Outdoor Nevada S2 Ep4 Clip | A Sunset Horseback Ride at Red Rock Canyon
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Outdoor Nevada S2 Ep4 Clip | A Sunset Horseback Ride at Red Rock Canyon

October 21, 2019

♪♪♪ Red Rock Canyon: One of the most
beautiful spots in one of the most beautiful
states in the country. Today we’re
going to see it in one of the best
ways possible, from the back of a horse. Hey, this is
a can’t-lose deal. They even give you
a cowboy dinner at sunset. Let’s go talk to Big Jim;
he owns the place. Only 15 miles
west of Las Vegas,
Red Rock Canyon
is one of the easiest
outdoor destinations
to reach in Nevada;
in fact, over
2 million people
visit it every year.Hey, Big Jim.
-Hey, John. How are you? -I’m good, my brother.
-Glad to meet you. -I’m guessing you’ve
been out here a while. How long have you
been out here? (“Big Jim” Sage)
Well, my folks
came here in ’32, and I was born in 1947. -And how many horse
have you got out here? -We’re running about
50 head for the guests.Big Jim doesn’t
just have horses,
he also takes care of one
of the best-loved
wild burros in the West,
Jackson’s quite popular. He has over 1,500 followers
on his Facebook page and is quite an
expressive little burro.If you’d like
to follow Jackson,
the Red Rock Canyon Burro,
you can find him on Facebook
at “Jackson the Burro.”As for me, I’m ready to go
offline and get on a horse.
Who’s taking me
on a ride today? -Well, we’re going to have
Mikey, my grandson. He’s been out here
since he was 12 and kind of ramrods
the place now. We’ll get you up on a horse
or a mule and get you out. -Man, I can’t wait.Guests can choose
from six different rides.
I’m going on a sunset
barbecue dinner ride,
and while I won’t need
any help with the dinner,
I could use
a guide on the trail.
Hey Mikey, how are you?
-Hi, John, nice to see you. -You look great.
-Thanks. -So tell me about
the horse here. (Michael Flood, Jr.)
This is Casanova,
and you’re going to be riding him today. He’s from Northern Nevada, come out of
our prison program. -Tell me more about
that program. -It’s a program where
they take inmates, and they have to take
this wild horse and turn him around
and make him a sweet horse. -Somebody’s done a good job,
haven’t they? -Oh, yeah. Ol’ Casanova,
he’s pretty nice. -How old is Casanova?
-He’s about six years old. Inmates at the Northern
Nevada Correctional Center
in Carson City train
around 70 wild horses
and burros each year
and sell them at auctions.
All right, John,
let’s hit the trail. -Let’s do it, buddy.Even with Casanova’s
one-horsepower engine,
there’s no better way
to experience the canyon.
It’s one thing to see
Red Rock from a car, but to get out on a horse
and go through it, it’s just a
different experience. -You can’t get much more
four-wheel diving than this. (laughter) ♪♪♪The walls of Red Rock Canyon
rise to about 3,000 feet.
The color results
from oxidation
of the iron minerals
in the sedimentary stone,
and 600 million years ago,
this area was all underwater.
♪♪♪ John, what do you think
about this view here? -I gotta tell you, Mikey,
it’s so incredibly beautiful it almost feels like
it isn’t real. I feel like I’m in a dream. -Sometimes I think
I’m in a picture frame. -How long is this trail? -This trail
is about two hours. -Two hours of bliss. That’s almost
too fast for me.There are 197,349 acresin the Red Rock Canyon
National Conservation Area,
big enough
to make us feel
like we’re the only
ones out here.
♪♪♪ If you stop and take
a deep breath, you can smell that barbecue down at the bottom
waiting for us. -Yeah,
is that what we got? -Yup, a big ol’ steak. -There’s only one thing that
would get me off this ridge, and that would be
a big ol’ steak. -Well, we better go find it. -Let’s do it. By the way,
thank you for this. -No problem. Let’s head on down
this mountain and see if we can’t
go find us some supper. -Let’s go rustle up
some grub there, cowboy.While my John Wayne
might not be the best
in the world,
after four miles
in the saddle,
you work up a mighty
big appetite, Pilgrim!
It’s one thing
to come out here and feel the fresh air,
but to smell these steaks takes this experience
to a whole new level. It’s not just great riding
and great food,
it’s great people too.They got a campfire going,
camp songs and camp stories.
It’s a slice
of the Wild West
that you can only get
right here.

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