Outdoor Nevada | Mountain Bike Race at Bootleg Canyon
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Outdoor Nevada | Mountain Bike Race at Bootleg Canyon

October 30, 2019

♪♪♪With its ideal climate and
diverse natural environment,
Nevada has something for
every outdoor enthusiast.
One activity that’s popular
statewide is cycling,
and the cyclists
you’re about to meet
all like their rides fast
and full of adrenaline.
Today we’re in Boulder City
in Bootleg Canyon where they’re getting ready
for a mountain bike race. Now, the key to this one
is you only go downhill. People have gathered
from all over. There’s about 160 riders
and they’re about to start, so we gotta get to
the top of the mountain. And what’s bringing
these bikers up here
to race into
this maze of steep,
razor-sharp lava rocks?Well, it’s
a whole lot of fun.
Now, because this is
a downhill race,
the bikers are getting
shuttled up the mountain.
Let’s catch up with them.If you’re wondering how
they get up the mountain, there you go right there. They bus them in
by the truckload. Good luck, guys! ♪♪♪So they just got off
the flatbed truck,
and they’re getting ready
to launch down.
It’s a 20-minute ride up,
and it’s going to be 7 minutes of pure
adrenaline on the way down.This is as high as
the shuttle can take them.
The competitors grab
their bikes
and prepare to make
the 10-minute hike
up to the very top.As you can see, this is
sort of the staging area where all the
bikers congregate before they
take their big ride. Let’s talk to
one of them right here. Sir, can I have
a word with you? -Yeah. -What’s your name?
-Aaron Carter. -Nice meeting you.
So where are you from? -I’m a local
here in Las Vegas. -How long have you been
riding bikes like this? -Like this?
Just a couple years. I’ve been riding since
I was a kid, though. -So on a trail like this, let’s say on a scale
of 1 to 10, 1 being just a beach ride,
10 being completely gnarly, where does this fall?
-This is like 8 to 9. There’s some pretty
crazy stuff out here. If you fall,
you’re going to get hurt.And Aaron’s not
exaggerating here either.
This mountain tops out
at a 3,600-foot summit,
and the
interconnecting trails
boast a challenging
labyrinth of steep drops,
sharp turns and virtually
zero room for error.
-How do you prepare
for something like this? -Honestly a lot exercise
and focusing on the trail, focusing on your technique and not worrying
about making any time. -What is it you like
about it so much? -It’s exercise,
the adventure. I like hanging out
with my buddies. We all push ourselves
and have a good time. -And it’s a
beautiful day for it. Obviously,
myself and my crew couldn’t do this
without training. Can we put a GoPro on you
and see what it’s like? -Absolutely.
-Thanks. Good luck to you.
See you at the bottom. We’re going to put
a GoPro on Aaron
and get him geared up
for his run,
and we’ll check in with
him in just a little bit.
But for now, let’s head
back down the mountain
and meet up with
the event organizer.
Downhill Mike is the
promoter of this race. He knows everything
going on around here. Hey, Downhill Mike.
Come on out. -Hey, John.
How are you? -Nice seeing you.
-Yeah, you too. -So how’s everything
going today? -Great. The weather
is in the 80s and sunny and light wind which is
perfect for mountain bikers and an event.
-Tell me about the event. -This is the final
for our series. We had our first race
in January, second race in February,
and this is the final. -This is a beautiful area. Would you consider Nevada to be a mecca
for bike racing? -Oh, bike racing,
anything outdoors. I mean, it’s just
dry weather and sunshine. And the sky,
the color of the sky, I still haven’t
gotten used to that. -Should I head to the top
of the mountain now? -Yes.
-That’s my next move. I’m going up top
to see what’s going on. -Best of luck, and keep
the rubber side down. -There you go. We’re going to find
one of these shuttles, and we’re going to
follow them to the top.The bikers are at the gate
and starting to launch down.
It looks like
Aaron’s up next.
Aaron just took off. It’s going to
take him by bike to get down to the bottom
about 4 or 5 minutes; for us by car, it’s going
to take about 20. ♪♪♪ “Aaron Carter,
we are ready for you. “Come on down,
Aaron Carter!”Here he comes.Aaron crosses the finishand remarkably looks
As he settles his
adrenaline from that run,
the other bikers are doing
what they do best:
Jumping off cliffs
and having fun.

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