Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : Go Bird Feeding with Your Kids
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Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : Go Bird Feeding with Your Kids

October 29, 2019

Another activity that kids have a lot of fun
with is feeding birds in the winter. It’s kind of exciting because you get to see a
lot of really colorful birds, they stand out in the snow and you can do games with the
kids where, you know who can see the first Cardinal or the first Blue Jay that comes
after you put the food in the bird feeders. So it helps them to learn about nature and
you can make games out it and it gets you outside. I know for my kids, they definitely
appreciate watching the birds enjoy the food that we take out there. So just you know another
activity to get you outside. Okay Bailey right over there. It’s nice to have some feeders
that are low enough so the kids can actually put the bird seeds in themselves. I have a
few that are a little bit higher up. But I think the act of them being able to actually
pour it in their selves has a little bit of meaning for them and again helping them to
participate and feel like their part of the activity. Alright, come here, will you hold
that for me? Yes, there you go.

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