OUT OF THE BOX – Spirit Horse, by Shivam O’Brien
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OUT OF THE BOX – Spirit Horse, by Shivam O’Brien

August 11, 2019

So shall we start? Yes
So I would like to know when you started and why and how and in which direction? Ok so I think it was 26 years ago
now, I was living in London and I was working as a carpenter and I didn’t want to
do it any more, I knew I didn’t want to do it any more. I was in my late 20’s. It was all right; I used to go off to India,
go and to courses and do meditation and stuff like that and go off camping in the wild as
often as possible, But the time came when I thought I want to do something that I really love. And I stood back and I put together 5 things that I really cared about; meditation, deep enquiry, being in nature, music and some ancient tribal instinctual other place where I felt like I belonged. I didn’t belong in this modern world, and
whatever happens next that I am just going to earn my living doing those things, that
is what I am going to do”. “And immediately, the phone stopped ringing, the carpenter life, living in London, the courses – it all stopped, it was just like
as if the message went out to the world, that part is over. The phone never rang nobody else wanted anything from me and I started to make these beautiful, well what I thought were beautiful at the
time, teepees and bedouin tents and yurts…. It’s supposed to be the biggest
teepee in Britain I think, but I’m not sure, Oh yeah?,
It’s not the world’s biggest teepee there is a bigger one in Switzerland somewhere, but that was built by a crane this one is built by human beings ….OK .. 1,2,3 pull. 123 pull, 123 pull, hang on… outside and
grab a handful, 1 2 around… Early 30’s now. There’s going to be an Enlightment Intensive and there’s going to be some kind of medicine camp. I went the Buddhist Teacher I was working with at the time. I said I’m going to take some tents, find
some beautiful place in the country, make a retreat place that’s close to nature, and
then I came to this place. To this valley here. We struck a deal that was it, we hired the
place for 3 weeks. Then we discovered these waterfalls, these rockpools, these gorges….. and then we came the next year and the next year and the next year and we did it for 10 years, every year we stayed for an extra few weeks and every year we left a few more teepee poles, and a few more stacks of canvas I have traveled up and down this while country there is nowhere that is as wild as this. What I wanted really, as it turned out, was
the perfect venue, somewhere that truly was wild, that could get wilder. Where a wild culture could grow where people could become a tribe, where we could rediscover this indigenous, wild native way of being
with nature in a kind of sober, real spiritual way. All thought and speech
and action is born out of silence, can you hear that silence? Welcome everybody. Well you came here at the end. There are 1 or 2 of you here. A hundred thousand welcomes, whether you have been here forever or whether you’ve just spent forever arriving here. Welcome to that part of you that sat in the sunny glades on high and holy occasions, and brought your good self here. Well, battered or wounded, happy or sad, whether you need to cry or to laugh you are welcome….. Change the way we think and look at each other. Change the way we abuse our original Mother. Where we tamed plants and animals and put them into human service so that we could have rich, fat lives and slavery, and before that
we had the wild. That’s what we are, we are wild beings, we are not the slaves of the agricultural revolution, we are not the slaves of the industrial revolution, nor its bankers nor it entrepreneurs..” and this was our big discovery,
that people can form community, can be together if there’s something that binds them but the old cultures had.. ritual and true story telling and a way of staying connected with everything else, we are kicking around in the mud together with an ecstasy, doing things for the pure
joy of being You can see it in the young people here getting it and going “yep,
I want to be part of this” and you can see it in the old people with tears in their eyes,
seeing the young people getting somthing; a livingness that is rooted in the body, we
understand it we know it, it doesn’t have to be developed it’s already there, we just
need to wash away this white man’s world that we have somehow got hypnotised by and there you find yourself. I wanted proper Buddhist teachings,
proper self enquiry, proper pagan shamanic things done from people who knew what they were talking about, I wanted it to be real not just some loosely knitted together hippy dream. So I you know, I invited the best teachers
and all the rest of it that we could find to get involved somehow or other, although a lot of the time I had to be the one to carry that.” It’s impossible for those who have been to a wilder place to come back to a messy
little village life so we have to both invite them with massive tears so their hearts start to melt a little bit, and grab them at the same time coz they won’t be able to cross
this 10,000 miles of stuff here. Can you tell me more about your work
with Erika? I started off doing with a you know
with a good friend of mine, you know a good brother, 2 guys going together and Erika was looking over my shoulder, at the time and I was Kind of “do you want to get involved
in this mad crazy experiment?” and she was like “yes I want to be involved” she would
do this kind of intuitive watching, feeling, checking, out the individuals, I was never
much good at that. I had to be in the picture. She was always like “ this person needs
that, that person had a bad dream last night, this one needs healing, I must go and talk
to that one” . I’m not that intuitive pyschic kind of person. I think if you are going to have a wild society, tribe or whatever you need the structure that often comes from a kind of male love. I’m not saying that women can’t provide this but I’m saying men like to do it and then woman is intuitive and complex and social. So I think we did a male female, male female, and I think we had a nice pulse going for
a while and if anyone else wants to ever try this tribal community it shouldn’t be done
by a man or a woman but by both… …..The male and female dance is present
everywhere in the universe. But I am proud to say I don’t think we have a lot of arguments down here about terrible wrongs that men have done to women and battles between men and women and so forth, its more a creative ground in which sparks can fly
and creativity can happen and fresh flames leap up, and there’s energy there and it’s
an interesting avenue when you want to recreate culture to go; “what’s male culture, what’s
female culture?” and you put the two together and they enhance each other. So one of the first things we did was to build a dedicated women’s sacred house you know and a men’s lodge so that we had different buildings, with a river running between them. The idea that the women would go to their space and tell their stories, do their healing, have their conference, have their counsel,
and where their body does not have to be tamed and domesticated. And that developed into this gorgeous few days of ritual where we do live apart and come together very very slowly without words, only through ritual, only through dance, after there’s been that sort of separate healing
and they come back together then, woosh, sparks come alive. And the men go whoa that is woman. Not woman tidied up, not woman civilised, not woman made safe but woman in her primal form after she’s been there you know with
her sisters, her aunts her grandmothers. After she’s been there with fire and water
getting a little bit wild, finding that ancestral bone, getting in touch with something that’s pre-agricutultural, pre-industrial their original, natural woman. Even if it’s only just for a moment. There are many women’s groups in the world now, there are many men’s conferences and groups things going on. When you put those things together, separate then bring them together, separate, then bring them together, they shoo. Then the red and white dragon starts to fly around together then they can really play, then the ideas come hot and fast, how to make
culture.” It’s not a place to show off what a pro
you are. If you’re a pro hold back. If you are a totally shy person who’s never
performed in front of 100 people before this is your night. Once you manage to be together rubbing
shoulders like that around a living flame, by a living stream, listening to old stories,
doing these ecstatic nights of old stories, staying close to the indigenous root ; something pops alive again and they remember how to be. It’s strangely familiar, it’s home. It’s not something you have to put onto people it’s something that’s already in their nature it just needs to be re-awakened. It’s almost like waking people up from a dream, you know “we’re all happy all the time”!, no we’re not. But when the fear anger rage, when the grief of life affects you then you sing and you dance and you cry or you go mad. On our little streets here you can go as crazy as you like, if someone needs to go mad for a while we don’t mind, if someone starts crying. We worry about the people who are not fearful, not angry, not grieving, not singing not doing anything with their emotions? This modern world of repressed feelings, going to these jobs that nobody really wants to go to. Once you take away that, the natural person inside can come out, the natural man, big mystery what that is, the natural woman; an even bigger mystery what that is. Then put that natural man and natural woman together and then the mystery really starts to dance. 2 or 3 days and people are off. Come down here and do this stuff with us for 10 days you don’t even remember which car is yours in the car park, you’ve gone native
yeah. This is what I offer to the world and it’s a good thing.

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  1. Ouiiii! Super merci Maï! Je suis tellement inspirée par ce genre de voyages 🙂
    J'aime ton chemin et la façon dont tu nous le racontes!
    Très belle journée à toi et prends soin de toi et des tiens 🙂

  2. As usual, your videos are amazing!
    This one is so fulfilling and inspiring… thank you for sharing this story!

  3. J'aime ce qu'il dit sur les femmes trouvant leur wilderness, c'est un peu ce à quoi j'aspire en ce moment. Se rapprocher de son être brut. Sinon j'aime toujours autant ta manière de filmer, raconter et écouter avec ta caméra. Merci pour ce que tu fais, c'est des moments de vrai.

  4. Gracias Gracias Gracias eternas x Compartir èste Video. Olga Popow – Argentina ,, un punto en el Còsmos ,,,

  5. Experienced an Enlightenment Intensive first time in 2000, led by Shivam O'Brien with Anthony Johnston, both amazing beings. What a magical process in the most inspiring setting, natural, raw and welcoming. Welcoming to the best of me. Thank you!

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