outdoor fire cooking recipe (all game birds)
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outdoor fire cooking recipe (all game birds)

October 1, 2019

hi everyone welcome to another episode of our word in today’s episode I will show you guys how I cook my game words on fire so basically all the birds are saying after skinning them either it stop jeez or chicken or turkey so basically I’ll explain you guys the procedure from start to beginning this is the same procedure that I cook all my game birds duck geese or turkey in the same way so before starting this video I want to give you guys a little bit information the right temperature at which your chicken has done is 74 degree centigrade but make sure if you are using a wild game so the cooking temperature increases from 74 to 84 degrees centigrade just to be on the side just to be on the safe side so you are in today’s video I am going to show you guys that how I cook my chicken so or any game bird so basically what I do that I cut my chicken into quarters I’ll try to do this on the camera it’s getting dark now so yeah I have to do this fast but I thought that I should go I show you guys to that how I cut my chicken or how I cook my chicken on fire so this is how I cut my chicken into quarters or by any game but just be careful that you cannot wash your hands enough so every time you are cooking or dealing with anything food any food wash your hands as much as you can you can ever wash your hands enough so yeah basically that said that’s how I just order my chicken or my bird so it can cook properly and then just meet little bit cuts on it and this is everything I need to cook on this table I will marinate it with the spices I’ll show you guys in a moment and then in the meanwhile my chicken will be marinating I will start my fire and start my probation for so yeah my chicken is Quadra now so I’ll need a little bit salt it’s a normal table salt and I will use some red chilli powder not too much just little bit then I will use some of my first chilli then my favorite ginger and garlic paste I don’t have much left so I’m just using the rest of it otherwise you can just use like for one bird one piece tablespoon of garlic and one tablespoon for ginger basically it has to tell that wild taste in the wild game so you don’t have to use that like if you are cooking the chicken from the grocery store but if you are cooking wild game I would suggest you guys to put some ginger and garlic and then I’ll just marinated with my hands and finally I’ll add some barbecue sauce this is my Firebird I’m going to cook my chicken tonight like I cooked my wild birds and the same fire pit so for kindling I am using this car boot simple cardboard and I have some birds burst tree what so it burns pretty good as you can see because of this people like thank it burns pretty good so I don’t need like a small let’s see first tree burns pretty good so if I had any other tree like cedar like cedar tree burns good too like if I had any other board I would probably use the killings but for this I will just slide it up like this as you can see that fire is burning and I have my grill on top of the fire like this is the stockades I am using to put my grill on so this is the fire board that I am using to cook my chicken tonight I have already so yeah my chicken is on the fire and I’ll show you guys this is what I use to cook my boil game or any kind of outdoor foods because I want to make sure that I am cooking it at the right temperature the chicken is turning out pretty good [Music] yes oh thank you very much for viewing this video and please like this video and if you have any suggestions for future videos please do let me know in the comment section below our word respect explore and enjoy together thank you

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