Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : How to Dye Snow
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Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : How to Dye Snow

October 19, 2019

Well we’ve mixed together our water and our
food dye, now we’re outside with it. Depending on the type of container that you put the
dyed water in, you can do all kinds of things. Bailey over here has a spray bottle that you
can spray the colored water out of. Why don’t you show Bailey. See that? That’s the blue.
Then we got the red here and we can do all kinds of different designs with that. Another
thing that we can do is we can actually make a target and people can take turns playing
a game where you have to try to throw it into the target. So I’ll show you over here. (stay
back here Bailey) That’s just an example but you can have people stand back at a certain
distance and whoever can throw the ball or the Frisbee, or whatever it may be to the
closest to the center will get certain amount of points. So you can do really endless amount
of things wit the food dye. You can make snow balls that are colorful. This kind of snow
that we have today is a little bit cold, it really isn’t packing very well, but if you
do have a good packing snow, add some food dye, you can have some colored snow balls.
So you can do all kinds of stuff with it. Okay, try to throw it in Bailey.

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