Oscar 2012 Best Picture Nominee: War Horse – Tv Spot
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Oscar 2012 Best Picture Nominee: War Horse – Tv Spot

August 16, 2019

Welcome from AC News, let’s see today’s trailer and cinema news is coming up! Julie Delpy is committed to helm the new biopic of the singer of The Clash, Joe Strummer. At the moment untitled The Right Profile, there aren’t enough details to tell which parts of Strummer’s life will be picked out, and maybe Delpy will also find a role in the movie herself. In her director career, that started back in 2002 with Looking for Jimmy, Delpy realized four movies in all of which she had a lead role. There’s a great cast for the newly directorial attempt of Kenneth Branagh, Italian Shoes. Anthony Hopkins and Judi Dench are already settled for the lead roles. Branagh has already directed Hopknis in Thor and Dench in My Week With Marylin. Italian Shoes will be written by screenwriter Peter Cottan adapted from the Swedish novel by Henning Mankell. The director, who will start shooting at the end of 2012, said that the parts have almost been written just for these two Oscar-winning actors, so there is a positive perspective for this drama. That’s all for today, see you soon from AC News!

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