boy, Nicholas Lyndhurst as Rodney, Lennard Pierce as Grandad and Buster Merryfield as Albert, this wasn’t half bad. I did find myself singing along to the words, and really enjoying it.

  19. I was in the audience for this studio recording. It was good fun. I went to see the full show last night – it was excellent and whilst this piece was good it’s nothing on seeing the full piece performed live by these guys! Go and see it before you judge it. Bonjour!

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