Oscar Pistorius vs a HORSE
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Oscar Pistorius vs a HORSE

August 23, 2019

Normally when a horse takes on a human in
a race there’s usually only one winner but that was before Oscar Pistorius challenged
a noble steed to a sprint and it was the horse who came away with a long face. The Aspire Zone in Doha witnessed “Bladerunner”,
beating an Arabian horse as part of the ‘Definitely Able’ campaign which uses special events to
highlight the exceptional feats Paralympic athletes are capable of. “I think you know, for what it’s… it wasn’t
about who won today, it was just about coming out here and really just showing people that
those (people) with disabilities are not to be stereotyped against… Having the Arab
horse out here, which is a symbolisation of strength and power in this region… To be
able to do a showcase event like this is a lot of fun. So thanks to everybody who came
out here, it was a good night and hopefully it will do a lot to change the perceptions
of people with disabilities in this region.” Several noted athletes have pitted themselves
against animal opposition with limited success over the years.  Welsh sprinter Jamie Baulch and American legend
Jesse Owens have both raced against horses, while Pistorius’ compatriot, rugby player
Bryan Habana, once ran against a cheetah – and was roundly beaten. Oscar Pistorius vs a horse

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  1. Oscar Pistorius can run at 20mph. The world record for a human is 27.89mph. A thoroughbred racehorse runs at 40mph. An American quarter hose runs at 50mph. The fastest ever recorded speed for a horse is 60mph. Horses are faster than humans by far. It wasn't right that that horse was hit like that, but you don't exactly need a race like this to show who's faster. Look at the facts, and you'll see that horses are much, much faster than humans.

  2. This race is obviously over a short distance. People interested in man versus horse should go look at the Wikipedia article on Man versus Horse Marathon. (Takes place over 22 miles.)

  3. Your figures are for top speed. It's also interesting to look at acceleration from a standing start, and performance over a long distance (e.g. man vs horse marathon in Wales every year since 1980)

  4. And on the other side of the coin, the human is a man with no natural feet 🙂

    I think the man would have run slower if he were carrying a man, even if that man was whipping him.

  5. WTF…dude why you whip ass that horse and pull the brakes? Fuck come here that I whip ass you too….such an idiot. Damn I'm so angry.

  6. This guy only won because the horse wouldn't start (you can see the jockey starting to hit the horse before the cut). If the horse had started as if it were coming out of a gate he would have lost, if the race had been slightly longer he also would have lost. Furthermore, why on earth would they race an arabian (long distance/endurance) horse against a man in a short race instead of a thoroughbred (rigged?).

  7. Horses have a top speed of 40 mph. In the Olympics Oscar couldn't even hold a candle. If it was a race horse that breaks exceptionally then Oscar wouldn't have one (Unless he can run 30 mph)

  8. the hourse is still faster, the horse didnt start first, but he was coming so fast behind him !
    if only the track was bit longer there would've been no win for the human !

  9. yes, but the horse started with the man had long gone !
    if only the track was bit longer the horse was coming way faster than oscar !
    i hate fake wins!

  10. the horse was fast as an arrow behind him, they didnt start at the same time, and the horse started slowly !!
    thats stupid, there is no way for comparison, thats stupid

  11. I don,t think a Thoroughbred would of beaten him, Arabians are not super fast runners, yet they are long distance marathon endurance runners. Only one horse would of beaten him easily, the Quarter horse.

  12. Sort of like comparing a motor cycle to an airliner the motorcycle is way faster when it starts as it takes time to load the plane take off etc. but flying coast to coast on an airliner is way faster.

  13. They chose one of the slowest sprinters of all horse breeds possible to race. Even my Western Pleasure QH could have beat him.

  14. That wasn't a proper race. The horse was most likely used to a starting gate and that's why it got a late start.

  15. Wow.
    This guy did not win fairly.
    First off, he doesn't have normal legs. (Not to be rude, but as an observation)
    Second, the horse wasn't ready or gathered at all. They should have had a starting gate to let it know when to begin running.
    So, therefor the human didn't actually win.

  16. Wasn't won fairly, horse had a late start.
    Next time let the the horse have a head start then let's see who wins.

  17. Wasn't won fairly, horse had a late start.
    Next time let the the horse have a head start then let's see who wins.

  18. Stupid pointless 'race', of course horses are faster than humans, but if you give the human a clear & unfair advantage then he beats the horse, personally I'd like to beat that horses rider, put your stick down you fucking moron…

  19. Nasty evil piece of shit. The jockey is just as bad whipping the horse and pulling it back so it looks like OP wins. Totally fake, false and cruel. No human can outrun a horse. FACT!!. 10 years in prison for this piece of scum.

  20. Schieeeebbuuuung.
    Das Pferd wurde am Rennen gehindert,das ist eine elende Sauerei sowas.Dieser Frauenmörder hat nicht den Hauch einer Chance zu gewinnen.Vielleicht gegen eine Kakerlake,aber nicht gegen ein Pferd.

  21. No wonder the horse lost!!! It was an Arabian!!! If you wanted to win the race you needed a Quarter Horse!!! Those guys would have NEVER beat the QH. They reach 55 MPH in 2.3 seconds from a flat footed stand still. Plus, it wasn't a fair race anyways because the horse NOR human were lined up perfectly from the start.

  22. The only reason he won is because the horse hesitated at the start for about 3 seconds and took for ever getting out of a lope, giving him a massive lead. IJS

  23. Lol the only reason he won was because the horse stalled at the start. There's no fucking way anyone is faster than a horse. Also why has the jockey got to whip the horse so much? I'm sure the horse gets the message with one smack not about 10 a second.

  24. he wasn't held back my god guess what a turtle can beat a horse in a long distant race horses start slow and get faster and that was like a 100meters race idk

  25. Yes yes the horse was held back there’s no possible way a human could beat a horse in a race unless it was unfair

  26. THAT WASNT FAIR! the horse didnt even get to run at first and the jockey was disstracting the horse!

  27. Lol there’s so many things wrong with this. Btw usual bolt ran what 29 mph. Well when my Anglo Arabian runs home on barrels she goes up to 45 mph. It is physically impossible for a human to beat horse

  28. Arabian horses are not meant for racing are made for endurance.
    But this dude he got the speed and endurance.
    Big respect man.

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