Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : How to Layer Your Kids for Outdoor Winter Games
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Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : How to Layer Your Kids for Outdoor Winter Games

October 16, 2019

Well before we head outside to play in the
snow, we’re definitely going to have to make sure that the kids are dressed up and warm
and comfortable. What I have laid out here are a couple of different choices for helping
kids to stay warm. Today is a little cold out so, one of the things that we want to
think about doing is actually putting things in layers. Which is going to give the kids
a little bit of a better protection against the cold. So, what I have out here for Autumn
is a pair of nice sturdy jeans and underneath the jeans she’s going to be wearing some tights.
Now for boys, you can use long john’s, long underwear, that kind of thing and then she’s
going to have an extra layer of protection with the thick socks. Then we’ve got the turtle
neck here which is going to help her neck to stay warm and help prevent snow from going
down her back, that’s not a real good feeling. And then underneath that we’ve got a t-shirt
here. Now depending on the temperature, there can be days where there is snow on the ground
but it is a little bit warmer maybe in the 40s, you actually want to make sure that you
don’t have too many layers because then they can actually get warm, overheated, and start
to get a little bit sweating. So this is what we’re going to put on Autumn and that should
keep her nice and comfortable and dry so that she can enjoy the different activities that
we’re going to do today.

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