Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : Go Sledding with Your Kids
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Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : Go Sledding with Your Kids

October 30, 2019

Well here’s a pretty classic common winner
activity; sledding. We’ve got Bailey here on the sled, this is of course just one of
many types of sled, inflatable. You do have to be careful with these as we found out what
happened with our other sled, sometimes they can get holes popped in them. But you want
to make sure you only have one child per time on the sled because if they hit a bump or
if they fall, they can clump their heads together and there can be some injuries there. Do you
want to go ahead and get on the sled Bailey? Hold on to the sides. Okay, ready? We’re going
to give Bailey a nice little shove. One, two, three. Definitely fun! You want to be careful
too that the area that you’re sledding in doesn’t have any rocks that are covered by
the snow or you know, hard ice, things like that, you just have to be very conscious about
that or obviously a road.

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