Opera La Mare dels Peixos –  Act II Part 2 –  Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía (Valencia. Spain)
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Opera La Mare dels Peixos – Act II Part 2 – Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía (Valencia. Spain)

February 28, 2020

Jaumet took his horse, his dog and his sword. He rode and rode between mountains, plains and marshlands, until, attracted by the chants of some
goldfinches, he arrived to a big house. Among the forest noises he listened to the
charming voice of a young maiden… Here, beyond the springs
one can find my palace a good and great shelter of peace
after the marshlands. Whose is this castle? with its variety of birds. Stillness is in this area Lots of pleasant plants Roses and smelling flowers will bring a brave, fast! my thought is troubled.
Whose is this voice? I am Rosella from the water
the mistress of this precious place Now I wait for a brave man
you can be this for me Oh, Rosella, a beautiful name
so clear and exquisite Oh, Rosella
this place puts me in a spell Who are you beautiful young man?
What brought you here? I am Jaumet the adventurer he who has killed a dragon I want to discover new lands but now I feel tired come in gentleman come in
you will rest at my home leave already your dog
break your sword off. Come in trusting gentleman
and you will see the talking bird Dog and sword I leave the talking bird imprisoned I am coming in Aah, aah, aah! Ah, innocent gentleman
naive gentleman, you let me put a spell on you
I has been able to bewitch you. Poor Jaumet that now you are
like a statue of salt I am alone and petrified
statue of salt a witch bewitched me. Sorceress and innocent
now I live without Elionor. If my brother knew it
he would come here to help me. Dear mother, can you hear me? Alone, petrified, I am
poor like a salt statue sorceress
and naive help me Joan ah, ai innocent
ah and naive now I live without Elionor ah, ai innocent ah and naive Ah, ah, aah!

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